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    CMStatistics 2021 Organized Invited Sessions
    • EO054: Probabilistic time series forecasting (virtual)
      Organizers: James Taylor
    • EO056: Experiments on networks
      Organizers: Steven Gilmour
    • EO058: Recent developments in spatial statistics
      Organizers: Soutir Bandyopadhyay
    • EO060: Clustering of complex data structures
      Organizers: Maria Brigida Ferraro
    • EO062: Recent advances in biostatistics
      Organizers: Reza Drikvandi
    • EO064: Recent development in experimental designs
      Organizers: Po Yang
    • EO066: The Stein method and statistics
      Organizers: Robert Gaunt
    • EO068: Methodological advancements in functional data models
      Organizers: Alexander Petersen
    • EO070: Recent developments in respondent-driven sampling
      Organizers: Erica Moodie
    • EO072: Statistical methods for contemporary business application
      Organizers: Gourab Mukherjee
    • EO074: Statistical methods for high dimensional neuroimaging data I (Virtual)
      Organizers: John Kornak
    • EO076: Compositional, distributional and relative abundance data I
      Organizers: Karel Hron
    • EO078: Imaging data analysis: Recent developments and applications
      Organizers: Farouk Nathoo
    • EO080: Advances in infectious disease modelling
      Organizers: Rob Deardon
    • EO082: New directions in functional and high-dimensional data analysis
      Organizers: Alexander Aue
    • EO084: Statistical models for survival data II
      Organizers: Marialuisa Restaino
    • EO086: Recent advances in optimal experimental design
      Organizers: Saumen Mandal
    • EO088: Causal inference in the presence of competing events
      Organizers: Daniel Nevo
    • EO090: Statistical models for survival data I
      Organizers: Marialuisa Restaino
    • EO092: Copulas and dependence modelling I
      Organizers: Piotr Jaworski
    • EO094: Advances in multivariate functional data analysis
      Organizers: Sophie Dabo, Michael Genin
    • EO096: Recent advances in model-based clustering
      Organizers: Monia Ranalli
    • EO098: Statistical methods for high dimensional neuroimaging data II (Virtual)
      Organizers: John Kornak
    • EO100: Statistical methods for provider profiling
      Organizers: Sebastien Haneuse
    • EO102: Copulas and dependence modelling II
      Organizers: Piotr Jaworski
    • EO104: New methods and models for ordinal and mixed-type data
      Organizers: Cristina Mollica
    • EO106: Modern statistical methods in data science
      Organizers: Yichuan Zhao
    • EO116: Estimation and inference for precision medicine
      Organizers: Erica Moodie
    • EO118: Statistical methods for HIV research
      Organizers: Erica Moodie
    • EO120: Statistics for high-frequency price and volatility models
      Organizers: Markus Bibinger
    • EO122: Recent advancements in causal inference
      Organizers: Joseph Antonelli
    • EO124: Advances in the analysis of dependent functional data structures (virtual)
      Organizers: Anne van Delft
    • EO126: Theory and computation in inference for stochastic processes
      Organizers: Hiroki Masuda
    • EO128: Off-the-grid methods for nonparametric estimation
      Organizers: Cristina Butucea
    • EO134: High-dimensional inference in generalized linear models
      Organizers: Fadoua Mohr
    • EO136: Markov switching models
      Organizers: Maddalena Cavicchioli
    • EO138: Compositional, distributional and relative abundance data II
      Organizers: Karel Hron
    • EO140: Statistical inference with deep learning
      Organizers: Faming Liang
    • EO142: Recent developments in change-point detection methods
      Organizers: Shubhadeep Chakraborty
    • EO144: Recent advances in complex data analysis (virtual)
      Organizers: Juan Romo
    • EO146: Small area methods
      Organizers: Serena Arima
    • EO148: Last trends in clustering and classification methods (virtual)
