Keynote talk1 Saturday 14.12.2013 10:00 - 10:50 Room: Beveridge
The use of survey weights in regression modelling
Speaker: C. Skinner   Co-authors: Chair: Jae C. Lee
Keynote talk2 Sunday 15.12.2013 12:20 - 13:10 Room: Beveridge
Bayesian inference in graphical models
Speaker: P. Green   Co-authors: Chair: Peter Mueller
Keynote talk3 Monday 16.12.2013 17:50 - 18:40 Room: Beveridge
Signal detection in high dimension: Testing sphericity against spiked alternatives
Speaker: M. Hallin  Co-authors: M. Moreira, A. Onatski Chair: Alastair Young


Parallel session D: Saturday 14.12.2013 11:20 - 13:00

Session ESI04 - Invited Room: Beveridge
Statistical algorithms and software Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Stanley Azen Organizer: Ana Colubi
  E449:   K. Boudt, D. Ardia
  The peer performance of hedge funds
  E678:   H. Turner, D. Firth, I. Kosmidis
  Generalized nonlinear models in R
  E1248:   G. Montana
  Statistical algorithms for neuroimaging genetics studies
Session ES05 Room: Russell
Optimum experimental designs for drug development and assessment Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Anthony C. Atkinson Organizer: Anthony C. Atkinson
  E300:   M. Lange, H. Schmidli
  Optimal design of clinical trials with biologics using dose-time-response models
  E323:   L. Pronzato
  Covariate-adjusted response adaptive penalized optimal design
  E431:   O. Sverdlov, W. Rosenberger, Y. Ryeznik
  Covariate-adjusted response-adaptive randomization designs for survival trials
  E782:   B. Bogacka, K. Soeny, B. Jones
  Optimum dose regimen selection for a target drug concentration
Session ES07 Room: Bloomsbury
Generalizations of empirical likelihood Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Patrice Bertail Organizer: Patrice Bertail
  E784:   S. Lahiri
  Empirical likelihood confidence sets for functional parameters
  E715:   E. Gautherat, P. Bertail
  Empirical $\Phi$-divergence methods: A comparison
  E765:   A. Chambaz
  Targeted learning
  E696:   P. Bertail, E. Gautherat
  Empirical divergence minimizers for Hadamard differential functionals
Session ES43 Room: Holden
Statistical inference for networks Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Sofia Olhede Organizer: Liza Levina
  E430:   P. Wolfe
  Recent results in statistical network analysis: A gentle introduction
  E081:   D. Hunter, D. Vu, M. Schweinberger
  Model-based clustering of large networks
  E329:   K. Rohe, T. Qin
  The blessing of transitivity in sparse and stochastic networks
  E703:   Y. Zhao, C. Weko
  Maximum likelihood network estimates from social grouping behavior
Session ES47 Room: Court
Robust statistical modeling Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Alfio Marazzi Organizer: Alfio Marazzi
  E179:   R. Maronna, V. Yohai
  Robust estimation with high finite-sample efficiency through distance-constrained maximum likelihood
  E322:   I. Locatelli, A. Marazzi
  Robust estimators of the generalized loggamma regression model with censored observations
  E347:   C. Agostinelli, A. Gagliardi
  Robustness issues in linear-circular regression models
  E421:   R. Molinari, S. Guerrier, M. Victoria-Feser
  Robust generalized method of wavelet moments
Session ES92 Room: Deller
Dimension reduction in mixture modelling Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Tsung-I Lin Organizer: Paul McNicholas , Tsung-I Lin
  E048:   W. Wang
  Maximum likelihood inference for mixtures of common factor analyzers with missing information
  E049:   C. Lin, K. Ye, Y. Lo
  Genotype copy number variations using Gaussian mixture models: Theory and algorithms
  E091:   C. Bouveyron
  Discriminative variable selection with the sparse Fisher-EM algorithm
  E601:   Y. Tang, R. Browne, P. McNicholas
  Model based clustering of high-dimensional binary data
Session ES59 Room: Chancellor's
Analysis of functional data Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez Organizer: Hans-George Mueller , Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez
  E854:   J. Aston, P. Hadjipantelis, H. Mueller, J. Evans
  Unifying amplitude and phase analysis: An analysis of Mandarin Chinese
