Keynote talk 1 Tuesday 23.8.2022 09:00 - 10:00 Room: Aula B
Are deviations in a gradually varying mean relevant?
Speaker: H. Dette   Chair: Maria Brigida Ferraro
Keynote talk 2 Thursday 25.8.2022 11:30 - 12:20 Room: Aula B
Testing the existence of moments and estimating the tail index of augmented GARCH processes
Speaker: J.-M. Zakoian  Co-authors: C. Francq Chair: Alessandra Luati
Keynote talk 3 Friday 26.8.2022 12:10 - 13:15 Room: Aula B
Learning and prediction via hierarchies of random measures in Bayesian nonparametrics
Speaker: I. Pruenster   Chair: Christophe Croux


Parallel session B: COMPSTAT2022 Tuesday 23.8.2022 10:30 - 12:30

Session CI013 (Special Invited Session) Room: Aula B
Small area estimation Tuesday 23.8.2022   10:30 - 12:30
Chair: Stefan Sperlich Organizer: Stefan Sperlich
  A0604:  D. Morales, M.-D. Esteban, M.J. Lombardia, E. Lopez Vizcaino, A. Perez Martin
  Empirical best prediction of bivariate nonlinear small area indicators
  A0309:  F. Schirripa Spagnolo, G. Bertarelli, R. Chambers, D. Haziza, N. Salvati
  Full bias correction approaches for M-quantile small area estimators: Application to Italian labour force survey
  A0428:  Y. Lee, M. Runge, N. Rojas Perilla, T. Schmid
  Variable selection using conditional AIC for linear mixed models with data-driven transformations
  A0180:  S. Sperlich, M.J. Lombardia, K. Reluga
  Uniform inference for SAE
Session CO073 Room: Aula D
Statistical analysis in finite and infinite dimensional Hilbert spaces Tuesday 23.8.2022   10:30 - 12:30
Chair: Karel Hron Organizer: Karel Hron
  A0328:  K. Hron, A. Menafoglio, J. Palarea-Albaladejo, P. Filzmoser, J.J. Egozcue
  Weighting of parts in compositional data using Bayes Hilbert spaces
  A0356:  K. Facevicova, P. Filzmoser, K. Hron
  Analysis of multi-factorial compositional data main principles and perspectives
  A0319:  S. Greven, E.-M. Maier, A. Stoecker, B. Fitzenberger
  Additive density-on-scalar regression in Bayes Hilbert spaces with an application to gender economics
  A0352:  P. Jaskova, K. Hron, J. Palarea-Albaladejo, A. Gaba, Z. Pedisic, D. Dumuid
  Scalar-on-function regression and functional isotemporal substitution analysis in the context of time-use data
  A0414:  H. Nassar, K. Podgorski, R. Basna
  Data driven orthogonal basis selection for functional data analysis
Session CO166 Room: Aula G
Tutorial I Tuesday 23.8.2022   10:30 - 12:30
Chair: Peter Winker Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0472:  P. Winker
  Introductionary tutorial to text mining in econometrics
Session CO142 Room: Aula Q
Algebraic statistics Tuesday 23.8.2022   10:30 - 12:30
Chair: Marta Nai Ruscone Organizer: Marta Nai Ruscone, Eva Riccomagno
  A0372:  G. Montufar, J. Mueller
  Geometry of memoryless policy optimization in POMDPs
  A0236:  L. Solus
  Recent developments in hybrid causal discovery
  A0663:  C. Amendola, P. Dettling, M. Drton, N.R. Hansen, R. Homs
  Identifiability in continuous graphical Lyapunov models
  A0497:  E. Perrone, R. Fontana
  Multivariate Bernoulli distributions and discrete copulas
  A0332:  F. Rapallo
  Markov bases from discrete to continuous frameworks
Session CC158 Room: Aula C
Time series Tuesday 23.8.2022   10:30 - 12:30
Chair: Rob Hyndman Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0297:  J.-M. Poggi, Y. Goude, H. Yan, B. Goehry, P. Massart
  Random forests for time series
  A0299:  R. Hyndman
  Decomposing time series with complex seasonality
  A0390:  J. Lee
  Testing for and measuring serial dependence by neural networks
  A0420:  F. Kyriazi, D. Thomakos, J. Guerard
  Multivariate adaptive learning forecasting
  A0528:  M. Gong, R. Killick, C. Nemeth
  A changepoint approach to modelling soil moisture dynamics
Session CC159 Room: Aula E
Algorithms and computational methods Tuesday 23.8.2022   10:30 - 12:30
Chair: Bettina Gruen Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0302:  F. Brueck
  Exact simulation of continuous max-id processes
  A0537:  M. Schlather, A. Freudenberg
  Tricks that accelerate matrix multiplication on CPUs
  A0573:  A. Freudenberg, M. Schlather
  GPU routines for accelerated genomic calculations
  A0605:  J.M. Pavia
  Extending linear programming ecological inference methods by machine learning
  A0657:  V. Pastukhov
  Fussed nearly-isotonic signal approximation
Session CC220 Room: Aula F
Computational and financial econometrics II Tuesday 23.8.2022   10:30 - 12:30
Chair: Niklas Ahlgren Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0588:  F. Dunker
  Adaptive estimation for somenonparametric instrumental variablemodels with full independence
  A0282:  F. Violante, S. Grassi
  Generalized autoregressive conditional betas
  A0519:  N. Ahlgren, A. Back, T. Terasvirta
  A volatility model with a time-varying intercept
  A0669:  J. Sila, M. Mark, L. Kristoufek
  Forecasting Market Betas In Crypto Markets
  A0150:  D. Hendry, J.L. Castle, J. Doornik
  Discriminating direct from induced equilibrium-mean shifts
Session CC151 Room: Aula H
Bayesian statistics Tuesday 23.8.2022   10:30 - 12:30
Chair: Alicja Jokiel-Rokita Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0422:  A. Jokiel-Rokita, R. Magiera
  Bayesian estimation versus maximum likelihood estimation in the Weibull-power law process
  A0437:  F. van der Meulen, M. Schauer
  Backward filtering forward guiding for Markov processes
  A0448:  N. Nakhaeirad, A. Bekker, M. Arashi, S. Millard
  A Bayesian nonparametric estimation of entropy for circular data
  A0650:  B. Majoni, R. Leon-Gonzalez
  Exact likelihood for inverse gamma stochastic volatility models
Session CC215 Room: Aula I
Classification Tuesday 23.8.2022   10:30 - 12:30
Chair: Marialuisa Restaino Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0406:  S. Golia, M. Carpita
  Multi-class classification with imbalanced data: The choice of a categorical classifier
  A0419:  J. C-Rella, R. Cao, J. Vilar Fernandez
  A dimensionality expansion methodology for loss optimization in cost sensitive problems
  A0483:  D. Eleftheriou
  Doping control analysis in athletes steroid profile: A multivariate Bayesian learning approach
  A0652:  I. Irigoien, C. Arenas
  Fuzzy classification with distance-based prototypes
  A0594:  M. Okabe, H. Yadohisa
  Discriminant analysis with corrupted label data using subject similarity
Parallel session C: COMPSTAT2022 Tuesday 23.8.2022 14:15 - 15:45

Session CI007 (Special Invited Session) Room: Aula Q
Bootstrap and resampling in cluster analysis Tuesday 23.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Christian Hennig Organizer: Christian Hennig
  A0394:  T. Ullmann, C. Hennig, A.-L. Boulesteix
  Validation of cluster analysis results on validation data: A systematic framework
  A0596:  F. Leisch
  Resampling methods for exploring cluster stability
  A0430:  M. Zafer Merhi, Z. Shkedy, A. Essaghir, D. Lin
  Clustering of single cell RNAseq data: An integrated analysis using multiple methods and robust clustering solutions
Session CO105 Room: Aula B
ISBA session: Applied computational Bayes (virtual) Tuesday 23.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Giacomo Zanella Organizer: Daniele Durante, Giacomo Zanella
  A0222:  P. Touloupou, S. Spencer, B. Finkenstadt
  Scalable inference for epidemic models with individual level data
  A0310:  S. Legramanti, D. Durante, P. Alquier
  Concentration and robustness of discrepancy-based ABC through Rademacher complexity
  A0480:  K. McAlinn, M. Kato, S. Sugasawa, K. Takanashi, D. Cabel
  Spatially-varying Bayesian predictive synthesis for flexible and interpretable spatial prediction
  A0598:  C. Robert
  Evidence approximation and Bayesian model choice
Session CO017 Room: Aula C
Analysis of ranking data Tuesday 23.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Philip Yu Organizer: Philip Yu
  A0350:  M. Alvo
  Empirical Bayes on a shoestring and other applications
  A0290:  M.G. Schimek, L. Vitale, B. Pfeifer, M. La Rocca
  A computationally efficient non-parametric signal estimation approach for ranking data
  A0338:  M. Sciandra, A. Plaia, A. Albano
  Ensemble methods for item-weighted label ranking: A comparison
  A0304:  P. Yu, J. Gu
  Social order statistics models for ranking data
Session CO033 Room: Aula D
Some advances in multivariate and functional statistics Tuesday 23.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Enea Bongiorno Organizer: Enea Bongiorno
  A0237:  J. Jacques, M. Amovin, I. Gannaz
  Functional data clustering with outlier detection
  A0323:  S. Nagy
  Statistical depth for multivariate and functional data: Recent progress and perspectives
  A0384:  M. Febrero-Bande, W. Gonzalez-Manteiga, A. Colubi, G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez
  The two sample problem for functional data
  A0305:  A. Goia, E. Bongiorno
  Customizing the dimensionality of functional data
Session CO045 Room: Aula E
Novel statistical methods for censored and skew data Tuesday 23.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Victor Hugo Lachos Davila Organizer: Victor Hugo Lachos Davila
  A0153:  F. Louzada
  A repairable system subjected to hierarchical competing risks: Modeling and applications
  A0216:  C.E. Galarza Morales, K. Valeriano, L. Matos
  Moments and random number generation for the truncated elliptical family of distributions
  A0325:  A. Roy, T. Opheim