      Organizers: Daniel Fernandez, Marta Nai Ruscone
    • EO152: Topics on high-dimensional methods
      Organizers: Eugen Pircalabelu
    • EO154: Modeling spatiotemporal data
      Organizers: Mattias Villani
    • EO160: Bayesian nonparametrics and semiparametrics with applications
      Organizers: Michael Daniels
    • EO178: Sport analytics
      Organizers: Andreas Groll, Christophe Ley
    • EO184: Recent developments for modal regression
      Organizers: Weixin Yao
    • EO188: Lifetime data analysis: Survival and reliability
      Organizers: Juan Eloy Ruiz-Castro, Mariangela Zenga
    • EO190: Directional statistics in multidisciplinary domains
      Organizers: Andriette Bekker
    • EO194: Advances in Bayesian methodology
      Organizers: Victor Pena
    • EO196: Some issues in biostatistics
      Organizers: Christiana Kartsonaki
    • EO198: Analysis of large data sets for improving healthcare and taxation
      Organizers: Roy Welsch
    • EO200: Model assessment I
      Organizers: Maria Dolores Jimenez-Gamero
    • EO202: Simultaneous sufficient dimension reduction and variable selection
      Organizers: Chenlu Ke
    • EO206: Robust causal inference
      Organizers: Zijian Guo
    • EO208: Recent advances in high-dimensional data analysis
      Organizers: Zijian Guo
    • EO212: Recent development in high-dimensional networks
      Organizers: Kuang-Yao Lee
    • EO214: Beliefs, risk and uncertainty in artificial intelligence I
      Organizers: Davide Petturiti, Barbara Vantaggi
    • EO216: Stochastic models for dependence
      Organizers: Elisa Perrone
    • EO222: Statistical innovations in research on human brain and cognition
      Organizers: Oystein Sorensen
    • EO226: Statistics in neuroscience I
      Organizers: Jeff Goldsmith
    • EO228: Statistics in neuroscience II
      Organizers: Russell Shinohara
    • EO230: Reinforcement learning with applications to precision medicine
      Organizers: Chengchun Shi
    • EO232: Computational advancements in survey sampling
      Organizers: Maria Michela Dickson
    • EO234: Experimental design ideas for machine learning
      Organizers: HaiYing Wang
    • EO236: Track: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods II (virtual)
      Organizers: Raffaele Argiento, Antonio Canale, Bernardo Nipoti
    • EO238: Analysis of data from wearable devices (virtual)
      Organizers: Jaroslaw Harezlak
    • EO240: Track: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods I (virtual)
      Organizers: Raffaele Argiento, Antonio Canale, Bernardo Nipoti
    • EO242: Advances in statistical methods for mobile health
      Organizers: Walter Dempsey
    • EO244: Modern advanced statistical methods in biomedical research
      Organizers: Shujie Ma
    • EO246: Some recent results on statistical modelling
      Organizers: Geoffrey McLachlan
    • EO252: EcoSta journal session II
      Organizers: Erricos Kontoghiorghes
    • EO260: Inference for non-regular stochastic processes
      Organizers: Kengo Kamatani
    • EO264: Advances in functional and multivariate data analysis
      Organizers: Yuko Araki
    • EO274: Statistical methods for streaming data
      Organizers: Michelle Miranda
    • EO276: Recent developments in YUIMA package and related topics
      Organizers: Nakahiro Yoshida
    • EO286: Spatial extremes
      Organizers: Raphael Huser
    • EO288: Bayesian empirical likelihood-based inference methods
      Organizers: Anna Simoni
    • EO292: Methods for high-dimensional and non-standard data
      Organizers: Enea Bongiorno, Agnese Maria Di Brisco
    • EO296: Advances in Bayesian methods and applications
      Organizers: David Rossell
    • EO298: Challenges and opportunities in analysing clinical data
      Organizers: Eleni-Rosalina Andrinopoulou
    • EO302: Bayesian design of experiments (virtual)
      Organizers: Tim Waite
    • EO304: Recent developments for electronic health data