  E452:   R. Lillo, E. Joseph, P. Galeano
  The Mahalanobis distance for functional data with applications to classification
  E1268:   P. Delicado
  Spatial clustering for the temporal evolution of country population pyramids
  E327:   C. Preda
  Categorical functional data
Session ES65 Room: Woburn
Advances of rare variant analysis in large scale genetic association studies Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Taesung Park Organizer: Taesung Park
  E077:   K. van Steen, K. Bessonov, F. van Lishout, J. Moore
  Genomic MB-MDR for rare variant analysis
  E673:   S. Lee, Y. Kim, J. Oh, M. Kwon, T. Park
  Residual-based MDR for detecting gene-gene interaction associated with the survival phenotype
  E746:   T. Park, M. Kwon
  Gene-gene interaction analysis for rare variants
  E1231:   F. Gadaleta, K. Bessonov, K. Chaichoompu, S. Pineda, K. van Steen
  Network-based omics integration framework: Overcoming the obstacle of high dimensional data
Session ES67 Room: Senate
Bayesian semi- and nonparametric modelling I Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Antonio Lijoi Organizer: Igor Pruenster , Antonio Lijoi , Li Ma
  E376:   L. Ma
  Multi-resolution adaptive shrinkage in nonparametric inference
  E443:   J. Lloyd
  Random function priors for exchangeable databases
  E219:   T. Kunihama, D. Dunson
  Bayesian modeling of temporal dependence in large sparse contingency tables
  E599:   T. Choi, P. Lenk, S. Lee
  Some thoughts on Bayesian inference for semiparametric regression models with shape-constraints
Session ES69 Room: Gordon
Robust analysis of high-dimensional data Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Juan Romo Organizer: Juan Romo
  E136:   D. Paindaveine, G. van Bever
  Local depth for functional data
  E448:   A. Cuevas, A. Cholaquidis, R. Fraiman
  Some geometric tools in functional data analysis
  E556:   F. Ieva, R. Biasi, A. Paganoni, N. Tarabelloni
  Supervised learning from multivariate functional data
  E582:   K. Mosler, P. Mozharovskyi
  DD-classification of functional data
Session ES70 Room: Athlone
Spatial econometrics Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Anne Ruiz-Gazen Organizer: Anne Ruiz-Gazen
  E417:   N. Villa-Vialaneix, T. Laurent
  Permutation tests for labeled network analysis
  E561:   C. Thomas-Agnan, F. Bonneu
  Spatial concentration of a marked point pattern with application to industrial location
  E596:   V. Do, C. Thomas-Agnan, A. Vanhems
  Accuracy of areal interpolation methods
  E652:   T. Laurent, I. Moussa
  Using indirect and feedback effects to measure geographic knowledge spillovers in French regions
Session ES73 Room: Torrington
Recent advances in non- and semiparametric regression Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Melanie Schienle Organizer: Melanie Schienle
  E192:   A. Vanhems, M. Grasmair, O. Scherzer
  Nonparametric instrumental regression with non-convex constraints
  E303:   M. Parey, R. Blundell, J. Horowitz
  Nonparametric estimation of a heterogeneous demand function under the Slutsky inequality restriction
  E396:   H. Dette, M. Birke, N. Neumeyer, S. Volgushev
  Significance testing in quantile regression
  E463:   E. Lee, H. Noh, B. Park
  Model selection via Bayesian information criterion for quantile regression models
Session ES80 Room: Montague
Estimation for diffusion processes Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Frank van der Meulen Organizer: Frank van der Meulen
  E783:   N. Hansen
  Non-linear lasso and drift estimation for multivariate diffusions
  E432:   Y. Pokern
  Non-parametric drift estimation for SDEs
  E718:   M. Pollock, A. Johansen, G. Roberts
  Exact simulation of jump diffusions and unbiased estimation of irregular barrier crossing probabilities
  E262:   F. van der Meulen, M. Schauer
  Simulation of diffusion bridges
Session ES84 Room: 349
Statistical analysis of neuroimaging data Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Mattias Villani Organizer: Mattias Villani
  E534:   M. Lindquist
  An fMRI-based biomarker for physical pain
  E711:   M. van Gerven