  Linear models for multivariate repeated measures data from a skew normal distribution
  A0536:  F. Schumacher, K.A. Loor Valeriano, V.H. Lachos Davila, L. Avila Matos, C.E. Galarza Morales
  Censored autoregressive regression modeling using the R package ARCensReg
Session CO125 Room: Aula I
Statistical analysis of networks: Applications in cyber-security Tuesday 23.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Francesco Sanna Passino Organizer: Francesco Sanna Passino
  A0280:  K. Highnam
  Computer network security datasets
  A0365:  A. Mantziou, F. Sanna Passino, N. Heard, P. Thiede, R. Bevington
  Unsupervised attack pattern detection in cyber-security using topic modelling
  A0379:  I. Gallagher, P. Rubin-delanchy, C. Priebe, A. Jones, A. Bertiger
  Spectral embedding of weighted graphs
  A0707:  H. Helfer Hoeltgebaum, N. Adams, C. Fernandes
  Estimation, forecasting and anomaly detection for nonstationary streams using adaptive estimation
Session CO115 Room: Virtual Room R1
Latent variable and psychometric modelling (virtual) Tuesday 23.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Michela Battauz Organizer: Michela Battauz
  A0210:  M. Wiberg
  Equating tests with mixed format tests
  A0211:  S. Bacci, B. Bertaccini, F. Cipollini
  Monitoring the Brunelleschi's Dome through latent variable models
  A0451:  R. Di Mari
  Psycho COVID-19: Evaluating the risk of the psycho-physical impact of the pandemic
  A0634:  G. Alfonzetti
  A stochastic optimization algorithm for pairwise likelihood estimation of factor models with ordinal data
Session CC219 Room: Aula F
Feature selection and variable importance Tuesday 23.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Karel Hron Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0415:  B. Liquet, S. Moka, H. Zhu, S. Muller
  Best subset selection via continuous optimization
  A0506:  N. Hernandez, G. Martos
  Domain selection for Gaussian processes
  A0221:  C.J. Salaroli, M.D.C. Pardo
  Features selection and combination in high-dimensional data with the penalized Youden index
  A0447:  M. Medl, M. Medl, T. Scharl, A. Duerauer, F. Leisch
  Permutation based variable importance determination for deep learning
Session CC162 Room: Aula G
Parametric inference Tuesday 23.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Sara Taskinen Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0270:  T. Massing
  Parametric estimation of tempered stable laws
  A0344:  A. Hernandez
  Geometric goodness of fit measure to detect patterns in data point clouds
  A0505:  M. Whitehouse
  Fast and consistent inference in compartmental models of epidemics using Poisson approximate likelihoods
  A0626:  L. McQuaid, S. Moghaddam, K. Burke
  Penalized power-generalized Weibull distributional regression
Session CC157 Room: Aula H
Applied statistics and data analysis Tuesday 23.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Qing Pan Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0465:  B. Santos
  Comparing dominance of tennis' big three via multiple-output Bayesian quantile regression models
  A0478:  C. Spychala, C. Goga, C. Dombry
  Spatial modelling road accidents in Besancon (France) using log-gaussian cox processes
  A0584:  A. Skolkova
  Elastic-net for instrumental variables regression
  A0658:  F. Gokalp Yavuz
  Data science education for developing countries: The process of democratization
Parallel session D: COMPSTAT2022 Tuesday 23.8.2022 16:15 - 17:45

Session CV193 Room: Aula B
Applied statistics (virtual) Tuesday 23.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Anuradha Roy Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0502:  A. Guizzardi, L.V. Ballestra, E. DInnocenzo
  A statistical approach to evaluate last minute pricing decisions in the online hotel market
  A0592:  K. Young, L. Bantis
  Estimation and inference on the partial volume under the ROC surface
  A0636:  N. Chakraborty, T. Mahmood
  Failure rate monitoring in generalized gamma-distributed process
  A0614:  I. Kenny, D. Kbaier
  A novel environmental system-focused empirical mode decomposition analysis: Application to Minas passage
Session CI015 (Special Invited Session) Room: Aula F
Bayesian and computational extreme value analysis Tuesday 23.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Miguel de Carvalho Organizer: Miguel de Carvalho
  A0287:  B. Sanso, P. Trubey
  A Bayesian non-parametric approach for multivariate peak over threshold models and anomaly detection
  A0383:  M. de Carvalho, P. de Zea Bermudez
  An extreme value Bayesian Lasso for the conditional bulk and tail
  A0386:  E. Hector
  Distributed inference for extreme value analysis of large spatial datasets
Session CO031 Room: Aula C
Statistical text mining Tuesday 23.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Peter Winker Organizer: Peter Winker
  A0335:  V. Naboka-Krell, P. Winker, P. Tillmann, A. Latifi
  Measuring fiscal policy preferences based on the German Bundestag speeches and public discourse
  A0515:  V. Bystrov, V. Naboka-Krell, A. Staszewska-Bystrova, P. Winker
  Comparative analysis of LDA model selection criteria based on Monte Carlo simulations
  A0342:  A. Latifi, P. Winker, D. Lenz
  Identification of innovation diffusion trends with FDA clustering
  A0570:  I. Savin
  A survey of scientists opinions on climate mitigation policy
Session CO123 Room: Aula D
Statistical analysis of networks Tuesday 23.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Francesco Sanna Passino Organizer: Francesco Sanna Passino
  A0345:  N. Heard
  Changepoint inference with a graphical dependence structure
  A0358:  A. Modell
  Spectral clustering under degree heterogeneity with the random walk Laplacian
  A0385:  J. Agterberg, J. Arroyo, Z. Lubberts
  Community detection in multilayer degree-corrected stochastic blockmodels
  A0666:  P. Rubin-delanchy
  Manifold structure in graph embeddings
Session CO095 Room: Aula E
Statistical learning in practice Tuesday 23.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Alejandro Murua Organizer: Alejandro Murua
  A0590:  R. Maitra, C. Llosa-Vite
  Reduced-rank tensor-on-tensor regression and tensor-variate analysis of variance
  A0591:  K. Dorman, Y. Zhang, H.T.H. Vu, G. Tuteja
  Unsupervised deep learning of ATAC-seq peaks
  A0501:  T. Dimitriadis, T. Gneiting, A. Jordan, P. Vogel
  Evaluating probabilistic classifiers: The Triptych
  A0599:  F. Maire
  Independent Metropolis sampler without rejection
Session CO131 Room: Aula G
Analysis of complex real life data Tuesday 23.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Qing Pan Organizer: Qing Pan
  A0412:  Q. Pan
  Risk predictions using panel count data with informative observation times
  A0435:  Y. Li
  Informed presence in electronic health record data: Bias and bias reduction approaches in longitudinal analyses
  A0421:  A. Ciarleglio
  Multiple imputation methods for functional data with applications in mental health research
  A0190:  A. Birbilas, A. Rackauskas
  Functional modeling of telecommunications data
Session CO103 Room: Aula I
Statistical methods for survival data Tuesday 23.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Marialuisa Restaino Organizer: Sara Milito, Marialuisa Restaino
  A0417:  C. Moreira
  Bias induced by ignoring double truncation
  A0522:  M. Restaino, S. Milito
  A note on nonparametric survival functions under censored and truncated data
  A0556:  D. Dobler
  Relative treatment effects in two dependent samples: An alternative to logrank or sign tests
  A0695:  F. Hooti, J. Ahmadi, M. Longobardi
  General proportional mean residual and past lifetime frailty models
Session CO176 Room: Aula Q
Dimension reduction in recent cross sectional and time series methods Tuesday 23.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Matteo Farne Organizer: Matteo Farne
  A0434:  A. Aue, H. Li, D. Paul, J. Peng
  Testing high-dimensional general linear hypotheses under a multivariate regression model with spiked noise covariance
  A0517:  V. Characiejus, C. Cerovecki, S. Hoermann
  The maximum of the periodogram of a sequence of functional data
  A0670:  M. Farne, M. Barigozzi
  An algebraic estimator for large spectral density matrices
  A0525:  M. Bogdan, X. Dupuis, P. Graczyk, B. Kolodziejek, T. Skalski, P. Tardivel, M. Wilczynski
  Pattern recovery by SLOPE
Session CC160 Room: Aula H
Machine learning and data science Tuesday 23.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Elisa Perrone Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0252:  R. Abbasi Asl
  Compression-enabled interpretability of deep learning models for scientific discovery
  A0533:  D. Williams, S. Liu
  Kernelised Stein discrepancy for truncated density estimation
  A0564:  M. Reeves, H. Bhat
  Estimating continuous-time Markov chain transition rate functions with neural networks
  A0578:  L. Pacchiardi, R. Dutta
  Generative neural networks via scoring rule minimization for probabilistic forecasting and likelihood-free inference
Parallel session E: COMPSTAT2022 Tuesday 23.8.2022 17:55 - 18:55

Session CO164 Room: Aula B
Biomedical research on biomarkers: Methods \& applications (virtual) Tuesday 23.8.2022   17:55 - 18:55
Chair: Laura Antolini Organizer: Laura Antolini, Stefania Galimberti
  A0330:  F. Bovis
  Personalized response to treatment in patients with MS: Do different patients show benefits on different outcomes?