      Organizers: Mireille Schnitzer, Denis Talbot
    • EO306: Variable selection in causal inference
      Organizers: Linbo Wang
    • EO308: High dimensional tensor regression
      Organizers: Fei Jiang
    • EO310: Advances in optimal design of experiments II
      Organizers: Victor Casero-Alonso, Juan M Rodriguez-Diaz
    • EO312: Statistical joint modeling with longitudinal and survival data
      Organizers: Din Chen
    • EO314: Random matrix theory and related fields
      Organizers: Bowen Gang
    • EO316: Design of experiments (hybrid)
      Organizers: David Woods
    • EO318: Advances in optimal design of experiments I (virtual)
      Organizers: Stefanie Biedermann
    • EO320: Interpretability and trustworthiness in machine learning
      Organizers: Stathis Gennatas
    • EO332: Robustness and data analysis
      Organizers: Ana Maria Bianco, Graciela Boente
    • EO334: Model assessment II
      Organizers: Maria Dolores Jimenez-Gamero
    • EO336: Advanced methods for time series
      Organizers: Bouchra Nasri
    • EO340: Advances in longitudinal data analysis
      Organizers: Sanjoy Sinha
    • EO342: Recent developments in statistical network analysis
      Organizers: Jonathan Stewart
    • EO350: Counting processes
      Organizers: Paula Bouzas
    • EO352: Recent advances in Bayesian causal mediation analysis
      Organizers: Xinyuan Song
    • EO356: Statistical inference of network data
      Organizers: Srijan Sengupta
    • EO358: Data science and cybersecurity
      Organizers: Clara Grazian
    • EO360: Causal inference in the era of data science
      Organizers: Alessandra Mattei
    • EO366: Functional data analysis and applications
      Organizers: Jian Qing Shi, Marco Stefanucci
    • EO368: Ordinal regression methods
      Organizers: Jonathan Schildcrout
    • EO372: Advances in network analysis and clustering
      Organizers: Anderson Ye Zhang
    • EO374: ARLEStat: Ageing Risks and Long-term impact on Economy \& Society
      Organizers: Marie Kratz
    • EO376: Time space models: Events at random beyond Gaussianity II
      Organizers: Anastassia Baxevani
    • EO378: Recent advances in FDA
      Organizers: Siegfried Hoermann
    • EO380: Functional and high-dimensional data analysis
      Organizers: Jeng-Min Chiou
    • EO382: Recent advances in Bayesian computation for intractable scenarios
      Organizers: Matias Quiroz
    • EO384: Geometry and topology in statistics and machine learning
      Organizers: Wolfgang Polonik
    • EO392: Recent advances in Bayesian modeling and computation
      Organizers: Marco Ferreira
    • EO396: Advances in functional data analysis
      Organizers: Marzia Cremona
    • EO398: Recent advances in Bayesian approaches to neuroimaging
      Organizers: Aaron Scheffler
    • EO400: Recent advances in large scale estimation and testing
      Organizers: Trambak Banerjee
    • EO402: Bayesian methods in structured data and high-dimensional problems
      Organizers: Nilabja Guha
    • EO404: Recent advances in flexible directional statistics
      Organizers: Jose Ameijeiras-Alonso
    • EO414: Modern approaches to biomedical data analysis
      Organizers: Sunyoung Shin
    • EO416: Bayesian nonparametric methods in classification problems
      Organizers: Ramses Mena
    • EO422: Statistical methods for multi-modal imaging data
      Organizers: Kristin Linn
    • EO424: Advances on Bayesian computation and its apllications
      Organizers: Brenda Betancourt
    • EO426: Statistical aspects of measurement and psychometrics
      Organizers: Daphna Harel
    • EO428: Quantitative methods for health disparities research
      Organizers: Rebecca Betensky
    • EO432: Theory and applications in dimension reduction techniques
      Organizers: Eliana Christou
    • EO438: Recent developments in extreme value theory and methods (virtual)
      Organizers: Gilles Stupfler
    • EO440: Recent developments in multivariate data analysis