  Bayesian connectomics
  E867:   W. Penny, S. Kumar
  Modelling nonlinear parametric responses in fMRI data
  E1194:   T. Nichols, J. Kang, T. Johnson
  Spatial Bayesian point process modelling of neuroimaging meta-analysis data
Session ES88 Room: Bedford
Generalized linear models and beyond Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Achim Zeileis Organizer: Achim Zeileis , Christian Kleiber
  E377:   I. Kosmidis, A. Zou
  Beyond Beta regression: modelling percentages and fractions in the presence of boundary observations
  E492:   L. Walter
  Exposure-adjusted binary response models in a large portfolio of car insurance policies
  E642:   C. Kleiber
  Beyond Poisson and negative binomial hurdle models
  E773:   A. Zeileis
  Beyond binary GLMs: Exploring heteroskedastic probit and parametric link models
Session ES104 Room: Jessel
Dependence models in environmental sciences Saturday 14.12.2013    11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Fabrizio Durante Organizer: Fabrizio Durante , Wolfgang Trutschnig
  E224:   E. Di Bernardino, D. Rulliere
  Distortions of multivariate distribution functions and associated level curves: Applications in multivariate risk theory
  E237:   M. Wiper, J. Carnicero, C. Ausin
  Non-parametric copulas for circular-linear and circular-circular data: An application to wind directions
  E242:   R. Schefzik, T. Thorarinsdottir, T. Gneiting
  Physically coherent probabilistic weather forecasts via ensemble copula coupling
  E375:   G. Salvadori
  Multivariate return period calculation via survival functions
Parallel session E: Saturday 14.12.2013 14:30 - 16:10

Session ESI03 - Invited Room: Beveridge
Robust penalized methods Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Elvezio Ronchetti Organizer: Elvezio Ronchetti
  E478:   Y. She
  High-dimensional robust statistics through additive over-parameterization with shrinkage
  E646:   M. Avella-Medina, E. Ronchetti
  The robust nonnegative garrote for generalized linear and additive models
  E752:   C. Croux
  Robust regularized estimation in multivariate statistics
Session ES02 Room: B30
Statistical algorithms and software in R Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Andreas Alfons Organizer: Andreas Alfons
  E489:   E. Pircalabelu, G. Claeskens, L. Waldorp
  Model selection for graphical models using the focused information criterion: R-based software implementations
  E504:   M. Koller
  Robust estimation of linear mixed effects models with the robustlmm package in R
  E622:   R. Boubela, K. Kalcher, W. Huf, P. Filzmoser, E. Moser
  Highly parallelized algorithms for exploratory analysis of large functional MRI datasets in R
  E719:   P. Schoonees
  Dual scaling methods for response style detection and purging in R
Session ES06 Room: B36
Software for design and analysis of experiments with many factors Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Rosemary A. Bailey Organizer: Rosemary A. Bailey
  E066:   R. Bailey
  Desmond Patterson and the design key
  E124:   H. Monod
  Automatic and flexible generation of regular factorial designs and its implementation in R
  E623:   M. Chatfield, S. Bate
  An algorithm for constructing a mixed model using the experimental design
  E640:   H. Grossmann
  A tool for automating the analysis of variance of orthogonal designs
Session ES18 Room: G16
Statistical methods for non-precise data I Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Ana B. Ramos-Guajardo Organizer: Angela Blanco-Fernandez , Ana B. Ramos-Guajardo
  E420:   M. Garcia-Barzana, A. Colubi, E. Kontoghiorghes
  Lasso estimation of a multiple linear regression model for interval data
  E647:   A. Shapiro
  Adjusting the analytic hierarchy process for fuzziness: A risk assessment context
  E1146:   R. Seri
  Effects of discretization on the construction of confidence sets for geometric problems
  E1159:   A. Blanco-Fernandez, A. Ramos-Guajardo, A. Colubi
  Testing the equality of two-paired distributions through the fuzzy representation
Session ES53 Room: B20
On some issues in cluster analysis Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Geoff McLachlan Organizer: Geoff McLachlan