  A0382:  G. Cortese, T. Scheike
  Estimation of the marginal mean of recurrent events
  A0600:  G. Infante, F. Ambrogi, R. Miceli
  Sample size and predictive performance of machine learning methods with survival data.
Session CO085 Room: Aula D
Applied data science and statistical learning Tuesday 23.8.2022   17:55 - 18:55
Chair: Frederic Bertrand Organizer: Frederic Bertrand
  A0314:  Y. Valero, L.A. Ebongue Ebaha, F. Bertrand, M. Maumy
  Reinforcement learning for next best action recommendation in process data
  A0320:  E. Logosha, F. Bertrand, M. Maumy
  Sensitivity analysis using discrete event simulation on the selling times of a fraction of a stock
  A0552:  F. Fahs, F. Bertrand, M. Maumy-Bertrand
  Forecasting electricity consumption at household level
Session CO109 Room: Aula E
Dynamic models for discrete time series and longitudinal data Tuesday 23.8.2022   17:55 - 18:55
Chair: Roberto Di Mari Organizer: Roberto Di Mari
  A0377:  S. Mildiner Moraga, E. Aarts
  Extending the Poisson hidden Markov model to the multilevel framework with individual random effects
  A0453:  M. Doretti, G.E. Montanari, F. Bartolucci, M.F. Marino
  Evaluating complex agency effects on status transitions: Challenges within a Latent Markov Model paradigm
  A0351:  P. Cizek
  Bias-corrected robust estimation of dynamic panel data models
Session CO180 Room: Aula F
Computational statistics from the lens of young researchers II Tuesday 23.8.2022   17:55 - 18:55
Chair: Riccardo Ceccato Organizer: Riccardo Ceccato, Marta Disegna
  A0225:  J. Beck, A. Bathke
  A unifying framework for rank and pseudo-rank based inference using nonparametric confidence distributions
  A0343:  E. Barzizza, R. Arboretti, N. Biasetton, M. Disegna, L. Pegoraro, L. Salmaso
  Permutation tests for C-sample problems: A multivariate scenario
  A0426:  L. Pegoraro, R. Arboretti, E. Barzizza, N. Biasetton, R. Ceccato, M. Disegna, L. Salmaso
  A novel active learning criterion for experiments with multiple responses
Session CO146 Room: Aula Q
IFCS session: Assessment of cluster stability and phylogenetic inference Tuesday 23.8.2022   17:55 - 18:55
Chair: Berthold Lausen Organizer: Berthold Lausen
  A0443:  C. Hennig, S. Akhanli
  Using aggregated cluster validity indexes to cluster football players performance data
  A0469:  A.F. Leuchtenberger, S.M. Crotty, T. Drucks, H.A. Schmidt, S. Burgstaller-Muehlbacher, A. von Haeseler
  Phylogeny and artificial neural networks
  A0676:  B. Lausen
  Parametric bootstrap evaluation of unsupervised statistical learning and applications
Session CC229 Room: Aula C
Missing data Tuesday 23.8.2022   17:55 - 18:55
Chair: Victor Hugo Lachos Davila Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0557:  G. Frahm
  Missing-data analysis with power M-estimators
  A0646:  M. AL-Shaaibi, R. Wesonga
  An R Package for bias reduction with LogF(1,1) penalty under the MAR mechanism
  A0654:  J. Noonan, R. Mitra, S. Biedermann
  Improving the power of a test for detecting ``missing not at random''
Session CC223 Room: Aula G
Forecasting Tuesday 23.8.2022   17:55 - 18:55
Chair: Aldo Goia Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0563:  A. Bucci, L. Ippoliti, P. Valentini
  Forecasting cardiorespiratory hospitalizations from air pollution levels through artificial neural networks
  A0243:  S. Safi
  On predicting growth factor of daily new cases data of COVID-19 epidemic in Italy using ARIMA-ANN hybrid model
  A0575:  R. Miglio, G. Roli, M. Scagliarini
  A joint use of monitoring and forecasting methods to detect change points in daily hospitalizations
Session CC230 Room: Aula H
Statistical modelling and inference Tuesday 23.8.2022   17:55 - 18:55
Chair: Francisco Louzada Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0690:  M. Manca, F. Bertolino, S. Columbu, M. Musio
  The Bayesian discrepancy measure: A new method for Bayesian inference
  A0691:  I. Pereira
  Bayesian modeling of time series of counts under censoring
  A0696:  M. Bhaduri
  Detecting breaks in certain random intensities through sequential testing on point processes
Session CC217 Room: Aula I
Mixed models and applications Tuesday 23.8.2022   17:55 - 18:55
Chair: Domingo Morales Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0223:  D. Ferreira, S. Ferreira, C. Nunes, J. Mexia
  Nesting random effects factors in fixed effects factors
  A0224:  S. Ferreira, D. Ferreira, C. Nunes, J. Mexia
  A simulation study considering mixed linear models with cumulants generated by a Weibull distribution
  A0585:  A.T. Stueber, S. Coors, K. Jeblick, A. Mittermeier, O. Oecal, B. Schachtner, P. Wesp, M. Seidensticker, M. Ingrisch
  ML pipeline for radiomics-based survival analysis on CT images of patients with hepatic CRC metastases
Parallel session F: COMPSTAT2022 Wednesday 24.8.2022 09:00 - 10:30

Session CV191 Room: Aula B
Semi- and nonparametric methods (virtual) Wednesday 24.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Dennis Dobler Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0620:  M. Taku
  Nonparametric distribution estimators of sample maximum in iid settings
  A0625:  M. Kitani, Y. Ma, H. Murakami
  Two-sample modified Anderson-Darling test and its properties
  A0273:  K. Huang, S. Zheng, L. Yang
  Inference for dependent error functional data with application to event related potentials
  A0269:  Z. Song, L. Yang, Y. Zhang
  Hypotheses testing of functional principal components
Session CI009 (Special Invited Session) Room: Aula G
Non-regular statistical analytics for non-normal data Wednesday 24.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Tsung-I Lin Organizer: Tsung-I Lin
  A0374:  G. McLachlan, S. Lee
  Some skew distributions useful in model-based clustering
  A0265:  V.H. Lachos Davila, L. Avila Matos, F. Schumacher
  skewlmm: An R Package for fitting skewed and heavy-tailed linear mixed models
  A0207:  M. Arashi, M. Taavoni
  High-dimensional generalized linear model for longitudinal data
Session CO063 Room: Aula C
Copula models and applications Wednesday 24.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Elisa Perrone Organizer: Elisa Perrone
  A0534:  C. Grazian, C. Villa, L. Brunero, D. Battagliese
  Copula modelling with penalised complexity priors
  A0471:  S. Fuchs
  Quantifying directed dependence via dimension reduction
  A0572:  S. Saminger-Platz, A. Kolesarova, A. Seliga, R. Mesiar, E.P. Klement
  Dependence parameters of some perturbation-based copulas
  A0283:  C. Garcia-Gomez, A. Perez Espartero, M. Prieto-Alaiz
  The evolution of poverty in the EU-28: a further look based on multivariate tail dependence
Session CO069 Room: Aula D
Inference for functional data Wednesday 24.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Dominik Liebl Organizer: Dominik Liebl
  A0391:  L. Wegner, M. Wendler
  Robust detection for change-points in functional time series based on spatial signs and bootstrap
  A0334:  S. Davenport
  Confidence regions for the location of peaks of a smooth random field
  A0473:  T. Mensinger
  Fair causal inference with functional data
  A0597:  F. Telschow, A. Schwartzman
  Simultaneous inference with CoPE sets
Session CO059 Room: Aula Q
Advances in latent variable models I (virtual) Wednesday 24.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Paolo Giordani Organizer: Paolo Giordani
  A0312:  X. Song
  Causal mediation analysis with latent mediators and survival outcome
  A0336:  M. Battauz
  A fused lasso penalization for the nominal response model
  A0359:  K. Van Deun
  Joint sparse principal component analysis
  A0499:  S. Pandolfi, F. Bartolucci, F. Pennoni
  A misspecification test for hidden Markov models based on finite mixture models
Session CC213 Room: Aula E
Model-based clustering Wednesday 24.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Francesco Sanna Passino Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0440:  T. Scharl, B. Gruen
  Modelling three-way RNA sequencing data using matrix-variate Gaussian mixture models
  A0542:  F. Amato, J. Jacques
  Clustering longitudinal ordinal data
  A0545:  L. Brusa, C. Matias
  A stochastic block model for hypergraphs
  A0503:  G. Marchello, M. Corneli, C. Bouveyron
  A dynamic latent block model for co-clustering of zero-inflated count data streams
Session CC218 Room: Aula F
Design of experiments Wednesday 24.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Frederick Kin Hing Phoa Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0268:  K. Zhu, H. Liu
  Pair-switching rerandomization
  A0274:  S.-F. Tsai
  Constructing optimal order-of-addition designs using latin squares
  A0397:  S. Leorato, C. Tommasi, A. Lanteri, J. Lopez-Fidalgo
  Optimal design to test for heteroscedasticity in a regression model
  A0479:  A. Mahmoudi, S. Mandal
  A comparative study of methods for constructing optimal designs
Session CC222 Room: Aula H
Biostatistics and applications Wednesday 24.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Malgorzata Bogdan Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0396:  C.J. Perez Sanchez, J. Carron, Y. Campos-Roca, M. Madruga Escalona
  A computer-aided diagnosis system to detect Parkinson disease by using acoustic features
  A0539:  M. Borghesi, S. Bonnini
  Multivariate regression model and permutation MANOVA: Case study on mental health effects of covid-19 lockdown
  A0664:  T. Park, O. Kwon, C. Lee
  Statistical modeling of Health space based on metabolic stress and oxidative stress scores
  A0454:  M. Paries, E. Vigneau, S. Bougeard
  Multiblock analysis of mixed data with optimal scaling: Application in epidemiology
Session CC152 Room: Aula I
Robust methods I Wednesday 24.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Peter Filzmoser Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0348:  A. van der Merwe, J. Ferreira
  Computational discussions within an integer time series setup using a novel Poisson-Lindley model
  A0398:  P. Janacek, J. Kalina
  A bootstrap comparison of robust regression estimators
  A0401:  A. Minasyan, A. Dalayan
  All-in-one Robust Estimator of the Gaussian Mean
  A0494:  P. Pfeiffer, A. Alfons, P. Filzmoser
  Efficient computation of robust multivariate maximum association
Session CP001 Room: Virtual Posters Room I
Poster session I Wednesday 24.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Cristian Gatu Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0439:  D. Shin, J.E. Choi
  Forecasting implied volatility forecast by a parallel combination of CNN-bidirectional LSTMs
  A0452:  J. Kim, H. Lee, S. Shin
  Statistical network analysis for epilepsy MEG Data
  A0628:  H. Lorenzo, J. Saracco, O. Cloarec
  Imputation for supervised learning problems in high dimension
  A0254:  D. Salmeron Martinez, J.A. Cano Sanchez, C. Robert
  New developments on integral priors for Bayesian model selection
  A0418:  R. Caballero-Aguila, J. Linares-Perez
  Covariance-based distributed fusion filter under random delays, packet dropout compensation and signal-noise correlation
  A0436:  M. Fayaz
  Using functional data analysis with electroencephalography data and introducing the \texttt{EEGLAB\_FDA} MATLAB plugin
  A0470:  M. Schindler, O. Arslan, Y. Guney, J. Jureckova, J. Picek, Y. Tuac
  Study on nonparametric tests in linear model with autoregressive errors
  A0704:  E. Ryan, B. Bray, J. Dziak, A. Hannigan, H. Purtill
  Latent class analysis in large observational datasets: What makes a good model?
