Indications for participation in the hybrid sessions

  • The online participants must follow the indications in the virtual area.
  • In-person speakers must use the rooms' PCs and share their presentations on the Zoom session open there with the name of the room.
  • The PCs have loudspeakers, a webcam and microphones. The speakers must move the webcam to show the area from where they will be standing, so that they are visible from Zoom, and talk near the microphones.
  • Please verify with the online conference assistant (identified as "Angel" on Zoom) that the virtual attendees can hear you.
  • Standard talks are 20 minutes, followed by 3-4 minutes of discussion coordinated by the chair. Strict timing must be observed.

Indications for the chairs of the hybrid sessions

  • The chairs of the hybrid sessions can be in-person or online. The in-person speakers should follow the indications above to make sure that the onsite part runs smoothly.
  • If you are a virtual chair of a hybrid session, please make sure that you can communicate with the in-person speakers and guide them through the process. In case of problems, please inform the Angel in the Zoom room as soon as possible so that they request onsite conference staff to assist.
  • Please be in the room 10 minutes before the session starts to prepare it.
  • Make sure that the PC is connected to the Zoom room associated with your assigned room. Otherwise, please follow the indications to access the virtual area with your user or contact the conference support desk in the virtual support room (passcode 112).
  • Get in touch with the Zoom room Angel to double-check that the virtual participants can hear and see the room.
  • With the help of the Angel, please identify the virtual and in-person speakers and require the in-person participant to copy their presentations on the desktop on the conference room's PC and make sure that they work.
  • Please make sure that everybody who talks far from the PC desk gets closer to the desk, so that the virtual participants can hear them. Repeat the question yourself if needed.
  • Read and follow the indications for general chairs of the virtual sessions.