  E041:   C. Hennig
  Measurement of quality in cluster analysis
  E373:   C. Tortora, P. McNicholas
  A study comparing different (mixture and non-mixture) approaches to clustering high-dimensional data
  E401:   J. Chen, G. McLachlan
  Mixtures of dynamic factor models
  E740:   A. Mayo-Iscar, L. Garcia-Escudero, A. Gordaliza, C. Matran
  New advances related to the application of trimming and restrictions in model based clustering
Session ES55 Room: B29
Estimation and testing in conditionally heteroscedastic time series Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Simos Meintanis Organizer: Simos Meintanis
  E301:   M. Huskova, S. Hudecova, S. Meintanis
  Tests for time series of counts based on the probability generating function
  E413:   B. Ebner, B. Klar, S. Meintanis
  Fourier inference for stochastic volatility models with heavy-tailed innovations
  E615:   V. Dalla, Y. Bassiakos, S. Meintanis
  Fourier-type inference for GARCH models with heavy-tailed innovations
  E304:   S. Meintanis, C. Francq
  Test for spherical symmetry in multivariate GARCH models
Session ES91 Room: B35
Computational methods in biomedical research Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Joyce Niland Organizer: Joyce Niland
  E849:   M. Mittlboeck, H. Heinzl
  Time-to-event endpoint definition and required sample size
  E881:   J. Longmate
  Implementing broader notions of optimality for statistical planning of biomedical studies
  E889:   M. Schimek, E. Budinska, V. Svendova
  How to find consolidated top elements in omics ranked lists: Novel computational and graphical techniques
  E1028:   K. Kafadar, P. Prorok
  Effect of length biased sampling and overdiagnosis on survival from screen-detected disease
Session ES63 Room: B34
Dimension reduction Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Hannu Oja Organizer: Hannu Oja
  E159:   E. Liski, K. Nordhausen, H. Oja, D. Tyler
  Estimation of dimension reduction subspace in PCA
  E562:   K. Nordhausen, J. Miettinen, H. Oja, S. Taskinen
  Separation of uncorrelated stationary time series using SOBI
  E739:   E. Bura, A. Barbarino
  Sufficient dimension reduction for dynamic factor models
  E899:   D. Vogel, D. Tyler
  Robust estimators in Gaussian graphical models
Session ES90 Room: G15
Predictive learning Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Roberta Siciliano Organizer: Roberta Siciliano
  E631:   S. Amodio, A. D'Ambrosio, W. Heiser
  Combining clustering of preference rankings with unfolding and vector models
  E691:   G. Frasso, A. D'Ambrosio, R. Siciliano
  Model-free probability distance clustering of time series
  E829:   M. de Rooij
  The latent class distance association model
  E1191:   C. Conversano, F. Mola
  Sequential automatic search of subsets of classifiers in multiclass classification
Session ES85 Room: B18
Directional statistics I Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Christophe Ley Organizer: Christophe Ley
  E363:   J. Kent
  Parallel transport on manifolds
  E196:   T. Hamelryck
  Probabilistic models of protein structure: From theory to applications
  E094:   T. Verdebout, C. Ley
  Optimal tests for circular reflective symmetry about the median direction
  E524:   S. Barragan, C. Rueda, M. Fernandez, S. Peddada
  Inference on circular orders with application to cell cycle gene expression data
Session ES123 Room: B33
Bayesian semi- and nonparametric modelling II Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Li Ma Organizer: Igor Pruenster , Antonio Lijoi , Li Ma
  E785:   L. Nguyen
  An optimal transport based theory of hierarchical Bayesian inference
  E790:   W. Kruijer, J. Rousseau
  Bayesian semi-parametric estimation of the long-memory parameter under FEXP-priors
  E234:   B. Szabo, A. van der Vaart, H. van Zanten
  Confidence in nonparametric Bayesian credible sets
  E184:   P. de Blasi, A. Canale
  Posterior consistency of nonparametric location-scale mixtures for multivariate density estimation
Session EP01 Room: Macmillan