  A0706:  J. Bohm, E. Budinska
  Comparing the power of test statistics suitable for two sample compositional difference tests
Parallel session G: COMPSTAT2022 Wednesday 24.8.2022 11:00 - 12:30

Session CV197 Room: Aula Q
Statistical modelling and inference (virtual) Wednesday 24.8.2022   11:00 - 12:30
Chair: Fabrizio Durante Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0653:  M. Bernardi, F. Lisi
  Multiple non-crossing quantiles models for density forecasting
  A0638:  C. Li
  Effect of censoring time on the statistical monitoring of lifetime data
  A0647:  J. Park, T. Choi
  Bayesian semiparametric copula estimation and model selection: A comparison study
  A0661:  L. Donayre
  Constructing likelihood-ratio-based confidence intervals for multiple threshold parameters
Session CI011 (Special Invited Session) Room: Aula F
Multistate models and intermediate events Wednesday 24.8.2022   11:00 - 12:30
Chair: Martina Mittlboeck Organizer: Martina Mittlboeck
  A0203:  L. Machado
  Analysis of survival data with multiple events: New contributions and practical recommendations
  A0531:  L. Antolini, E. Tassistro, D.P. Bernasconi, P. Rebora, M.G. Valsecchi
  Modelling the hazard of transition into the absorbing state in the illness-death survival model
  A0554:  U. Poetschger, H. Heinzl, M. Mittlboeck
  Evaluating longterm survival with generalised and weighted pseudovalues in paediatric stem cell transplantation studies
Session CO057 Room: Aula B
Bayesian time series novelty (virtual) Wednesday 24.8.2022   11:00 - 12:30
Chair: Michele Costola Organizer: Luca Rossini
  A0175:  J. Cross, A. Poon, G. Koop, C. Hou
  Large vector autoregressions with stochastic volatility in mean
  A0444:  A. Camehl, D. Fok, K. Gruber
  A general Bayesian approach to multiple-output quantile regression
  A0468:  K. Klieber, F. Huber, N. Hauzenberger, M. Marcellino
  Model specification for Bayesian neural networks in macroeconomics
  A0514:  M. Costola, M. Iacopini, C. Wichers
  Time-varying multilayer networks in a Bayesian spatial autoregressive model
Session CO097 Room: Aula C
Sports statistics Wednesday 24.8.2022   11:00 - 12:30
Chair: Leonardo Egidi Organizer: Leonardo Egidi
  A0245:  L. Grassetti
  G-RAPM: Revisiting players contributions in regularized adjusted plus-minus models for basketball analytics
  A0354:  A. Groll
  Modeling and predicting the UEFA EURO 2020 with hybrid machine learning
  A0370:  A. Lubisco
  Is the man-up situation really effective in women's waterpolo? A study on the 2020 European Championship
  A0632:  S.M. Nagarajan, A. Maes, D. Goossens, L.M. Hvattum, C. Ley
  Plus-minus a couple of millions: A machine learning model for transfer fee analysis
Session CO170 Room: Aula D
Volatility models Wednesday 24.8.2022   11:00 - 12:30
Chair: Jean-Michel Zakoian Organizer: Christian Francq
  A0244:  B.M. Kandji, C. Francq, J.-M. Zakoian
  Inference on multiplicative component GARCH without any small-order moment
  A0278:  C. Francq, F. Blasques, S. Laurent
  Linear regressions on time series
  A0277:  J. Royer, C. Francq, J.-M. Zakoian
  A multivariate ARCH($\infty$) model with exogenous variables and dynamic conditional betas
  A0289:  A. Aknouche, C. Francq
  An extended GARCH model with two volatility sequences
Session CO091 Room: Aula I
Advances in latent variable models II (virtual) Wednesday 24.8.2022   11:00 - 12:30
Chair: Paolo Giordani Organizer: Paolo Giordani
  A0253:  A. Ernst, M. Timmerman, F. Ji, B. Jeronimus, C. Albers
  Uncovering clusters and within-cluster variation in time series: Mixture multilevel vector-autoregressive modeling
  A0411:  M.F. Marino, M. Alfo, M.G. Ranalli, N. Salvati
  lqmix: An R package to model longitudinal data via mixtures of linear quantile regressions
  A0429:  S. Cagnone, S. Bianconcini
  Approximate likelihood estimation of dynamic latent variable models for count data
  A0509:  S. Taskinen, P. Korhonen, F. Hui, J. Niku
  Fast and universal estimation of latent variable models using extended variational approximations
Session CC208 Room: Aula E
Change-point detection Wednesday 24.8.2022   11:00 - 12:30
Chair: Berthold Lausen Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0194:  M. Pesta, M. Maciak, B. Pestova
  Changepoint in dependent and non-stationary panels
  A0492:  J. Flossdorf, C. Jentsch, R. Fried
  Change detection in dynamic networks using flexible multivariate control charts
  A0561:  G. Agarwal, I. Eckley, P. Fearnhead
  Modelling and detecting changes in spatial time series
  A0496:  O. Li, R. Killick
  Changepoint detection in periodic behaviour
Session CC212 Room: Aula G
Data depth Wednesday 24.8.2022   11:00 - 12:30
Chair: Stanislav Nagy Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0381:  G. Van Bever, G. Louvet
  The influence function of scatter halfspace depth
  A0466:  R. Dyckerhoff, S. Nagy, P. Laketa
  Efficient computation of the angular halfspace depth
  A0530:  A. Castellanos, P. Mozharovskyi, F. d Alche-Buc
  RKHS-based projection depths
  A0577:  P. Mozharovskyi, R. Dyckerhoff, S. Nagy
  Approximate computation of projection depths
Session CC209 Room: Aula H
Text mining Wednesday 24.8.2022   11:00 - 12:30
Chair: Peter Winker Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0220:  D. Dayta, E. Barrios
  Semiparametric latent topic modeling on consumer-generated corpora
  A0316:  D. Eugenidis
  Gender differences in personality perceptions in the labor force: Use of new data sources
  A0618:  L. Kontoghiorghes, A. Colubi
  Testing the equality of topic distribution between documents of a corpus
  A0388:  C. Funk, E. Toenjes, L. Breuer, R. Teuber
  Difference in SDG reportings of research articles using zero-shot text classification
Parallel session H: COMPSTAT2022 Wednesday 24.8.2022 14:15 - 16:15

Session CV195 Room: Aula B
Algorithms and computational methods (virtual) Wednesday 24.8.2022   14:15 - 16:15
Chair: Paolo Giordani Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0487:  R. Azais, F. Ingels
  Enumeration of substructures in convolution kernels for structured data: the case of the subtree kernel
  A0583:  P.C.R. Vicente
  Evaluating the effect of planned missing designs in the structural equation models fit measures
  A0240:  J. Buescu, J. Buescu
  Mean of exponential distributions: Estimation from sums of unequal size samples
  A0311:  M. Cremona, H. Dang, F. Chiaromonte
  smoothEM: A new approach for the simultaneous assessment of smooth curves and spikes
  A0294:  K.W. Chan, M.F. Leung
  On variance estimation in online problems
Session CO140 Room: Aula C
Computational statistics: Theory and applications Wednesday 24.8.2022   14:15 - 16:15
Chair: Alba Martinez-Ruiz Organizer: Alba Martinez-Ruiz
  A0308:  L. Pagliosa Carvalho Guedes, L. Ellen Dal Canton, M. Angel Uribe-Opazo, T. Cantu Maltauro, R. Aparecida Botinha Assumpcao
  Sampling redesign considering spatial $t$-Student models: An effective sample size application
  A0404:  R. Carvajal-Schiaffino
  A distributed algorithm for exhaustive normality test
  A0307:  A. Martinez-Ruiz, C. Lauro
  Incremental SVD for some numerical aspects of multiblock redundancy analysis and big data streams
  A0400:  J. Acosta, R. Vallejos
  Assessing the estimation of nearly singular covariance matrices for modeling spatial variables
  A0402:  A. Iodice D Enza, A. Markos, F. Palumbo
  Regularised PCA for incremental single imputation of missings
Session CO183 Room: Aula E
Stochastic models for dynamical systems: Methods and computations Wednesday 24.8.2022   14:15 - 16:15
Chair: Manuel Molina Organizer: Manuel Molina
  A0251:  S.K. Yadav, P.A.K. Laha
  Coalescence in branching processes with age dependent structure in population
  A0364:  J.Y. Fan
  From multi-type age structure models to epidemic compartmental models
  A0368:  M. Slavtchova-Bojkova, O. Hyrien, N. Yanev
  Subcritical multitype Markov branching processes with immigration generated by Poisson random measures
  A0317:  E. Yarovaya
  Fundamental problems arising in the analysis of applied stochastic models
  A0217:  M. Molina, M. Mota, A. Ramos
  Stochastic modeling in dynamical populations through two-sex branching processes: Inferential and computational results
Session CO029 Room: Aula G
Dependence models Wednesday 24.8.2022   14:15 - 16:15
Chair: Fabrizio Durante Organizer: Fabrizio Durante
  A0177:  J. Ansari, L. Ruschendorf
  General comparison results for factor models
  A0296:  B. Nasri
  Non-central squared copulas: Properties and applications
  A0639:  S. Guzmics
  Extreme value copulas based on Freund's multivariate lifetime model
  A0617:  L. Frattarolo, R. Casarin, R. Craiu, C. Robert
  Living on the edge: A unified approach to antithetic sampling
  A0504:  B. Popovic
