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    CMStatistics 2022 Organized Invited Sessions
    • EO028: Advances in design of experiments
      Organizers: Tim Waite
    • EO040: Highlights of contemporary results in design of experiments (virtual)
      Organizers: Stefanie Biedermann
    • EO044: Statistics in neuroscience I
      Organizers: Russell Shinohara
    • EO046: Statistics in neuroscience II
      Organizers: Jeff Goldsmith
    • EO048: Innovations in latent variable modelling
      Organizers: Cristina Mollica
    • EO050: Robust causal inference in biology and economics
      Organizers: Zijian Guo
    • EO052: New approaches in high-dimensional time series modeling
      Organizers: Abolfazl Safikhani
    • EO054: Advances on models for time series and longitudinal data
      Organizers: Sabrina Giordano, Antonello Maruotti
    • EO056: Graphical Markov models I
      Organizers: Monia Lupparelli, Kayvan Sadeghi
    • EO058: Copulas and dependence modelling
      Organizers: Piotr Jaworski
    • EO060: Methods and applications for functional data analysis
      Organizers: Enea Bongiorno
    • EO062: Recent advances in functional data analysis
      Organizers: Michelle Carey
    • EO064: Advances for functional and high-dimensional data analysis (virtual)
      Organizers: Yumou Qiu
    • EO066: Recent advances in Bayesian causal inference
      Organizers: Erica Moodie
    • EO068: Innovative and practical strategies in causal inference
      Organizers: Andrew Spieker
    • EO070: Recent advances in analytical methods for large-scale data
      Organizers: Zhaoyuan Li
    • EO074: Projection pursuit: Applications
      Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
    • EO082: Statistical modelling of network data
      Organizers: Goeran Kauermann
    • EO086: Advances in Bayesian computation techniques I
      Organizers: Siew Li Linda Tan
    • EO110: Advancements in spatial and spatio-temporal models
      Organizers: Maria Michela Dickson
    • EO112: Projection pursuit: Theory
      Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
    • EO114: Advances in longitudinal data analysis
      Organizers: Sanjoy Sinha
    • EO116: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods I
      Organizers: Andres Barrientos, Andrea Cremaschi, Bernardo Nipoti
    • EO118: Novel perspectives in Bayesian statistics
      Organizers: Pier Giovanni Bissiri
    • EO120: Topics in dimension reduction
      Organizers: Tatyana Krivobokova
    • EO122: Recent advances in model specification testing
      Organizers: Bojana Milosevic
    • EO124: Applications of data science in causal inference, imaging, and finance
      Organizers: Roy Welsch
    • EO130: Recent advances in clustering of mixed-type data
      Organizers: Daniel Fernandez, Marta Nai Ruscone
    • EO148: Statistical summits: Methodology and computing I
      Organizers: Andriette Bekker, JT Ferreira
    • EO150: Model-free inference
      Organizers: Asaf Weinstein
    • EO152: Digital health and individualized treatment regimens.
      Organizers: Ashkan Ertefaie
    • EO154: Graphical Markov models II
      Organizers: Monia Lupparelli, Kayvan Sadeghi
    • EO156: Model assessment
      Organizers: Maria Dolores Jimenez-Gamero
    • EO158: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods II
      Organizers: Andres Barrientos, Andrea Cremaschi, Bernardo Nipoti
    • EO160: Novel approaches on modeling and inference of network data
      Organizers: Wen Zhou
    • EO162: Statistical optimal transport (virtual)
      Organizers: Fang Han
    • EO164: Effect estimation un various contexts
      Organizers: Mireille Schnitzer
    • EO166: Statistics of extreme values
      Organizers: Gilles Stupfler
    • EO170: Advances in heterogeneous and imaging data analysis
      Organizers: Xinyuan Song
    • EO174: Recent advances in statistics for health
      Organizers: Sophie Dabo, Camille Frevent
    • EO176: Random matrix theory and its applications
      Organizers: Zhigang Bao
    • EO178: Statistical methods for complex data
      Organizers: Ana Belen Ramos-Guajardo
    • EO180: Robust statistics: A data depth approach
      Organizers: Alicia Nieto-Reyes
    • EO182: Recent developments in functional data analysis
      Organizers: Eliana Christou
    • EO184: Machine learning in the behavioral sciences