      Organizers: Klaus Nordhausen, Anne Ruiz-Gazen
    • EO444: Non-regular statistical modeling with complete and incomplete data
      Organizers: Tsung-I Lin
    • EO446: Recent advances in Bayesian modelling
      Organizers: Bruno Santos
    • EO450: Reduction methods for large and high-dimensional regression
      Organizers: Katja Ickstadt, Alexander Munteanu
    • EO452: Spatio-temporal modeling of infectious diseases (virtual)
      Organizers: Andrew Lawson
    • EO454: Multivariate analysis of complex data
      Organizers: Thomas Verdebout
    • EO456: Advances in causal inference (virtual)
      Organizers: Luke Keele
    • EO458: Random matrix theory and its applications
      Organizers: Monika Bhattacharjee
    • EO460: Statistical inference for circular data
      Organizers: Toshihiro Abe
    • EO475: Statistics for Hilbert spaces
      Organizers: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez
    • EO479: Recent advances in change point analysis
      Organizers: George Michailidis
    • EO481: Topics in high-dimensional statistics
      Organizers: Andreas Artemiou
    • EO483: Recent progress of network data analysis
      Organizers: Tracy Ke
    • EO487: Statistical methods for high-dimensional and dependent data
      Organizers: Yumou Qiu
    • EO489: Recent advances in copula methods (virtual)
      Organizers: Radu Craiu
    • EO491: Statistical modeling, learning, and inference
      Organizers: Subir Ghosh
    • EO493: Methods for functional time series
      Organizers: Juhyun Park
    • EO495: Statistical modeling for stochastic differential equations
      Organizers: Masayuki Uchida
    • EO497: Advances in statistical learning and inference with robust insights
      Organizers: Zhao Ren
    • EO499: Methods for censored data
      Organizers: Anneleen Verhasselt
    • EO501: Projection pursuit I
      Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
    • EO509: Model specification tests
      Organizers: Bojana Milosevic
    • EO513: False confidence, unverifiable assumptions: Foundations matter
      Organizers: Peter Grunwald
    • EO515: Advances in longitudinal data modelling
      Organizers: Maria Francesca Marino
    • EO517: Branching processes: Theory, computation and applications I
      Organizers: Ines M del Puerto, Miguel Gonzalez Velasco
    • EO519: Branching processes: Theory, computation and applications II
      Organizers: Ines M del Puerto, Miguel Gonzalez Velasco
    • EO521: Network statistics
      Organizers: Tracy Ke, Chenlei Leng
    • EO523: Predicting and forecasting for complex data
      Organizers: Matus Maciak
    • EO525: Association and dependence
      Organizers: Fabrizio Durante
    • EO527: Current developments in imaging data analysis
      Organizers: Tingting Zhang
    • EO529: New developments on data depth and its applications
      Organizers: Sara Lopez Pintado
    • EO533: Projection pursuit II
      Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
    • EO535: Bayesian nonparametrics: Modeling and computation
      Organizers: Federico Camerlenghi
    • EO537: Causal inference challenges in health policy decision making
      Organizers: Nandita Mitra, Arman Oganisian
    • EO547: Statistical learning in decision making systems
      Organizers: Matteo Borrotti
    • EO549: Functional data analysis and high-dimensional statistics
      Organizers: Michelle Carey
    • EO555: Beliefs, risk and uncertainty in artificial intelligence II
      Organizers: Davide Petturiti, Barbara Vantaggi
    • EO557: The role of biostatistics for epidemiologic designs and analyses
      Organizers: Paola Rebora
    • EO563: Analytical aspects within dependence modeling
      Organizers: Sebastian Fuchs, Wolfgang Trutschnig
    • EO565: Spatial statistical methods for modeling epidemiological data
      Organizers: Veronica Berrocal
    • EO571: Applied statistical learning
      Organizers: Alejandro Murua