Poster session I Saturday 14.12.2013    14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Ayse Ulgen Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E162:   S. Vale, F. Camoes
  Socio-economic, demographic and health behaviour heterogeneity as determinants of self-medication
  E308:   T. Yen, Y. Yen
  Structural variable selection via nested spike and slab priors
  E407:   A. Marin, J. Roldan
  Global hypothesis test to compare the likelihood ratios of multiple binary tests with ignorable missing data
  E736:   M. Odejar
  Plain MCMC forecasts and data augmentation imputed data for item non-response for endogenously allocated categories
  E801:   T. Okubo
  Scaling human choice behaviour using Bayesian multidimensional scaling model
  E870:   P. Ziegelmann
  Using inverse probability weighting and generalized linear models to estimate cost with time censored data
  E893:   M. Rivas-Lopez, J. Rodriguez-Diaz, S. Martin-Chaves
  Optimality in small-sample inference for models with correlated observations
  E1272:   P. Paoullis, E. Kontoghiorghes
  Solving augmented systems using a block-updating generalized QR decomposition
Parallel session F: Saturday 14.12.2013 16:40 - 18:45

Session ES13 Room: Jessel
Model assessment Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: M. Dolores Jimenez-Gamero Organizer: Alejandra Cabana , M. Dolores Jimenez-Gamero
  E052:   N. Loperfido
  Testing skew-normality against scale mixing of skew-normals
  E109:   A. Leucht, J. Kreiss, M. Neumann
  A model-specification test for GARCH(1,1) processes
  E153:   A. Cabana, E. Cabana, A. Arratia
  Modeling stationary data by classes of generalized Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes
  E487:   J. Pardo-Fernandez, M. Jimenez-Gamero, A. El Ghouch
  Tests of homogeneity of variance functions in nonparametric regression
  E766:   N. Martin, J. Alonso-Revenga
  Adjustment of overdispersion models using loglinear models
Session ES14 Room: Deller
Model selection in statistical learning Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Gilles Celeux Organizer: Gilles Celeux
  E405:   J. Baudry, M. Cardoso, G. Celeux, M. Amorim, A. Ferreira
  Enhancing the selection of a number of clusters in model-based clustering with external qualitative variables
  E461:   C. Keribin, V. Brault
  Model selection with untractable likelihood
  E553:   A. Celisse
  Optimal cross-validation in density estimation
  E624:   T. van Erven
  On MDL and frequentist statistics
  E743:   J. Marin, N. Pillai, C. Robert, J. Rousseau
  Relevant statistics for Bayesian model choice
Session ES16 Room: Senate
Nonparametric and robust statistics Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Andreas Christmann Organizer: Andreas Christmann
  E402:   R. Hable, K. Strohriegl
  Qualitatively robust estimation for stochastic processes
  E566:   G. Boente, A. Vahnovan
  Robust estimators under a semi-functional partly linear model
  E629:   S. van Aelst, G. Willems, R. Zamar
  Robust and efficient residual scale estimators
  E1047:   B. Sriperumbudur, K. Fukumizu, A. Gretton, R. Kumar, A. Hyvarinen
  Density estimation in infinite dimensional exponential families
  E1055:   S. Morgenthaler
  The Kullback-Leibler divergence and model uncertainty
Session ES17 Room: Russell
Spatial clustering Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Peter Congdon Organizer: Peter Congdon
  E085:   S. Speakman, S. Somanchi, E. McFowland, D. Neill
  Penalized fast subset scanning
  E155:   A. Murray, T. Grubesic, R. Wei
  Spatial cluster detection and interpretation
  E214:   D. Lee, C. Anderson, N. Dean
  Identifying clusters in Bayesian disease mapping
  E280:   R. Assuncao, E. Rodrigues, G. Pappa, R. Miranda, W. Meira
  Dealing with missing spatial locations in social networks for epidemiological purposes
  E227:   P. Congdon
  Local join counts for spatial clustering in disease risk: Simulations and a real data application
Session ES29 Room: Montague
Modeling and forecasting in power markets Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Carolina Garcia-Martos Organizer: Carolina Garcia-Martos
  E200:   V. Dordonnat