      Organizers: Andreas Alfons
    • EO186: Marginal and conditional inference for dependent data
      Organizers: Glen McGee
    • EO188: Machine learning for extremes
      Organizers: Stephane Girard
    • EO190: Advancements in the analysis of high-dimensional and complex data
      Organizers: Andreas Artemiou, Eugen Pircalabelu
    • EO192: Spectral methods in statistical network inference
      Organizers: Vince Lyzinski
    • EO196: Screening and variable selection in high-dimensional survival data
      Organizers: Sara Milito, Marialuisa Restaino
    • EO200: Recent advances in tailored decision making
      Organizers: Yingqi Zhao
    • EO204: Spatial statistics
      Organizers: Soutir Bandyopadhyay
    • EO210: Modern statistical methods with applications to complex data analysis (virtual)
      Organizers: Yichuan Zhao
    • EO214: Modern methods for causal inference
      Organizers: Luke Keele
    • EO216: Hawkes processes in finance
      Organizers: Yoann Potiron
    • EO218: Recent advances in directional statistics
      Organizers: Arthur Pewsey
    • EO220: Advances in functional data analysis and nonparametric regression
      Organizers: Yuko Araki
    • EO222: Projection pursuit: Prediction
      Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
    • EO230: Advances in high-dimensional statistics
      Organizers: Yang Ning
    • EO232: New challenges in design of experiments
      Organizers: John Stufken
    • EO234: Resampling methods in modern settings
      Organizers: Miles Lopes
    • EO236: Theory and computation in inference for stochastic processes
      Organizers: Hiroki Masuda
    • EO238: High-dimensional data analysis and spectral methods (virtual)
      Organizers: Zhao Ren
    • EO240: Directional statistics
      Organizers: Toshihiro Abe, Hiroaki Ogata
    • EO246: Statistical analysis for stochastic differential equations
      Organizers: Masayuki Uchida
    • EO250: Count data models: Developments and applications
      Organizers: Jochen Einbeck
    • EO254: Geospatial harmonization: Dynamic prediction and mapping
      Organizers: Eleni-Rosalina Andrinopoulou
    • EO256: Advances in functional and object data analysis
      Organizers: Sonja Greven
    • EO258: Identification and efficient estimation in causal inference
      Organizers: Xavier de Luna, Tetiana Gorbach
    • EO260: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods III
      Organizers: Andres Barrientos, Andrea Cremaschi, Bernardo Nipoti
    • EO262: Spatio-temporal health modeling: Developments
      Organizers: Andrew Lawson
    • EO264: Advances in mixture modelling and model-based clustering
      Organizers: Bettina Gruen
    • EO268: New frontiers in complex and functional data analyses (virtual)
      Organizers: Kuang-Yao Lee
    • EO272: New Bayesian approaches for variable selection
      Organizers: Michele Guindani
    • EO274: Design of experiments and data analysis
      Organizers: Kalliopi Mylona
    • EO280: Time series with changes in regime
      Organizers: Maddalena Cavicchioli
    • EO282: Recent advancements in point process models
      Organizers: Ganggang Xu
    • EO284: Recent developments in optimal designs
      Organizers: Saumen Mandal
    • EO286: Topics in multivariate modelling and high dimension
      Organizers: Benjamin Poignard
    • EO294: Recent advances in statistical methods for biomedical data integration
      Organizers: Rui Duan
    • EO304: Multivariate analysis of complex data
      Organizers: Thomas Verdebout
    • EO310: Modern directional statistics
      Organizers: Andrea Meilan-Vila
    • EO312: Statistical methods in causal inference and reinforcement learning
      Organizers: Chengchun Shi
    • EO320: Text mining for social impact
      Organizers: Laura Vana
    • EO324: Text analysis for complex data
      Organizers: Annamaria Bianchi
    • EO326: Modeling and computing for heterogeneous and clustered data
      Organizers: Weixin Yao
    • EO328: Nonparametric High-dimensional Statistical Learning
      Organizers: Chenlu Ke
    • EO336: Bayesian contributions to survey methodology
      Organizers: Brenda Betancourt
    • EO338: Advances in analyzing and modeling complex high dimensional data
      Organizers: Wenbo Wu
    • EO340: Statistical learning in practice
      Organizers: Alejandro Murua
    • EO342: Spatial data science
