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    Keynote Talks
    • Thomas Kneib, University of Goettingen, Germany.
      CFE-CMStatistics 2023 Keynote Lecture: Rage against the mean: An introduction to distributional regression
    • Costas Bekas, Citadel Securities, Switzerland.
      CFE-CMStatistics 2023 Keynote Lecture: AI for the acceleration of scientific discovery
    • Claudia Czado, Technical University of Munich, Germany.
      CFE-CFE-CMStatistics 2023 Keynote Lecture: Vine copula-based regression models
    • Monica Billio, University of Venice, Italy.
      CFE 2023 Keynote Lecture: Network extraction and modelling
    • Simone Manganelli, European Central Bank, Germany.
      CFE 2023 Keynote Lecture: The risk management approach to macro-prudential policy