  Weather variables scenarios and simulation for electricity markets risk management
  E483:   E. Larsen, P. Pinson
  Demand response impact on price development in a smart grid context
  E515:   A. Gianfreda, D. Bunn, D. Chen
  Nonlinear power price forecasting with wind effects
  E914:   G. Anastasiades, P. McSharry
  Quantile forecasting of wind power using variability indices
  E749:   C. Garcia-Martos, F. Nogales, E. Caro
  Optimal risk management in the energy context
Session ES32 Room: Holden
Bias reduction in statistics of extremes Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Ivette Gomes Organizer: Ivette Gomes
  E758:   F. Caeiro, I. Gomes
  Computational study of a bootstrap algorithm for the adaptive estimation of the extreme value index
  E297:   S. Girard, L. Gardes, E. Deme
  Estimation of the second order parameter for heavy-tailed distributions
  E514:   L. Cavalcante, M. Brito, A. Freitas
  Bias corrected estimators for estimating high order quantiles
  E621:   C. Zhou, L. de Haan, C. Mercadier
  Adapting extreme value statistics to financial time series: Bias correction and serial dependence
  E275:   I. Gomes
  A reduced-bias mean-of-order-p Value-at-Risk estimator
Session ES33 Room: Bloomsbury
Statistics in functional and Hilbert spaces Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez Organizer: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez
  E046:   J. Zhang, M. Cheng, C. Tseng, H. Wu
  An Fmax-test for one-way ANOVA for functional data
  E090:   J. Cuesta-Albertos
  Random projections and functional data analysis
  E277:   G. James
  Functional graphical models
  E369:   S. Lopez Pintado
  On extensions of the band depth to multivariate functional data
  E409:   C. Ritz
  An application of functional singular component analysis in human nutrition
Session ES35 Room: Gordon
Regularization methods and algorithms Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Patrick J. F. Groenen Organizer: Patrick J. F. Groenen
  E814:   A. Tenenhaus, M. Tenenhaus
  Regularized generalized canonical correlation analysis for multiblock and multigroup data analysis
  E834:   G. van den Burg, P. Groenen
  Flexible multiclass support vector machines: An approach using iterative majorization and Huber hinge errors
  E836:   K. van Deun, I. van Mechelen, J. Westerhuis, A. Smilde
  Weighted sparse PCA
  E1176:   R. de Vlaming, P. Groenen
  Genetic risk scores using ridge regression
  E958:   I. Wilms, C. Croux
  Sparse CCA using sparse multivariate alternating regression
Session ES95 Room: Athlone
Discrete-valued time series Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Robert Jung Organizer: Robert Jung , David Matteson
  E238:   M. Silva
  Multivariate models for integer-valued time series
  E243:   S. Holan, G. Wu, C. Wikle
  Hierarchical Bayesian spatio-temporal Conway-Maxwell Poisson models with dynamic dispersion
  E251:   I. Pereira, R. Nicolette, M. Scotto
  Periodic self-excited threshold integer-valued autoregressive processes with periodic structure
  E685:   D. Matteson
  Forecasting periodic discrete-valued time series
  E650:   R. Jung
  Modelling count conditional distributions: Methodology and applications
Session ES44 Room: Bedford
Semi and non parametric Bayesian methods for complex models Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Brunero Liseo Organizer: Brunero Liseo
  E464:   M. Guindani, B. Nipoti, A. Jara
  Bayesian nonparametric modeling of stratified survival data
  E535:   A. Guglielmi, R. Argiento, A. Cremaschi
  Cluster analysis of curved-shaped data with species-sampling mixture models
  E537:   A. Tancredi
  Approximate Bayesian inference for discretely observed continuous-time multi-state models
  E688:   J. Rousseau, S. Donnet, V. Rivoirard, C. Scricciolo
  Frequentist properties of empirical Bayes approaches
Session ES45 Room: Court
Construction of experimental designs Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Jesus Lopez-Fidalgo Organizer: Jesus Lopez-Fidalgo
  E144:   A. Donev, L. Brown, C. Sammut-Powell
  Construction of experimental designs for estimating models with flexible regressors
  E171:   W. Mueller, M. Hainy, H. Wynn