      Organizers: Philipp Otto
    • EO344: Recent advances in statistical modeling of complex data structures
      Organizers: Tianxi Li
    • EO350: Beyond proportional hazards and standard survival
      Organizers: Marc Ditzhaus, Dennis Dobler
    • EO352: Advances in multivariate analysis: Clustering, factor models, and more
      Organizers: Joshua Cape
    • EO360: Advances in multivariate data analysis and dimension reduction
      Organizers: Abdul-Nasah Soale
    • EO362: Statistical and machine learning methods for analysis of EHR/RWD
      Organizers: Qi Long
    • EO368: Biostatistics in renal research
      Organizers: Ivonne Solis-Trapala
    • EO370: Nonclassical extreme value analysis
      Organizers: Yi He
    • EO374: Methodology for semiparametric and causal inference
      Organizers: Charles Doss
    • EO376: New statistical advances in the analysis of wearable device data
      Organizers: Linda Valeri
    • EO378: Modern topics in statistical learning
      Organizers: Radu Craiu
    • EO380: Recent advances in mediation analysis
      Organizers: BaoLuo Sun
    • EO386: Weighting methods for causal inference and selection bias
      Organizers: Shaun Seaman
    • EO388: Statistical methods for constructing and analyzing networks (virtual)
      Organizers: Alexander Petersen
    • EO392: Advances in non- and semi-parametric inference for complex data
      Organizers: Catia Scricciolo
    • EO402: Recent advancements in statistical network analysis
      Organizers: Jonathan Stewart
    • EO404: Recent advances in Bayesian modeling and computation
      Organizers: Marco Ferreira
    • EO408: Longitudinal data analysis
      Organizers: Orla Murphy
    • EO410: Dimension reduction and modeling of complex data structures
      Organizers: Joni Virta
    • EO416: New perspectives on old questions in survival analysis
      Organizers: Catherine Liu
    • EO418: Spatio(-temporal) modeling for biomedical and environmental data
      Organizers: Rajarshi Guhaniyogi
    • EO420: Advances in statistical neuroimaging and spatio-temporal modeling
      Organizers: Rajarshi Guhaniyogi
    • EO422: Recent advances in nonparametric methods
      Organizers: Bodhisattva Sen
    • EO426: New alternatives to significance testing
      Organizers: Simon Vandekar
    • EO430: Clustering approaches for noisy data
      Organizers: Matthieu Marbac
    • EO436: Asymptotic theory applied to statistical computation and simulation
      Organizers: Nakahiro Yoshida
    • EO438: Finite population inference using ML and latent variable models
      Organizers: Maria Giovanna Ranalli
    • EO440: Statistical modeling, design, and inference
      Organizers: Subir Ghosh
    • EO442: Bayesian modeling and applications
      Organizers: Christopher Hans
    • EO444: Branching processes: Theory, computation and applications I
      Organizers: Ines M del Puerto, Miguel Gonzalez Velasco
    • EO446: Branching processes: Theory, computation and applications II
      Organizers: Ines M del Puerto, Miguel Gonzalez Velasco
    • EO448: Statistics and computing for stochastic processes
      Organizers: Kengo Kamatani
    • EO450: Statistical methods for wearable devices
      Organizers: Jaroslaw Harezlak
    • EO452: Missing data analysis and its application
      Organizers: Wang Miao
    • EO456: High-dimensional learning inference for data science
      Organizers: Jinchi Lv
    • EO464: Advances in variational approximations
      Organizers: Luca Maestrini
    • EO482: Advances in Bayesian computation techniques II
      Organizers: Siew Li Linda Tan
    • EO486: Functional time series: Theory and applications
      Organizers: Yanrong Yang
    • EO488: Statistical methods for missing data and measurement error
      Organizers: Baojiang Chen
    • EO490: Statistical analysis in non-Euclidean spaces
      Organizers: Xianzheng Huang
    • EO492: Recent advances in reinforcement learning (virtual)
      Organizers: Zhengling Qi
    • EO494: Novel statistical developments for economics and finance
      Organizers: Ramses Mena
    • EO496: Statistical inference and explainable machine learning
      Organizers: Ali Shojaie
    • EO498: Statistics of high-frequency data I
      Organizers: Carsten Chong
    • EO500: Design of experiments and applications
      Organizers: Stelios Georgiou, Stella Stylianou
    • EO502: Statistics of high-frequency data II