    • EO575: Stochastic process models and their inference
      Organizers: Michael Wiper
    • EO577: Recent advances in causal inference (virtual)
      Organizers: Andrew Spieker
    • EO579: Recent advances in extreme risk measures estimation
      Organizers: Antoine Usseglio-Carleve
    • EO583: Limit theorems for stochastic processes
      Organizers: Salim Bouzebda
    • EO589: Spatial models for disease surveillance
      Organizers: Mahmoud Torabi
    • EO591: Sketching and random projection methods for modern data analysis
      Organizers: Edgar Dobriban
    • EO595: Advanced statistical modelling
      Organizers: Andreas Mayr
    • EO599: Statistical methods for environmental mixtures
      Organizers: Glen McGee
    • EO603: Experimental design
      Organizers: Heiko Grossmann
    • EO607: Advance statistical tools for modern high dimensional data
      Organizers: Shahina Rahman
    • EO609: Estimating treatment effects: Methods and applications (virtual)
      Organizers: Christopher Hans, David van Dyk
    • EO611: Single-cell resolution image analysis
      Organizers: Simon Vandekar
    • EO615: Advances in the statistical analysis of neuroimaging data (virtual)
      Organizers: Timothy Johnson
    • EO619: Interface between Bayesian statistics and machine learning
      Organizers: Sara Wade
    • EO621: Statistical learning and regularized regression
      Organizers: Thomas Kneib
    • EO623: Advances in high-dimensional network estimation
      Organizers: Kshitij Khare
    • EO625: Novel perspectives in Bayesian statistics
      Organizers: Pier Giovanni Bissiri
    • EO631: Applied Bayesian models
      Organizers: Emanuele Aliverti
    • EO635: Statistical methods and applications in sports
      Organizers: Francesco Porro
    • EO639: Independence tests, variable selection, and robust classification
      Organizers: Yuexiao Dong
    • EO641: Statistical challenges in CoVID-19 epidemiology (virtual)
      Organizers: Shaun Seaman
    • EO649: Statistical learning and inference on complex data structures
      Organizers: Tianxi Li
    • EO651: Recent advances on stochastic modeling
      Organizers: Pepa Ramirez Cobo
    • EO655: Mediation analysis for complex data structure (virtual)
      Organizers: Yeying Zhu
    • EO657: Advances in the analysis of quantiles, expectiles and extremiles
      Organizers: Abdelaati Daouia
    • EO659: Bayesian methods in causal inference
      Organizers: Chanmin Kim
    • EO661: Recent developments in robust methodology
      Organizers: Peter Rousseeuw
    • EO669: Shrinkage priors for structured variables (virtual)
      Organizers: Mahlet Tadesse
    • EO671: Statistical methods for data integration in biomedical research
      Organizers: Rui Duan
    • EO683: Data integration methods and applications
      Organizers: Hai Shu
    • EO685: Scientifically motivated spatial data models
      Organizers: Philip White
    • EO687: Advances in variational approximations
      Organizers: Luca Maestrini
    • EO689: Advances in clustering, network analysis, and multivariate statistics
      Organizers: Joshua Cape
    • EO700: Bayesian nonparametric models
      Organizers: Luis Gutierrez
    • EO702: Advances in empirical Bayes methodology (virtual)
      Organizers: Asaf Weinstein
    • EO714: Bayesian model selection
      Organizers: Jairo Fuquene
    • EO716: Extremes and applications
      Organizers: Boris Beranger
    • EO718: Recent developments in causal inference
      Organizers: BaoLuo Sun
    • EO722: Recent advances in Bayesian methods
      Organizers: Andres Barrientos
    • EO724: New applications and directions in state space modeling
      Organizers: Daniel McDonald
    • EO728: Recent advances in random matrix theory and high dimensional statistics
      Organizers: Zeng Li
    • EO734: Recent advances in graphical models and dimension reduction
      Organizers: Eftychia Solea
    • EO736: Advances in multivariate methods