  One integral transform of the copula function
Session CO049 Room: Aula H
Optimal experimental design and applications Wednesday 24.8.2022   14:15 - 16:15
Chair: Ellinor Fackle-Fornius Organizer: Ellinor Fackle-Fornius, Frank Miller
  A0187:  W. Mueller, R. Harman
  A design criterion for symmetric model discrimination based on flexible nominal sets
  A0291:  K. Schorning, H. Dette
  Optimal designs for comparing regression curves: Dependence within and between groups
  A0373:  L. Filova, R. Harman, S. Rosa
  Computing optimal designs of multifactor experiments
  A0495:  F. Miller, E. Fackle-Fornius
  Optimal pretesting of questions for Swedish national tests in school
  A0511:  R.E. Tsirpitzi, F. Miller
  Optimal dose-finding for drug combinations
Session CC161 Room: Aula D
Statistical modelling Wednesday 24.8.2022   14:15 - 16:15
Chair: Shubhadeep Chakraborty Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0195:  M. Maciak
  Quantile LASSO with change-points in panel data models
  A0306:  R. Miao
  A general joint latent class model of longitudinal and survival data with time-varying membership probability
  A0433:  G. Martos, M. de Carvalho
  Uncovering regions of maximum dissimilarityon random process data
  A0674:  A. Josang
  Prior weights of Dirichlet PDFs
  A0281:  K. Huynh
  Weighted average least squares for negative binomial regression
Session CC207 Room: Aula F
Spatial statistics Wednesday 24.8.2022   14:15 - 16:15
Chair: Pier Giovanni Bissiri Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0248:  S.J. Villejo, J. Illian, B. Swallow
  Data fusion in a two-stage spatio-temporal model using the INLA-SPDE approach
  A0524:  M. Peruzzi, D. Dunson
  Spatial meshing and manifold preconditioning for Bayesian analysis of non-Gaussian data
  A0601:  A. Halder
  Bayesian variable selection in double generalized linear Tweedie spatial process models
  A0660:  A. Gosnell
  A conditional Gaussian process model for ordinal data and its application in predicting herbicidal performance
  A0574:  F. Sigrist
  Latent Gaussian model boosting
Session CC211 Room: Aula I
Mixture models Wednesday 24.8.2022   14:15 - 16:15
Chair: Christian Hennig Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0276:  T. Botha, J. Ferreira, A. Bekker
  Structured Dirichlet mixtures as priors for generalised entropy estimation
  A0389:  S. Millard, S. Millard, F. Kanfer, M. Arashi, G. Maribe
  Component and feature selection in mixtures of generalised linear models
  A0595:  A. Hairault, C. Robert, J. Rousseau
  Evidence estimation in finite and infinite mixture models and applications
  A0655:  A. Sottosanti, M. Bernardi, A.R. Brazzale, A. Geringer-Sameth, D. Stenning, R. Trotta, D. van Dyk
  Identification of high-energy astrophysical point sources via hierarchical Bayesian nonparametric clustering
  A0432:  T. Singh
  Estimation of parameters of a mixture of two exponential distributions
Session CC155 Room: Aula Q
Semi- and nonparametric methods Wednesday 24.8.2022   14:15 - 16:15
Chair: Stefan Sperlich Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0331:  M. Khismatullina, M. Vogt
  Nonparametric comparison of epidemic time trends: The case of COVID-19
  A0442:  S. Girard, M. Allouche, J. El Methni
  A refined Weissman estimator for extreme quantiles
  A0491:  M. Jansen
  Multiscale splines and local polynomials
  A0635:  P. Willems, G. Claeskens
  Post-selection inference for partially linear high-dimensional single-index models
  A0631:  T. Zhang, G. Varoquaux, J.-B. Poline, C. Greenwood
  Challenges in assessing lack of fit for non-parametric quantile models
Parallel session I: COMPSTAT2022 Thursday 25.8.2022 09:00 - 11:00

Session CV194 Room: Virtual Room R1
Time series (virtual) Thursday 25.8.2022   09:00 - 11:00
Chair: Francesco Violante Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0416:  H. Maeng, H. Cho, I. Eckley, P. Fearnhead
  High-dimensional time series segmentation via factor-adjusted vector autoregressive modelling
  A0609:  Y. Zhang, Z. Liu, S. Wang
  Testing for the Sharpe ratio under a family of GARCH models
  A0630:  A. Ghalayini, M. Izzeldin, M. Tsionas
  SHARP: A state-space HAR model with particle GIBBS sampling
  A0264:  G. Melard
  On time-dependent cointegration with an application
  A0378:  E. Iglesias
  Asymptotic inference for a sign-double autoregressive (SDAR) model
Session CO067 Room: Aula B
Recent development in the network data analysis (virtual) Thursday 25.8.2022   09:00 - 11:00
Chair: Frederick Kin Hing Phoa Organizer: Frederick Kin Hing Phoa
  A0301:  H. Jung
  Eliminating the biases of user influence and item popularity in bipartite networks
  A0327:  M. Ashouri, S. Sahami, F.K.H. Phoa
  Forecast reconciliation using linear models: Study on time series with network structure
  A0363:  T.-J. Yen
  Quality of life and multilevel contact networks: Online study among healthy adults in Taiwan
  A0380:  W.-C. Liu
  Measuring uniqueness and diversity from a network perspective
  A0682:  M.-C. Chang, F.K.H. Phoa, J.-W. Huang
  Designing experiments for general network structures
Session CO129 Room: Aula E
Pioneering new frontiers in distribution and modeling Thursday 25.8.2022   09:00 - 11:00
Chair: Mohammad Arashi Organizer: Mohammad Arashi
  A0212:  A. Bekker, M. Arashi
  Dirichlet distribution the superhero leading to robust innovations
  A0284:  L. Bagnato, A. Punzo
  A new family of multivariate centrally symmetric distributions
  A0566:  J. Ferreira, T. Botha, A. Bekker
  Practical aspects of shape mixture constructions emanating from a Dirichlet setup
  A0209:  S.M. Salehi, A. Bekker, M. Arashi
  A semi-parametric density estimation
  A0303:  O. Arslan, F.Z. Dogru
  Robust modeling of multivariate heterogeneous datasets using a tractable multivariate skew heavy-tailed distribution
  A0376:  S. Kato, T. Yoshiba, S. Eguchi
  A copula-based measure of asymmetry between the lower and upper tail probabilities of bivariate distributions
Session CO168 Room: Aula G
Tutorial II Thursday 25.8.2022   09:00 - 11:00
Chair: Fabrizio Durante Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0613:  F. Durante
  Tail dependence with copulas
Session CC150 Room: Aula C
Clustering and classification Thursday 25.8.2022   09:00 - 11:00
Chair: Marta Nai Ruscone Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0461:  S. Bougeard, X. Bry, T. Verron, N. Niang
  Combined-information criterion for clusterwise elastic-net regression: Application to omic data
  A0619:  O. Nicolis
  Spatio-temporal clustering and classifying of seismic events in Chile
  A0621:  D. Han, T. Choi
  Bayesian high-dimensional seemingly unrelated regression model with global-local shrinkage
  A0643:  S. Emerson, L. Aslett
  Joint cohort and predictive modelling
  A0580:  Z. Taushanov, A. Berchtold, P. Ghisletta
  A latent Markov model approach for flexible clustering of longitudinal data
Session CC154 Room: Aula D
Computational and financial econometrics I Thursday 25.8.2022   09:00 - 11:00
Chair: Thomas Yee Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0239:  K. Abduraimova
  Good contagion: What do networks say about policy transmission
  A0602:  D. Xia, S. Zhu
  Inflation forecasts disagreement and monetary policy effectiveness
  A0431:  H. Raubenheimer, G. Breed, T. Verster
  A principal component regression method to incorporate macroeconomic forecasts in modelling expected credit loss
  A0649:  J.S. Han, N. Kordzakhia, P. Shevchenko
  On the state-space modelling of UK allowance futures prices
  A0623:  Y. Croissant
  Count data models with endogeneity and selection
Session CC203 Room: Aula F
Statistics and data science Thursday 25.8.2022   09:00 - 11:00
Chair: Frank Miller Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0581:  A. Mijanovic
  Distribution of a linear combination of generalized logistic random variables with application to financial returns
  A0593:  R. Thompson, C. Forbes, S. MacEachern, M. Peruggia
  Familial inference
  A0510:  G. Saporta
  On some issues related to the fairness of algorithms
  A0271:  E. Siviero, E. Chautru, S. Clemencon
  A statistical learning view of simple kriging
  A0677:  M. Koopmans
  Fractals in time series data: The methodological case for fractional differencing and power spectral density approaches
Session CC216 Room: Aula H
Functional data analysis Thursday 25.8.2022   09:00 - 11:00
Chair: Dominik Liebl Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0424:  Z. Smida
  A Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney spatial scan statistic for functional data
  A0476:  Z. Hlavka, P. Coupek, V. Dolnik, D. Hlubinka
  Functional goodness-of-fit tests
  A0637:  J. Lee, T. Choi