      Organizers: Carsten Chong
    • EO512: Emerging statistical issues in overparameterized modeling
      Organizers: Yoonkyung Lee
    • EO514: Analysis of multilayer networks
      Organizers: Marianna Pensky
    • EO516: Advances in semiparametric estimation and financial data analysis
      Organizers: Shujie Ma
    • EO518: Advances in statistical methods for bounded data
      Organizers: Agnese Maria Di Brisco
    • EO522: Statistical methods for dependence
      Organizers: Elisa Perrone
    • EO526: Recent advances in statistical inference
      Organizers: Monika Bhattacharjee
    • EO532: Recent advances in statistical modeling in genetics and biological research
      Organizers: Linxi Liu
    • EO536: Modeling various data types with network structures
      Organizers: Philip White
    • EO538: Statistical analysis of complex dependent data
      Organizers: Weichi Wu
    • EO539: New advancements in undirected graphical/network modeling
      Organizers: Mohammad Arashi
    • EO540: Statistical summits: Methodology and computing II
      Organizers: Andriette Bekker, JT Ferreira
    • EO541: Robustness and related topics I
      Organizers: Ana Maria Bianco, Graciela Boente
    • EO542: Robustness and related topics II
      Organizers: Ana Maria Bianco, Graciela Boente
    • EO543: New challenges in design of experiments II
      Organizers: Victor Casero-Alonso
    • EO544: Random matrices in statistics and econometrics (virtual)
      Organizers: Andrej Srakar
    • EO545: Predicting and forecasting for complex data
      Organizers: Matus Maciak
    • EO548: Causal machine learning
      Organizers: Amir Asiaee
    • EO549: Theory and methods in high dimensional `omic' data
      Organizers: Christopher McKennan
    • EO552: Novel methods in microbiome data analysis
      Organizers: Anna Plantinga
    • EO553: Federate learning and data privacy in modern data analysis
      Organizers: Xiwei Tang
    • EO554: Advances in network data analysis
      Organizers: Sharmodeep Bhattacharyya
    • EO555: Advances in nonparametric statistics for large-scale dataset
      Organizers: Shan Yu
    • EO556: Opportunities and challenges of neuroimaging data
      Organizers: Michele Guindani, Aaron Scheffler
    • EO557: Statistical inference on functional time series
      Organizers: Siegfried Hoermann
    • EO558: Dependency in Bayesian mixture models and beyond
      Organizers: Alessandra Guglielmi
    • EO559: Recent advances in statistical learning
      Organizers: Eric Chi
    • EO562: Network and high dimensional data analysis
      Organizers: Kehui Chen
    • EO563: Statistical methods for neuroimaging data
      Organizers: Elizabeth Sweeney
    • EO565: Recent developments for multivariate analysis in high dimensions
      Organizers: Aaron Molstad
    • EO566: Data integration in survey sampling
      Organizers: Mahmoud Torabi
    • EO568: Recent advances in stochastic models
      Organizers: Anna Panorska
    • EO570: Recent advances in stochastic models II
      Organizers: Anna Panorska
    • EO572: Advances in Bayesian computations
      Organizers: Riccardo Corradin
    • EO573: Spatial and spatio-temporal statistics in urban and natural contexts
      Organizers: Paolo Maranzano
    • EO575: Methods and algorithms in contemporary data analysis
      Organizers: Zhihua Su
    • EO576: Advances in joint mean–covariance models for multivariate data (virtual)
      Organizers: Olcay Arslan
    • EO577: Bernstein-von Mises theorem: Recent results
      Organizers: Natalia Bochkina
    • EO578: Advances in statistical methodology for the analysis of longitudinal data
      Organizers: Samuel Manda
    • EO579: Recent advances in causal mediation analysis
      Organizers: Linbo Wang
    • EO580: Distributional model validation
      Organizers: Bruno Ebner
    • EO583: Recent developments on functional data analysis (virtual)
      Organizers: Sara Lopez Pintado
    • EO584: Spatial transcriptomics data modeling and analysis
      Organizers: Qiwei Li
    • EO585: Advances in multivariate statistics
      Organizers: Cinzia Franceschini
    • EO587: Causal inference: Recent challenges and debates
      Organizers: Robert Platt, Enrico Ripamonti
    • EO590: Advances in design-based causal inference
      Organizers: Nicole Pashley
    • EO591: Advances in ecological statistics