      Organizers: Mengxi Yi
    • EO738: Recent advances in latent variable models
      Organizers: Roberto Di Mari
    • EO742: Recent developments on mediation and path analysis
      Organizers: Marco Doretti, Elena Stanghellini
    • EO746: Computational statistical methods for environmental sciences
      Organizers: Seiyon Lee
    • EO748: Statistical theory for machine learning methods
      Organizers: Michael Vogt
    • EO750: BFF: Topics in foundations of inference
      Organizers: Jan Hannig
    • EO752: Statistical methods for Mendelian randomization
      Organizers: Apostolos Gkatzionis
    • EO754: Recent development in complex functional data
      Organizers: Ping-Shou Zhong
    • EO756: Multivariate and high dimensional time series
      Organizers: Sayar Karmakar
    • EO760: Design of experiments: Construction and analysis
      Organizers: Stelios Georgiou, Stella Stylianou
    • EO764: Recent advances in high-dimensional statistics
      Organizers: Jun Song
    • EO770: Causal mediation analysis
      Organizers: Anita Lindmark
    • EO772: Recent advances in data privacy
      Organizers: Matthew Reimherr
    • EO774: Statistics for SPDEs
      Organizers: Mathias Trabs
    • EO782: Spatial and spatio-temporal data science
      Organizers: Miryam Sarah Merk, Philipp Otto
    • EO790: New advancements in semiparametric and nonparametric methods
      Organizers: Pengfei Li
    • EO792: Dynamical systems in machine learning
      Organizers: Anna Korba
    • EO794: Robust inference in constructing dynamic treatment regimes
      Organizers: Ashkan Ertefaie
    • EO796: Machine learning and statistical inverse problems
      Organizers: Catia Scricciolo
    • EO800: Mathematical and statistical foundations for deep learning
      Organizers: Lizhen Lin
    • EO802: Bayesian methods for extreme events
      Organizers: Isadora Antoniano-Villalobos
    • EO810: Statistical inference for complex data
      Organizers: Anderson Ye Zhang
    • EO814: Multivariate time series modeling
      Organizers: Efstathia Bura
    • EO816: Developments in output analysis for Markov chain Monte Carlo
      Organizers: James Flegal
    • EO818: Evaluation of multiple biomarkers and related ROC characteristics
      Organizers: Andriy Bandos
    • EO820: High-dimensional regression models
      Organizers: Zhaoyuan Li
    • EO822: Small area estimation and public statistics
      Organizers: Maria Guadarram Sanz
    • EO826: Extremes and causality
      Organizers: Valerie Chavez-Demoulin
    • EO832: Joint modelling for longitudinal and survival data
      Organizers: Ipek Guler, Marialuisa Restaino
    • EO834: New challenges on change-point detection (virtual)
      Organizers: Andreas Anastasiou
    • EO836: Innovations in exact and approximate time series analysis
      Organizers: Maryclare Griffin
    • EO838: Statistical methods for environmental health data (virtual)
      Organizers: Carolina Euan
    • EO840: New developments on time series models (virtual)
      Organizers: Israel Martinez-Hernandez
    • EO842: Advances in depth and quantile methods
      Organizers: Germain Van Bever
    • EO844: Adaptive methods for complex high dimensional time series analysis
      Organizers: Scott Bruce
    • EO846: Time space models: Events at random beyond Gaussianity I
      Organizers: Krzysztof Podgorski
    • EO848: Colored graphical models - in memory of Helene Massam
      Organizers: Piotr Graczyk
    • EO886: Statistical genetics and the host genetics of COVID-19
      Organizers: Lloyd Elliott, Elika Garg
    • EO890: Mixture modelling
      Organizers: Sollie Millard
    CFE 2021 Organized Invited Sessions
    • CO028: Topics in time series econometrics
      Organizers: Martin Wagner
    • CO030: Graphical models and networks analysis in financial applications
      Organizers: Sandra Paterlini
    • CO032: High dimensionality, regime shifts and robust inference
      Organizers: Artem Prokhorov