  Bayesian functional mixed effects model with shape constrained and hierarchical structured gaussian processes
  A0498:  E. Fiserova, V. Rimalova, A. Menafoglio, A. Pini
  Permutation tests for testing hypotheses in spatial regression model with functional response
  A0520:  T.K.H. Nguyen, M. Chiogna, D. Risso, E. Banzato
  Guided structure learning of DAGs for count data
Session CC214 Room: Aula I
Robust methods II Thursday 25.8.2022   09:00 - 11:00
Chair: Christophe Croux Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0500:  A. Posekany
  Robustness and outlier detection of Bayesian model residuals with mixtures of normal, heavy-tailed and skewed components
  A0538:  A. Toma, A. Keziou, L. Badin, S. Dedu
  Robust Pitman type estimators for moment condition models
  A0640:  M. Stapper
  Accounting for asymmetry in M-estimation: A Julia package
  A0258:  J. Ponnet, P. Segaert, S. Van Aelst, T. Verdonck
  The penalized robust double exponential estimators
Session CC221 Room: Aula Q
Dimension reduction Thursday 25.8.2022   09:00 - 11:00
Chair: Matteo Farne Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0399:  J. Gibaud, X. Bry, C. Trottier
  Supervised component-based generalized linear regression with conditionally covarying responses
  A0551:  S. Ishimoto, H. Minami, M. Mizuta
  An empirical study on nonlinear structure extraction with measures of dependence
  A0558:  A. Freitas, M. Vichi
  ALS algorithm for CDPCA on high-dimensional data sets: An empirical study
  A0548:  F. Cheng, A. Panagiotelis, R. Hyndman
  Anomaly detection with kernel density estimation on manifolds
  A0403:  S. Kang, H.-S. Oh
  Probabilistic principal curves on Riemannian manifolds
Parallel session K: COMPSTAT2022 Thursday 25.8.2022 14:15 - 15:45

Session CV226 Room: Aula G
Clustering and classification II (virtual) Thursday 25.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Marco Bee Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0322:  M. Martinez de los Santos, E. Morales-Garcia, C.O. Sosa Jimenez, M. Carmona Garcia
  $k$-means cluster analysis: A study on cervical cancer mortality in Veracruz, Mexico
  A0642:  A. Giampino, R. Ascari, S. Migliorati
  LEFDA: An extension of the classical LDA
  A0668:  J.-C. Lamirel, C. Hardouin
  Using neural clustering in spatial and non spatial models
  A0446:  G. Perrone, G. Soffritti
  Parsimonious seemingly unrelated linear cluster-weighted models for contaminated data
Session CI005 (Special Invited Session) Room: Aula F
Robust statistics Thursday 25.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Peter Filzmoser Organizer: Peter Filzmoser
  A0275:  I. Wilms, G. Louvet, J. Raymaekers, G. Van Bever
  The influence function of graphical lasso estimators
  A0361:  M. Salibian-Barrera, X. Ju
  Scalable robust estimators for non-parametric regression models
  A0608:  C. Croux, I. Wilms, L. Bottmer
  Sparse regression for large data sets with outliers
Session CO047 Room: Aula B
Statistical methods for statistically challenging data (virtual) Thursday 25.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Anuradha Roy Organizer: Anuradha Roy
  A0156:  C. Drago
  From the analysis of the composite indicators to the analysis of the symbolic composite indicators
  A0279:  S. Simpson, M. Bahrami, C. Tomlinson, P. Laurienti
  Analytical tools for whole-brain networks: Fusing statistics and network science to understand brain function
  A0293:  W.-L. Wang
  Bayesian analysis of multivariate linear mixed models with censored and missing responses
  A0324:  T.-I. Lin
  Model-based clustering via mixtures of unrestricted skew normal factor analyzers with missing values
Session CO043 Room: Aula D
Association, dependence and copulas Thursday 25.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Sebastian Fuchs Organizer: Sebastian Fuchs
  A0183:  F.M.L. Di Lascio, A. Menapace, M. Righetti
  Analysing the relationship between district heating demand and weather conditions through conditional mixture copula
  A0488:  M. Tschimpke, S. Fuchs
  Total positivity of copulas from a Markov kernel perspective
  A0521:  C. Tamborrino
  Statistical copulas approach for dependence in remote sensing problems
  A0441:  T. Kasper, L. Koenig, M. Gruber, T. Soboll, W. Trutschnig
  Using feature selection based on multivariate statistical dependence for churn prediction in the automotive industry
Session CO101 Room: Aula E
Econometrics methods for high dimensional data analysis Thursday 25.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Alessandra Amendola Organizer: Alessandra Amendola
  A0158:  M. Caporin, D. Erdemlioglu, S. Nasini
  Estimating financial networks by realized interdependencies: A restricted vector autoregressive approach
  A0346:  M.L. Parrella, F. Giordano, M. Niglio
  Model structure identification in spatial econometrics
  A0375:  G. Motta, C. Baden
  Evolutionary correspondence analysis of the semantic dynamics of frames
  A0367:  L. Garcia-Jorcano, M. Caporin, J.-A. Jimenez-Martin
  Monitoring financial stress spillovers with high-frequency principal components
Session CO053 Room: Aula H
Non-proportional hazards in survival data Thursday 25.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Francesca Gasperoni Organizer: Francesca Gasperoni
  A0272:  K. Moellenhoff, A. Tresch
  Survival analysis under non-proportional hazards: Investigating non-inferiority or equivalence in time-to-event data
  A0360:  F. Ambrogi, S. Iacobelli, P.K. Andersen
  The differences of restricted mean survival time curves estimated using pseudo-values
  A0413:  M. Ditzhaus, D. Dobler, A. Janssen, M. Pauly
  GFDsurv: A flexible toolbox to analyse nonproportional hazards in factorial survival designs
  A0586:  J. Jimenez, D. Magirr
  Stratified weighted log-rank tests in settings with anticipated delayed effects
Session CO178 Room: Aula Q
Computational statistics from the lens of young researchers I Thursday 25.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Marta Disegna Organizer: Riccardo Ceccato, Marta Disegna
  A0493:  A. Gatto, F. Durante, F. Ravazzolo
  Dependence analysis of aggregate zonal imbalance in the Italian electricity market
  A0341:  N. Biasetton, R. Arboretti, E. Barzizza, R. Ceccato, M. Disegna, L. Pegoraro, L. Salmaso
  Machine learning-based sentiment analysis with fuzzy data to predict online customer satisfaction
  A0349:  T. Le
  A novel application of spatial statistics in clustering the world's diets
  A0423:  D. Morales Navarrete, L.M. Castro, M. Bevilacqua, C. Caamano Carrillo
  On modelling and estimating geo-referenced count spatial data with excessive zeros
Session CC156 Room: Aula C
High-dimensional statistics I Thursday 25.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Frank van der Meulen Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0263:  A. Chrysikou, I. Chronopoulos, G. Kapetanios
  High dimensional generalised penalised least squares
  A0507:  M. Limnios, S. Clemencon, N. Vayatis
  The two-sample problem in high dimension: A ranking-based method
  A0606:  A. Giessing, J. Wang
  Debiased inference on heterogeneous quantile treatment effects with regression rank-scores
  A0624:  L. Wang, L. Xue
  Instrumental variable method in regularized regression with predictor measurement error
Session CC233 Room: Aula I
Computational statistics and applications Thursday 25.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Roberto Di Mari Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0687:  R. Graziani, A. Compagni
  Time sensitive topic-based communities: The case of the vaccination debate in Italy
  A0689:  A. Eslami, L.F. Toogood, H. Abdi
  Assessing similarity among groups and global components in a dual STATIS multiple correspondence analysis
  A0686:  T. Danielius, A. Rackauskas
  Multiple change point detection in functional sample via G-sum process
  A0697:  M.F. Teodoro
  Modeling pediatric hypertension occurrence: A case study
Session CP205 Room: Virtual Posters Room II
Poster session II Thursday 25.8.2022   14:15 - 15:45
Chair: Cristian Gatu Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0321:  Y. Ma, A. Ushakova, K. Cain, H. Gamble, J. Zoski
  Analyzing big data on early literacy acquisition based on student interactions with digital reading supplement
  A0526:  A. Monleon-Getino, R.S. Borja-Robalino, K. Gibert, G. Robalino-Izurieta, B. Borja-Robalino, J. Buelvas-Muza, R. Lopez-Torres, C. Serrano-Munuera
  Automatic predictor of diabetes mellitus, type i and gestational, using machine learning techniques
  A0540:  H. Heinzl, H. Chadha-Boreham, M. Mittlboeck
  How to measure relatedness between datasets during external validation of a multivariable prediction model
  A0553:  E. Sabbioni, G. Mastrantonio, E. Bibbona, G. Sanguinetti