      Organizers: Vianey Leos Barajas
    • EO592: High-dimensional probability and statistics
      Organizers: Yukun He
    • EO594: Modal inference
      Organizers: Jose Ameijeiras-Alonso, Rosa Crujeiras
    • EO595: Recent developments in learning theory
      Organizers: Anirbit Mukherjee
    • EO597: Innovative approaches for unsupervised classification methods
      Organizers: Carlo Cavicchia
    • EO598: Mixture modelling
      Organizers: Sollie Millard
    • EO599: Quantile methods and applications
      Organizers: Jayeeta Bhattacharya
    • EO600: Advances in flexible regression modelling
      Organizers: Helen Ogden
    • EO601: Complexity and computational aspects of MCMC methods
      Organizers: Florian Maire
    • EO602: Advances in time series and spatio-temporal data
      Organizers: Soudeep Deb
    • EO604: Recent advances in high dimensional time series analysis
      Organizers: Danna Zhang
    • EO607: Recent developments in unlinked regression
      Organizers: Fadoua Mohr
    • EO608: Statistical methods for modern business applications
      Organizers: Trambak Banerjee
    • EO609: Modern causal methods for clinical and health policy research
      Organizers: Nandita Mitra
    • EO612: Platform trials for COVID-19 interventions
      Organizers: Jonathan Schildcrout
    • EO613: Combining clinical trials and observational study data
      Organizers: Jonathan Schildcrout
    • EO614: Non-regular techniques for statistical modeling and computing
      Organizers: Tsung-I Lin
    • EO615: Recent advances in causal inference and high-dimensional statistics
      Organizers: Lin Liu
    • EO616: Recent developments in nonparametric statistics
      Organizers: Shubhadeep Chakraborty
    • EO619: ROC methods for the evaluation of biomarkers
      Organizers: Leonidas Bantis
    • EO620: Clustering of complex data structures
      Organizers: Maria Brigida Ferraro
    • EO622: Advances in longitudinal data modeling
      Organizers: Maria Francesca Marino
    • EO623: Explainable artificial intelligence
      Organizers: Emanuela Raffinetti
    • EO624: Advanced methods for Bayesian modeling
      Organizers: Florian Frommlet
    • EO625: Computations and methods in Bayesian nonparametrics
      Organizers: Federico Camerlenghi
    • EO626: Recent developments in robust model selection
      Organizers: Luca Insolia
    • EO627: Recent developments in statistical machine learning
      Organizers: Fei Xue
    • EO628: Recent developments in survival analysis
      Organizers: Chi Hyun Lee
    • EO629: Extreme value statistics
      Organizers: Antoine Usseglio-Carleve
    • EO630: Modeling of complex high dimensional data in neuroscience
      Organizers: Ani Eloyan
    • EO631: Statistical advances in biomedical research
      Organizers: Bingxin Zhao
    • EO632: Design of experiments
      Organizers: David Woods
    • EO633: Counterfactual analysis and optimal policy
      Organizers: Jiaying Gu
    • EO634: Bayesian nonparametrics for causal inference: Part II
      Organizers: Arman Oganisian
    • EO635: Recent advances in high-dimensional inference
      Organizers: Wenxin Zhou
    • EO636: High dimensional data analytics: Tools, tricks, tips and pitfalls
      Organizers: Ejaz Ahmed, Farrukh Javed
    • EO637: Inference under heterogeneity
      Organizers: Gourab Mukherjee
    • EO638: Spatial statistics and stochastic PDEs
      Organizers: David Bolin
    • EO640: Scalable inference methods for complex problems
      Organizers: Daniel Paulin
    • EO641: Statistical models for complex dependent data
      Organizers: Eardi Lila
    • EO642: New developments in censored and truncated data
      Organizers: Rebecca Betensky
    • EO643: Safe \& trustworthy predictive modeling
      Organizers: Stathis Gennatas
    • EO646: Advances in statistical modeling with neural networks
      Organizers: David Ruegamer
    • EO648: Advances in robust functional and high dimensional data analysis
      Organizers: Ioannis Kalogridis
    • EO649: Recent development in mediation analysis
      Organizers: Yeying Zhu
    • EO651: Goodness-of fit and model selection procedures
      Organizers: Dimitrios Bagkavos, Apostolos Batsidis
    • EO652: Design and analysis of complex experiments: Theory and applications
      Organizers: MingHung Kao
    • EO655: Recent advances in tree ensemble methods