    • CO034: Topics in financial econometrics
      Organizers: Leopold Soegner
    • CO036: Topics in the econometrics of DSGE models
      Organizers: Marco Maria Sorge
    • CO038: Structural shocks and their propagation
      Organizers: Rustam Ibragimov
    • CO040: Econometric methods for high-frequency data
      Organizers: Massimiliano Caporin
    • CO042: Tail risk and density forecasting: New techniques or new data (virtual)
      Organizers: Massimo Guidolin
    • CO044: Dynamic models with regime switching
      Organizers: Willi Semmler
    • CO046: Empirical models for corporate finance and banking
      Organizers: Leone Leonida
    • CO048: Sustainable finance I
      Organizers: Monica Billio
    • CO050: Heterogeneous and nonlinear dynamics in panels
      Organizers: Peter Pedroni
    • CO052: Applied financial econometrics
      Organizers: Emese Lazar
    • CO108: Quantitative investment
      Organizers: Serge Darolles, Gaelle Le Fol
    • CO110: Advances in financial econometrics
      Organizers: Toshiaki Watanabe
    • CO114: Climate and energy econometrics
      Organizers: Robinson Kruse-Becher
    • CO130: Unconventional macro policies and expectations
      Organizers: Etsuro Shioji
    • CO150: Advances in macroeconometrics
      Organizers: Aubrey Poon
    • CO162: Financial capability: Models and empirical evidence
      Organizers: Sabrina Giordano, Rosaria Simone
    • CO164: Impulse responses
      Organizers: Michael Owyang
    • CO166: Advances in factor models and time series econometrics
      Organizers: Indeewara Perera
    • CO168: Econometric forecasting
      Organizers: Robert Kunst
    • CO170: Advances in financial modelling and inference
      Organizers: Sermin Gungor, Richard Luger
    • CO172: Inflation dynamics
      Organizers: Edward Knotek
    • CO174: New development in factor models and their applications (virtual)
      Organizers: Jia Chen
    • CO176: New advances in efficiency and productivity analysis
      Organizers: Helena Veiga, Michael Wiper
    • CO180: Robustness in time series
      Organizers: Pascal Bondon, Valderio Anselmo Reisen
    • CO186: Advances in empirical macroeconomics
      Organizers: Christian Matthes
    • CO204: Uncertainty and model selection in finance
      Organizers: Mohammad Jahan-Parvar
    • CO210: Topics in partial identification and time series econometrics
      Organizers: Kanchana Nadarajah
    • CO218: Optimization modelling in structural econometrics
      Organizers: Stefano Nasini
    • CO220: EcoSta journal session I
      Organizers: Erricos Kontoghiorghes
    • CO224: Spatial econometrics and statistics for micro-geographic data
      Organizers: Diego Giuliani
    • CO248: Advances in macroeconometrics
      Organizers: Mikkel Plagborg-Moller
    • CO256: Advances in time series econometrics
      Organizers: Claudio Morana
    • CO258: Sustainable finance II
      Organizers: Monica Billio
    • CO266: Nonlinear and financial time series (Virtual)
      Organizers: Ruijun Bu
    • CO268: Empirical macro
      Organizers: Laura Jackson Young
    • CO278: Tracking the economy with high dimensional methods
      Organizers: Scott Brave, Andrew Butters
    • CO280: Volatility component models
      Organizers: Christian Conrad
    • CO284: Econometrics for sport data modelling and forecasting (virtual)
      Organizers: Luca De Angelis
    • CO290: Time series econometrics
      Organizers: Antonio Montanes
    • CO300: Text mining and sentiment analysis for economics and finance (virtual)
      Organizers: Manuela Pedio
    • CO322: highfrequency
      Organizers: Kris Boudt, Onno Kleen
    • CO324: Asset pricing and the options market (in-person)
      Organizers: Yifan Li
    • CO326: Nonparametric estimation for causal analysis
      Organizers: Daniel Henderson
    • CO328: Predictive modelling of financial data (virtual)
      Organizers: Robert Taylor
    • CO354: Recent advances in quantile regression