  Bayesian approach for modelling rna transcription
  A0560:  M. Maumy, F. Bertrand
  Using correlated resampling to improve variable selection for linear and generalized linear models
  A0562:  F. Bertrand, M. Maumy
  Bootstrap-based hyper parameter tuning for sparse partial least squares regular or generalized regressions
  A0579:  H.C. Yip, G. Mastrantonio, E. Bibbona, M. Gamba, D. Valente
  A nearest neighbours Gaussian Process model for time-frequency data: An application in bio-acoustic analysis
  A0662:  G. Perdona, R. Biagioni Fazio, C. Michael Mitschka
  Supervised and ANN classification to physical activities performed by pregnant women recorded via accelerometer data
  A0702:  K. Romano, S. Chen, B. Finkenstadt, F. Levi
  Advanced HMMs for physiological time series
Parallel session L: COMPSTAT2022 Thursday 25.8.2022 16:15 - 17:45

Session CV196 Room: Aula B
Machine learning (virtual) Thursday 25.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Alejandro Murua Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0477:  C.-E. Rabier, C. Delmas
  The SgenoLasso for gene mapping and genomic prediction
  A0512:  L. Liu, S. Pal, Z. Harchaoui
  Large-scale entropy regularized optimal transport independence criterion
  A0571:  M. Nguyen
  Actual events vs. perceived reporting: Modeling firm performance under environmental uncertainty using machine learning
Session CI107 (Special Invited Session) Room: Aula F
Causality and distributional robustness (virtual) Thursday 25.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Armeen Taeb Organizer: Peter Buehlmann
  A0288:  D. Rothenhaeusler, Y. Jeong
  Calibrated inference: Statistical inference that accounts for both sampling uncertainty and distributional uncertainty
  A0427:  N. Pfister, L. Henckel, S. Saengkyongam, R. Christiansen, S. Engelke, M. Jakobsen, N. Gnecco
  Distribution generalization with instrumental variables
  A0535:  A. Taeb
  Causal structure learning with unknown interventions
Session CO027 Room: Aula C
Survey sampling Thursday 25.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Yves Tille Organizer: Alina Matei
  A0329:  M.M. Dickson, Y. Tille, G. Espa, F. Santi, D. Giuliani
  A multi-spreading algorithm to account for spatial and strata heterogeneity
  A0516:  F. Pantalone, R. Benedetti, F. Piersimoni
  Spbsampling: An R package for spatially balanced sampling
  A0651:  C. Hasler, E. Eustache
  Model-assisted estimators in surveys with nonresponse
  A0393:  Y. Tille
  Solutions inspired by survey sampling theory to build effective clinical trials
Session CO025 Room: Aula D
New insights in robust methods of inference Thursday 25.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Laura Ventura Organizer: Laura Ventura
  A0366:  V. Mameli, M. Musio, E. Ruli, L. Ventura
  Composite Tsallis score: A tool for robust inference
  A0450:  C. Agostinelli, G. Saraceno
  Filters based on statistical data depths for robust multivariate inference
  A0455:  M.-P. Victoria-Feser, Y. Zhang
  Resistant inference for complex and large models
  A0458:  P. Grunwald
  E is the new P: Optional continuation and evidence
Session CO119 Room: Aula E
Advances in k-means and clustering ensemble methods Thursday 25.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Roberta Pappada Organizer: Roberta Pappada
  A0353:  A. Casa, L. Scrucca, G. Menardi
  Model ensemble in density-based clustering
  A0474:  L. Egidi, R. Pappada, F. Pauli, N. Torelli
  Pivotal consensus clustering through the \texttt{pivmet} R package
  A0475:  B. Pfeifer, M.G. Schimek
  HC-fused: A versatile R-package for multi-omics hierarchical ensemble clustering
  A0484:  I. Melnykov
  $K$-means algorithm with positive and negative equivalence constraints
Session CO138 Room: Aula G
Heavy-tailed distributions for financial modeling Thursday 25.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Marco Bee Organizer: Marco Bee
  A0250:  J. Hambuckers, M. Kratz, A. Usseglio-Carleve
  Automatic threshold selection for extreme value regression models
  A0259:  L. Trapin, D. Dupuis, S. Engelke
  Modeling panels of extremes
  A0313:  D. Dupuis, L. Trapin
  Robust score-driven filters and smoothers
  A0347:  G. Vacca, M.G. Zoia, L. Bagnato
  Forecasting in GARCH models with polynomially modified innovations
Session CO136 Room: Aula I
Recent developments in high-dimensional statistics Thursday 25.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Shubhadeep Chakraborty Organizer: Shubhadeep Chakraborty
  A0339:  R. Ceccato, R. Arboretti, E. Barzizza, N. Biasetton, M. Disegna, L. Pegoraro, L. Salmaso
  A multivariate permutation test for the analysis of paired samples: the mixed data scenario
  A0486:  S. Chakraborty
  Nonparametric sequential change-point detection in high dimensions
  A0362:  D. Nandy, D. Ghosh, K. Kechris
  DisCo P-ad: Distance Correlation-based P-value Adjustment boosts multiple-testing corrections in metabolomics analyses
  A0267:  Y. Chen, D. Witten
  Selective inference for k-means clustering
Session CO055 Room: Aula Q
Biostatistics and biocomputing Thursday 25.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Yisheng Li Organizer: Yisheng Li
  A0438:  C.-H. Hsu, Y. He, C. Hu, W. Zhou
  A multiple imputation-based sensitivity analysis approach for regression analysis with a MNAR covariate
  A0616:  Y. Li
  A uniform shrinkage prior in spatio-temporal Poisson models for count data
  A0644:  S. Zhou
  Posterior predictive design for phase I clinical trials
  A0665:  M. Guindani
  Bayesian nonparametric analysis for the detection of spikes in noisy calcium imaging data
Session CC135 Room: Aula H
Multivariate data analysis I Thursday 25.8.2022   16:15 - 17:45
Chair: Friedrich Leisch Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0546:  S. Bonnini, M. Borghesi
  A combined permutation test for comparing marginal probabilities of multivariate binary variables
  A0395:  J. Kalina
  Testing exchangeability of multivariate distributions
  A0568:  A. Francisco, P. Monteiro, G. Ribeiro, A.S. Teixeira
  On edge significance in large phylogenetic (spanning) trees
  A0569:  C. Vaz, A. Francisco
  Towards the optimization of large-scale phylogenetic trees
Parallel session M: COMPSTAT2022 Friday 26.8.2022 09:00 - 10:30

Session CV190 Room: Aula H
Computational and financial econometrics III Friday 26.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Alessandra Amendola Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0648:  J.-B. Hasse, B. Candelon
  The effect of climate policies on carbon emissions reduction
  A0241:  B. Li, Z. Liu, S. Wang, Y. Zhang
  Asset Pricing Model with Functional Principal Component Analysis
  A0266:  I. Chronopoulos, L. Giraitis, G. Kapetanios
  Choosing between persistent and stationary volatility
  A0612:  J. Vega Baquero, M. Santolino
  Capital flows in integrated capital markets: The MILA case
Session CV227 Room: Aula I
Regression models Friday 26.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Peter Grunwald Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0633:  J. Xu, T. Zou, A. Wood, J. Scealy
  Generalized score matching for regression
  A0622:  K. Wada, T. Kurosawa
  An approximation of the corrected naive estimator for a Poisson regression model with a measurement error
  A0532:  S. Renzetti, C. Gennings, S. Calza
  A weighted quantile sum regression with penalized weights and two indices
  A0407:  S. Chandrasena, R. Liu
  Divide and conquer approaches for nonparametric regression and variable selection
Session CO037 Room: Aula C
Clustering methods and copula function Friday 26.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: F Marta L Di Lascio Organizer: F Marta L Di Lascio
  A0508:  R. Pappada, F. Durante, S. Fuchs
  Copula-based clustering of dependent variables with application to flood risks
  A0392:  M. Nai Ruscone, A. Dambrosio, D. Fernandez
  Copula-based non-metric unfolding
  A0218:  G. Malsiner-Walli, S. Fruhwirth-Schnatter, B. Gruen
  Mixtures with a prior on the number of components and the telescoping sampler
  A0425:  F. Condino, A. Irpino, R. Verde
  Clustering Italian regions on the basis of bivariate income and consumption distributions
Session CO148 Room: Aula D
Early career advice for statisticians in the computational sciences Friday 26.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Thomas Yee Organizer: Thomas Yee
  A0295:  U. Laa
  Different flavors of publishing computational work
  A0298:  T. Yee
  Software development and statistical research: Some reflections
  A0315:  L. Vana
  The role of communities of practice for career development in computational statistics
  A0409:  M. La Rocca
  What is the best programming language for computational sciences: No need to choose, be a polyglot