      Organizers: Roman Hornung
    • EO658: Advances in Bayesian methods to record linkage and survey methodology
      Organizers: Jairo Fuquene
    • EO659: Recent advancements in causal inference
      Organizers: Trinetri Ghosh, Jiwei Zhao
    • EO660: Latent variable models for complex data structures
      Organizers: Silvia Bianconcini, Silvia Cagnone
    • EO662: Advances in nonparametric control charts
      Organizers: Claudio Giovanni Borroni, Manuela Cazzaro
    • EO663: Time series and spatial statistics: Methodology and applications
      Organizers: Adam Sykulski
    • EO664: Advance in application of functional data analysis
      Organizers: Haolun Shi
    • EO665: Advances and challenges in accelerated life testing
      Organizers: Maria Kateri, Nikolay Nikolov
    • EO667: Flexible Bayesian modelling for biostatistics
      Organizers: Tommaso Rigon
    • EO668: Structured prior distributions for complex models
      Organizers: Sarah Elizabeth Heaps
    • EO669: Advances in mHealth methods
      Organizers: Walter Dempsey
    • EO670: Statistical methods for massive or high-dimensional data
      Organizers: Alexander Munteanu
    • EO671: Advances in generative modelling
      Organizers: Susan Wei
    • EO672: Spatial and temporal modeling in the climate and environmental sciences
      Organizers: Peter Craigmile
    • EO673: Complex joint and multivariate models with medical applications
      Organizers: Michael Daniels
    • EO674: Multivariate methods: Joint diagonalization and projection pursuit
      Organizers: Aurore Archimbaud
    • EO676: Statistics of extremes
      Organizers: Jonathan El Methni
    • EO677: Developments and applications of Approximate Bayesian Computation
      Organizers: Veronica Ballerini
    • EO684: Causal inference and machine learning
      Organizers: Oliver Dukes
    • EO685: Advances in Bayesian factor analysis
      Organizers: Pantelis Samartsidis
    • EO689: Econometrics: New directions
      Organizers: Taoufik Bouezmarni
    • EO696: Recent advances in mixture models
      Organizers: Konstantinos Perrakis
    • EO697: Dependence models for compound events
      Organizers: Fabrizio Durante
    • EO701: The Stein method and statistics
      Organizers: Robert Gaunt
    • EO703: Statistical methods in brain imaging
      Organizers: Donatello Telesca
    • EO704: Advances in Hilbert statistics and application to distributional data
      Organizers: Enea Bongiorno, Alessandra Menafoglio
    • EO705: Advances in extreme value statistics
      Organizers: Ioannis Papastathopoulos
    • EO706: Recent advances in causal inference
      Organizers: Peng Ding
    • EO707: Recent statistical advances in imaging
      Organizers: Ranjan Maitra
    • EO708: Reliability and stochastics: Theory and applications
      Organizers: Alexandros Karagrigoriou
    • EO709: Modeling complex data and interactions
      Organizers: Rosaria Ignaccolo
    • EO711: Dynamic random objects
      Organizers: Wolfgang Polonik
    • EO712: Advances in multiple network data analysis
      Organizers: Jesus Arroyo
    • EO713: Recent advances in imaging statistics
      Organizers: Jian Kang
    • EO715: Recent advances in spatial and spatio-temporal statistics (virtual)
      Organizers: Thomas Neyens
    • EO716: Recent advances in learning under distribution shifts
      Organizers: Yuekai Sun
    • EO717: Optimal transport: Recent theoretical advances
      Organizers: Nabarun Deb
    • EO718: Empirical processes and their applications
      Organizers: Eric Beutner
    • EO720: Bayesian nonparametrics for causal inference: Part I
      Organizers: Chanmin Kim
    • EO721: Advances in Markov Chain Monte Carlo
      Organizers: Kshitij Khare
    • EO723: Causal inference in network settings
      Organizers: Subhadeep Paul
    • EO726: Statistical modeling and machine learning with applications in data science
      Organizers: Yousri Slaoui
    • EO729: Recent advances in causal inference
      Organizers: Fan Xia
    • EO733: Causal inference: Challenges in complex settings
      Organizers: Laura Pazzagli
    • EO735: Entity resolution, biomedical and nuclear forensics data modeling
      Organizers: Sharmistha Guha
    • EO739: Advances in statistical methods for complex genetic/genomic data
      Organizers: Yuehua Cui
    • EO741: Testing independence in high-dimensional statistics