      Organizers: Carlos Lamarche
    • CO362: Time series econometrics
      Organizers: Josu Arteche
    • CO386: Mixed frequency and asset allocation
      Organizers: Ekaterina Kazak
    • CO388: Topics in modeling time series and panel data
      Organizers: Markus Fritsch
    • CO390: Bayesian methods in financial econometrics: New developments
      Organizers: Maria Kalli
    • CO394: Advances in financial network modelling
      Organizers: Cristina Amado
    • CO408: Sentometrics
      Organizers: David Ardia, Kris Boudt
    • CO412: Signal extraction
      Organizers: Tucker McElroy
    • CO442: Developments in cryptocurrency and blockchain
      Organizers: Marco Lorusso, Francesco Ravazzolo
    • CO464: Portfolio selection with parameter uncertainty
      Organizers: Nathan Lassance
    • CO466: The econometrics of Covid-19 pandemic
      Organizers: Sergio Scicchitano
    • CO468: Machine learning techniques, climate change and portfolio selection
      Organizers: Jose Olmo
    • CO470: Deep calibration of financial models
      Organizers: Christa Cuchiero
    • CO485: Advances in duration analysis
      Organizers: Ralf Wilke
    • CO503: Causal machine learning
      Organizers: Martin Huber
    • CO507: Panel data with cross-section dependence
      Organizers: Anindya Banerjee, Yiannis Karavias
    • CO511: High-dimensional portfolio selection
      Organizers: Taras Bodnar
    • CO539: Empirical aspects of cryptocurrency markets
      Organizers: Pierangelo De Pace
    • CO551: Contributions in commodity markets and asset pricing
      Organizers: CFE
    • CO569: Causal and noncausal time series models
      Organizers: Alain Hecq
    • CO573: Financial modelling and forecasting
      Organizers: Ekaterini Panopoulou
    • CO581: Topics in time series and financial econometrics
      Organizers: Alessandra Amendola
    • CO617: Advances in econometrics
      Organizers: Catherine Forbes
    • CO633: Financial econometrics: Modelling and forecasting (virtual)
      Organizers: Vincenzo Candila
    • CO643: Network and regularization techniques for finance
      Organizers: Gabriele Torri
    • CO663: High-dimensionality and sparsity
      Organizers: Anders Kock
    • CO665: Asset pricing I
      Organizers: Julien Penasse
    • CO667: Financial econometrics in a Bayesian framework
      Organizers: Yong Song
    • CO677: Copula-based multivariate time series models
      Organizers: Aleksey Min
    • CO679: Forecasting under structural change
      Organizers: Andrew Martinez
    • CO694: Asset pricing II
      Organizers: Benjamin Holcblat
    • CO698: Factor models in asset pricing
      Organizers: Svetlana Bryzgalova
    • CO720: Advances in Bayesian econometrics
      Organizers: Nadja Klein, Helga Wagner
    • CO726: Recent advances in financial econometrics
      Organizers: Seok Young Hong
    • CO732: New methods for structural vector autoregressions
      Organizers: Tomasz Wozniak
    • CO744: Expectations and uncertainty
      Organizers: Tomasz Lyziak
    • CO758: Text mining in economics
      Organizers: Paul Hofmarcher
    • CO780: Recent developments on statistical learning and its applications
      Organizers: Wei Zhong
    • CO786: Latest developments in financial econometrics
      Organizers: Roxana Halbleib
    • CO804: The econometrics of asset pricing
      Organizers: Fotis Grigoris
    • CO808: Advances in volatility modeling (virtual)
      Organizers: Christian Francq, Jean-Michel Zakoian
    • CO824: Machine learning for finance: Theory and application
      Organizers: Renyuan Xu
    • CO830: Econometric methods and applications in time series (virtual)
      Organizers: Shixuan Wang
    • CO882: Energy econometrics
      Organizers: Ioannis Kyriakou, Malvina Marchese
    • CO888: Recent developments on econometrics: Theory and Applications
      Organizers: Ke Zhu
    • CO892: Additive and multiplicative time-varying GARCH models
      Organizers: Niklas Ahlgren