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Specialized Teams
BM: Bayesian Methodology
Richard Gerlach, Stephen Walker
CODA: Complex data structures and Object Data Analysis
John Aston, Laura Sangalli
CPEP: Component-based Methods for Predictive and Exploratory Path Modeling
Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Laura Trinchera
DMC: Dependence Models and Copulas
Fabrizio Durante, Wolfgang Trutschnig
DOE: Design Of Experiments
Alexander Donev, Jesus Lopez-Fidalgo, Roger Payne
EF: Econometrics and Finance
Alessandra Amendola, Manfred Deistler, Herman K. van Dijk
GCS: General Computational Statistics
Alastair Young
GMS: General Metholological Statistics
Juan Romo
GOF: Goodness-of-Fit and Change-Point Problems
Lajos Horvath , Marie Huskova, Simos Meintanis
HDS: High-dimensional statistics
Peter Buehlmann, Richard Samworth
ISDA: Imprecision in Statistical Data Analysis
Maria Brigida Ferraro, Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez
LVSEM: Latent Variable and Structural Equation Models
Xinyuan Song, Hongtu Zhu
MCS: Matrix Computations and Statistics
Efstratios Gallopoulos, Erricos John Kontoghiorghes
MM: Mixture Models
John Hinde, Geoff McLachlan, Paul McNicholas
MSW: Multi-set and Multi-way models
Eva Ceulemans, Alwin Stegeman, Marieke Timmerman
NPS: Non-parametric Statistics
Aurore Delaigle, Davy Paindaveine
OHEM: Optimization Heuristics in Estimation and Modelling
Manfred Gilli, Dietmar Maringer, Sandra Paterlini, Peter Winker
RACDS: Robust Analysis of Complex Data Sets
Graciela Boente, Christophe Croux, Elvezio Ronchetti, Stefan Van Aelst
SAE: Small Area Estimation
Domingo Morales, Lola Ugarte
SAET: Statistical Analysis of Event Times
Jacobo de Una Alvarez, MarĂ­a del Carmen Pardo Llorente
SAS: Statistical algorithms and software
Cristian Gatu, Achim Zeilis
SEA: Statistics of Extremes and Applications
Clement Dombry, Michael Falk, Ivette Gomes, Armelle Guillou
SFD: Statistics for Functional Data
Wenceslao Gonzalez-Manteiga, Byeong Park, Philippe Vieu
SL: Statistical Learning
Andreas Christmann, Xuming He, Roy E. Welsch
SSEF: Statistical Signal Extraction and Filtering
Alessandra Luati, D.S.G. Pollock, Tommaso Proietti
TSMC: Times Series Modelling and Computation
Andres M. Alonso, Konstantinos Fokianos, Roland Fried