Session CO035 Room: Aula F
Recent developments of variational approximations Friday 26.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Mauro Bernardi Organizer: Mauro Bernardi
  A0464:  N. Bianco, M. Bernardi
  Variational Bayes for dynamic sparsity in time varying parameter regression with many predictors
  A0481:  C. Castiglione, M. Bernardi
  Bayesian non-conjugate regression via variational belief updating
  A0513:  L. Maestrini, E. Degani, D. Toczydlowska, M.P. Wand
  Streamlined variational inference for sparse linear mixed model selection
  A0629:  M. Cattelan, M. Bernardi, C. Busatto
  Fast Bayesian model selection algorithms for linear regression models
Session CO051 Room: Aula G
IASC-ARS session: Computations for categorical data (virtual) Friday 26.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Yuichi Mori Organizer: Yuichi Mori
  A0292:  R. Lombardo, E. Beh
  The Cressie-Read divergence statistic and correspondence analysis; a unifying approach with possible extensions
  A0369:  J. Nakano, N. Shimizu, Y. Yamamoto
  A multiple correspondence analysis for aggregated symbolic data
  A0489:  M. van de Velden, A. Iodice D Enza, A. Markos, C. Cavicchia
  A general framework for implementing distance measures for categorical variables
  A0544:  C.-H. Chen, S.-A. Chen, C.-H. Kao, S.-H. Shieh, H.-M. Wu
  cGAPdb: A matrix visualization database for categorical data sets
Session CO065 Room: Virtual Room R1
Research metrics for institutional performance evaluation (virtual) Friday 26.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Keisuke Honda Organizer: Keisuke Honda, Frederick Kin Hing Phoa
  A0460:  H. Hamada, K. Honda
  Development of visualizing system based on research networked data for open science age
  A0286:  F.K.H. Phoa, H. Jung, M. Ashouri
  A leading author model for the popularity effect on scientific collaboration
  A0355:  Y. Mizukami, J. Nakano
  Assessing the research strength of organizations focusing on intrapersonal diversity in applied research of AI
  A0705:  N. Zakiyeva, Y. Chen, T. Koch, K. Liu, Z. Xu, C.-H. Chen, J. Nakano, K. Honda
  Article's Scientific Prestige: measuring the impact of individual articles in the Web of Science
Session CC231 Room: Aula B
Time series and financial econometrics Friday 26.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Massimiliano Caporin Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0692:  A. Marcocchia, S. Arima, P. Brutti
  A convolutional approach to forecast reconciliation
  A0694:  J. Kukacka, L. Kristoufek
  Fundamental and speculative components of the cryptocurrency pricing dynamics
  A0683:  P. Chen
  Instability in SETAR models
  A0700:  M. Takahashi, Y. Omori, T. Watanabe, Y. Yamauchi
  Realized stochastic volatility models with skew-t distributions
Session CC228 Room: Aula E
Multivariate data analysis II Friday 26.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Jan Bauer Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0671:  M. AL-Shukeili, R. Wesonga
  Transformation and covariance estimation for the non-linearly separable misclassification problem
  A0387:  C. Muehlmann, S. De Iaco, K. Nordhausen
  Blind source separation for multivariate stationary space-time data
  A0333:  J. Bauer
  Sparse principal loading analysis
  A0463:  C. Rieser
  Connecting compositional data to graph signal processing
Session CC210 Room: Aula Q
Graphical models and networks Friday 26.8.2022   09:00 - 10:30
Chair: Mohammad Arashi Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0529:  E. Nezakati Rezazadeh, E. Pircalabelu
  Estimation and inference for covariate-adjusted Gaussian graphical models via an unbalanced distributed setting
  A0627:  A. Freni Sterrantino, D. rustand, H. Rue
  A catalogue of graph-based multivariate conditional autoregressive model
  A0246:  M. Signorelli
  Analysing populations of networks with mixtures of generalized linear mixed models
  A0523:  M. Gregorich
  Flexible parametrization of graph-theoretical features from individual-specific networks for prediction
Parallel session N: COMPSTAT2022 Friday 26.8.2022 11:00 - 12:00

Session CV199 Room: Aula C
Multivariate data analysis (virtual) Friday 26.8.2022   11:00 - 12:00
Chair: Sonja Greven Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0256:  N. Yamashita
  Two-stage target rotation with computational efficiency by asymmetric least squares criterion
  A0565:  J. Nienkemper-Swanepoel, N. Le Roux, S. Lubbe
  Sensitivity analysis of the choice of multiple imputation approach on categorical GPAbin biplots
  A0550:  T.-W. Wang, E. Beh
  Power transformation of reciprocal averaging
Session CV202 Room: Aula G
Survival analysis (virtual) Friday 26.8.2022   11:00 - 12:00
Chair: Martina Mittlboeck Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0408:  S. Agami
  Estimation in the Cox survival regression model with covariate measurement error and a changepoint
  A0410:  Y. Nakagawa, T. Sozu
  Improvement of midpoint imputation for estimation of median survival time for interval-censored time-to-event data
  A0656:  J. Goungounga, O. Boussari, V. Jooste
  Simulating survival data for cure models in overall or net survival framework
Session CV186 Room: Aula I
Clustering and classification I (virtual) Friday 26.8.2022   11:00 - 12:00
Chair: Tsung-I Lin Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0543:  M. Sato-Ilic
  Fuzzy cluster-scaled principal component analysis for high-dimension low-sample data
  A0547:  N. Raveendran, G. Sofronov
  A hybrid cross entropy method for spatial clustering problems
  A0555:  K. Takahashi, K. Yamamoto
  Confidence interval for recall and precision of multi-class classification
Session CI099 (Special Invited Session) Room: Aula F
Data visualization and model selection Friday 26.8.2022   11:00 - 12:00
Chair: Christophe Croux Organizer: Christophe Croux
  A0673:  C. Hurley
  Data and model visualisation for statistical learning problems
  A0645:  A. Merida, A. Kalogeratos, M. Mougeot
  Data inspection via challenging decision boundaries' rigidity
Session CO075 Room: Aula D
Computational statistics for applications Friday 26.8.2022   11:00 - 12:00
Chair: Marta Disegna Organizer: Marta Disegna
  A0285:  B. Gruen, H. Wagner, T. Petzoldt
  Estimating the susceptible component of a zone diameter distribution
  A0340:  M. Disegna, R. Ceccato, R. Arboretti, E. Barzizza, N. Biasetton, L. Pegoraro, L. Salmaso
  A multivariate permutation test for the analysis of market research data
  A0527:  L. Bocci, P. Durso, V. Vitale
  INDCLUS for spatial proximity data
Session CO174 Room: Aula H
Geostatistics Friday 26.8.2022   11:00 - 12:00
Chair: Pier Giovanni Bissiri Organizer: Pier Giovanni Bissiri
  A0326:  C. Gaetan, P. Bortot
  A model for space-time threshold exceedances
  A0357:  R. Furrer, M. Hediger
  Asymptotic properties of pseudo-ML estimators based on covariance approximations
  A0675:  P.G. Bissiri, E. Porcu, F. Tangle, R. Soza, F. Quintana
  Positive definite functions on spheres: Some statistical and mathematical issues
Session CO127 Room: Aula Q
Mathematical and statistical methods for economics and finance Friday 26.8.2022   11:00 - 12:00
Chair: Luca Vincenzo Ballestra Organizer: Maria Letizia Guerra, Barbara Vantaggi
  A0467:  L.V. Ballestra, E. DInnocenzo, A. Guizzardi
  Pricing options using a score-driven model with jumps
  A0672:  B. Bertelli, C. Torricelli
  ESG dimensions in screening strategies: Impact on portfolio performance in periods of financial distress
  A0300:  M. Kanno
  Exploring risk hidden in syndicated loan networks: Evidence from real estate investment trusts
Session CC232 Room: Aula B
High-dimensional statistics and model assesment Friday 26.8.2022   11:00 - 12:00
Chair: Germain Van Bever Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0701:  Y. Zhou, K. Yuen
  Estimation in the high dimensional additive hazard model with l0 type of penalty
  A0693:  L. Li, M. Gupta, V. Macaulay
  Bayesian group Lasso regression for genome-wide association studies
  A0703:  V.S. Barbu, T. Gkelsinis, A. Karagrigoriou
  Statistical inference based on weighted divergence measures
Session CC224 Room: Aula E
Longitudinal data Friday 26.8.2022   11:00 - 12:00
Chair: Silvia Pandolfi Organizer: COMPSTAT
  A0257:  Z. Oflaz
  Estimation of disease progression for ischemic heart disease using latent Markov with covariates
  A0457:  P. Arsenteva, V. Paget, O. Guipaud, F. Milliat, H. Cardot, M.A. Benadjaoud
  Clustering with alignment and network inference to study the radiation response of endothelial cells
  A0559:  M. Moazeni
  A personalized remote patient monitoring system using daily measurements of bodyweight, heart rate, and blood pressure