      Organizers: Din Chen
    • EO743: Bayesian and robust insights in data analysis and classification
      Organizers: Vanda Lourenco
    • EO744: Statistical learning in modern complex data analysis
      Organizers: Guanqun Cao
    • EO745: Recent advances in copula regression
      Organizers: Paul Bach, Nadja Klein
    • EO793: Sport analytics
      Organizers: Andreas Groll, Christophe Ley
    CFE 2022 Organized Invited Sessions
    • CO030: Current challenges to macro and financial stability
      Organizers: Claudio Morana
    • CO032: Recent advances in applied macroeconomics
      Organizers: Alessia Paccagnini
    • CO034: Advances in time series econometrics
      Organizers: Martin Wagner
    • CO036: Topics in quantitative finance
      Organizers: Sandra Paterlini, Gabriele Torri
    • CO038: Regime change modeling I
      Organizers: Willi Semmler
    • CO042: Regime change modeling II (virtual)
      Organizers: Willi Semmler
    • CO076: Topics in financial econometrics
      Organizers: Leopold Soegner
    • CO078: Financial time series
      Organizers: Christian Francq, Jean-Michel Zakoian
    • CO080: Advances in time series methods
      Organizers: Massimiliano Caporin
    • CO084: Modelling economic and financial time series
      Organizers: Gianluca Cubadda, Alain Hecq
    • CO088: Sustainable finance
      Organizers: Monica Billio
    • CO090: Advances in Bayesian computational methods
      Organizers: David Nott
    • CO096: Risk analysis and assessment in economics and finance
      Organizers: Alessandra Amendola, Carlos Trucios
    • CO098: Macroeconometrics
      Organizers: Christos Savva
    • CO100: Bayesian methods for empirical macroeconomics
      Organizers: Gary Koop
    • CO102: The econometrics of banking and finance
      Organizers: Leone Leonida
    • CO104: Time series econometrics
      Organizers: Josu Arteche, Antonio Montanes
    • CO106: Factor and GARCH models
      Organizers: Niklas Ahlgren
    • CO108: Empirical aspects of cryptocurrency markets
      Organizers: Pierangelo De Pace, Marco Lorusso
    • CO126: Bayesian time series analysis
      Organizers: Roberto Casarin
    • CO128: Dynamic conditional score models
      Organizers: Roberto Casarin, Dario Palumbo
    • CO132: MIDAS and zombies in macroeconomics
      Organizers: Etsuro Shioji
    • CO136: Machine learning in asset pricing
      Organizers: Markus Pelger
    • CO138: Recent advances in financial econometrics and empirical asset pricing
      Organizers: Yuqian Zhao
    • CO140: Developments in risky asset returns decomposition methods
      Organizers: Mohammad Jahan-Parvar
    • CO142: Business cycles and macroeconomic policy
      Organizers: Laura Jackson Young
    • CO144: High-dimensional time series analysis and applications
      Organizers: Tommaso Proietti
    • CO146: Parameter uncertainty in portfolio optimization and asset pricing
      Organizers: Nathan Lassance
    • CO168: Structural information in estimating asset pricing models
      Organizers: Diego Ronchetti
    • CO194: Recent developments in modelling and forecasting extremes
      Organizers: Ekaterina Kazak
    • CO198: Macroeconomic policy
      Organizers: Michael Owyang
    • CO206: Dynamic analysis of cryptocurrency
      Organizers: Joann Jasiak
    • CO208: Advances in semiparametric models for panel data
      Organizers: Daniel Henderson
    • CO224: Machine learning: New developments
      Organizers: Mehmet Caner
    • CO242: New approaches to time series analysis for macro and finance
      Organizers: Mikkel Plagborg-Moller
    • CO252: Recent advances in high-dimensional econometrics
      Organizers: Degui Li
    • CO266: Credit risk modelling
      Organizers: Raffaella Calabrese
    • CO276: Financial modelling and forecasting
      Organizers: Ekaterini Panopoulou
    • CO290: Recent advances in forecasting
      Organizers: Ekaterina Smetanina
    • CO292: Statistical identification and structural VARs
      Organizers: Thorsten Drautzburg
    • CO298: Topics in time series econometrics
      Organizers: Kanchana Nadarajah
    • CO300: Dynamic multiple quantile models
      Organizers: Leopoldo Catania
    • CO306: Financial engineering
      Organizers: Genevieve Gauthier
    • CO316: Advances in macroeconometric modelling
      Organizers: Aubrey Poon
    • CO322: Cryptocurrency price dynamics
