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  • Book of Abstracts (6.Dec.2021)
  • Access the virtual part (27.Nov.2020)
  • Access the in-person and hybrid part (27.Nov.2020)
  • Social events (27.Nov.2020)
  • Announcements (27.Nov.2020)
  • Professional meetings (27.Nov.2020)
  • Programme (18.Nov.2021)

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    Book of Abstracts

    The Book of Abstrast has been printed on the 6th of December 2021. Any change made after will appear only on the online programme. Critical changes will be announced on Twitter . The conference Tweets can also be found here.

    CFE-CMStatistics 2021 Book of Abstracts

    Important Information
    A short PDF to download and print with the schedule, general information, maps and short programme is also available
    CFE-CMStatistics 2021 Important Information