      Organizers: Julien Chevallier
    • CO330: Mixed-frequency methods in finance and economics
      Organizers: Nabil Bouamara, Kris Boudt
    • CO332: Econometric forecasting
      Organizers: Alexander Glas, Onno Kleen
    • CO346: Financial econometrics: Modelling and forecasting
      Organizers: Vincenzo Candila
    • CO358: Recent developments in structural VARs
      Organizers: Joshua Chan
    • CO364: Recent advances in probabilistic forecasting
      Organizers: Gael Martin
    • CO366: Cryptocurrency analytics
      Organizers: Marcell Tamas Kurbucz
    • CO396: Modelling financial markets
      Organizers: Menelaos Karanasos
    • CO398: Recent advances in quantitative finance
      Organizers: Shixuan Wang
    • CO400: Statistical analysis of climate data
      Organizers: Liudas Giraitis
    • CO424: Contemporary issues in modelling and forecasting inflation
      Organizers: Wojciech Charemza, Svetlana Makarova
    • CO454: Inflation dynamics
      Organizers: Edward Knotek
    • CO458: Econometrics of art markets
      Organizers: Douglas Hodgson
    • CO460: Topics in applied econometrics
      Organizers: Emese Lazar
    • CO462: Advances in econometrics
      Organizers: Rustam Ibragimov
    • CO470: Persistent time series
      Organizers: Vivien Less, Philipp Sibbertsen
    • CO478: Novel approaches to time series forecasting
      Organizers: Anindya Roy
    • CO520: Data analysis tools for Bayesian inference
      Organizers: Catherine Forbes
    • CO528: Advances in quantitative finance and insurance
      Organizers: Asmerilda Hitaj
    • CO546: Advances in climate and energy economics
      Organizers: Jamie Cross
    • CO547: New methods in multivariate Bayesian modeling
      Organizers: Annika Camehl, Tomasz Wozniak
    • CO561: Using large datasets to analyse household finance
      Organizers: Jonathan Crook
    • CO581: Advances in quantile regression
      Organizers: Harry Haupt, Joachim Schnurbus
    • CO593: Structural, predictive inference in nonlinear macroeconometrics
      Organizers: Niko Hauzenberger, Michael Pfarrhofer
    • CO603: Financial econometrics and applications
      Organizers: Ruijun Bu, Xiaohan Xue
    • CO605: Robust estimation in stochastic frontier models
      Organizers: Christopher Parmeter
    • CO611: Risk, volatility and price discovery in financial markets
      Organizers: Robinson Kruse-Becher
    • CO617: Bayesian analysis of finance and macroeconomics
      Organizers: Toshiaki Watanabe
    • CO618: Regime switching models
      Organizers: Malvina Marchese
    • CO639: High dimensional methods in tracking inflation and business cycles
      Organizers: Andrew Butters
    • CO644: Machine learning in finance
      Organizers: Anastasija Tetereva
    • CO645: Regularisation in econometric models
      Organizers: Ralf Wilke
    • CO650: Time series: Forecasting, nonlinearity and mixed frequency data
      Organizers: Johan Lyhagen
    • CO657: Recent methods for analyzing inflation
      Organizers: Danilo Leiva-Leon
    • CO661: Advanced statistical tools in sustainable insurance and finance
      Organizers: Susanna Levantesi
    • CO675: Asset pricing
      Organizers: Benjamin Holcblat
    • CO692: Recent advances in financial econometrics
      Organizers: Jiajing Sun
    • CO693: Latest developments in financial econometrics
      Organizers: Roxana Halbleib
    • CO694: Anomaly detection and forecasting using machine learning methods
      Organizers: Artem Prokhorov
    • CO699: Volatility and option pricing models
      Organizers: Arnaud Dufays
    • CO700: Alternative data for economic forecasting
      Organizers: Luca Barbaglia
    • CO722: News and the term structure of interest rates
      Organizers: Guillaume Roussellet
    • CO724: Panel data
      Organizers: Martin Schumann
    • CO730: Measuring climate-related financial risks
      Organizers: Juan-Angel Jimenez-Martin
    • CO731: Machine learning meets econometrics
      Organizers: Edvard Bakhitov
    • CO736: Recent developments in personal credit risk modelling
      Organizers: Bart Baesens, Wouter Verbeke
    • CO737: Econometric analysis of financial institutions
      Organizers: Olga Kolokolova
    • CO738: Commodities: Pricing and trading
      Organizers: Ana-Maria Fuertes
    • CO742: Climate change econometrics and financial markets
      Organizers: Luca De Angelis