  Approximate Bayesian computation design
  E172:   H. Wynn
  Optimal design for smooth supersaturated models
  E423:   H. Maruri
  Sequential augmentation of designs
  E664:   A. Ruseckaite, P. Goos, D. Fok
  Bayesian D-optimal choice designs for mixtures
Session ES100 Room: Chancellor's
Random forests and related methods: theory and practice Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Jean-Michel Poggi Organizer: Jean-Michel Poggi
  E207:   R. Genuer, S. Arlot
  Analysis of purely random forests bias
  E532:   P. Geurts
  Variable importances in forests of randomized trees: some theory and application to gene network inference
  E194:   W. Rudnicki, M. Kursa, M. Wrzesien, W. Paja
  Random forest for feature selection
  E132:   J. Josse, F. Husson, V. Audigier
  Imputation methods in mixed datasets: Random forests versus PCA
  E258:   M. Kursa
  Random ferns: A random forest variant for special operations
Session ES76 Room: Torrington
Mathematical aspects of copulas I Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Fabrizio Durante Organizer: Fabrizio Durante , Wolfgang Trutschnig
  E195:   O. Grothe
  Dependence in multivariate Levy processes revisited
  E265:   W. Trutschnig
  Very singular copulas
  E318:   P. Jaworski
  Nonlinear modelling: Copulas versus econometrics
  E638:   F. Di Lascio, S. Giannerini
  A multivariate technique based on conditional copula for the imputation of complex dependent data
  E223:   I. Kojadinovic, A. Buecher
  Asymptotics and multiplier bootstrap of the sequential empirical copula process under strong mixing
Session ES81 Room: Woburn
Cure models and competing risks in survival analysis Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Ingrid Van Keilegom Organizer: Ingrid Van Keilegom
  E107:   V. Bremhorst, P. Lambert
  Flexible Bayesian cure survival models
  E306:   M. Pauly
  Resampling-based inference with the Aalen-Johansen estimator of cumulative incidence functions of competing risks
  E591:   A. Latouche, M. Moreno
  Regression modelling with missing causes of death: Assessing the sensitivity of inferences to missingness assumptions
  E671:   M. Nicolaie, C. Legrand
  Vertical modeling: Analysis of competing risks data with a cured proportion
  E803:   I. van Keilegom, A. Bertrand, C. Legrand
  The SIMEX method for correcting the bias in a survival cure model with mismeasured covariates
Session ES109 Room: 349
Contributions in biostatistics and bioinformatics Saturday 14.12.2013    16:40 - 18:45
Chair: Giovanni Montana Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E1053:   M. Emily, C. Friguet
  Biological marker selection for detecting gene-gene interaction in genome-wide association studies
  E1033:   T. Kernane, H. Elmaroufy, S. Becheket, A. Ouddadj
  Bayesian inference for stochastic SIR epidemic model
  E1030:   J. Gertheiss
  ANOVA for ordinally scaled factors
  E1006:   N. Hanayama, K. Murotani, Y. Shikata
  A study of upper limit of human longevity using the extreme value theory in Japan
  E1118:   L. Grassetti, L. Rizzi
  Health care expenditures and time to death: Focus on a cardio vascular cohort
Parallel session G: Sunday 15.12.2013 08:45 - 10:25

Session ES08 Room: Senate
Optimal design for medical applications Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Stefanie Biedermann Organizer: Stefanie Biedermann
  E215:   M. Moerbeek
  Optimal designs for trials with survival endpoints in discrete time
  E616:   M. Konstantinou, S. Biedermann, A. Kimber
  Optimal designs for survival data
  E468:   J. Lopez-Fidalgo, M. Rivas-Lopez, R. del Campo
  Designing experiments for accelerated failure time models
  E677:   L. Hampson, C. Jennison
  Optimal group sequential tests for survival data
Session ES99 Room: Gordon
Multivariate survival analysis Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Jacobo de Una Organizer: Roel Braekers , Jacobo de Una
  E333:   M. Mandel, Y. Rinott
  Estimation from cross-sectional samples under bias and dependence
  E538:   T. Emura, K. Yoshihiko
  Statistical inference based on the nonparametric maximum likelihood estimator under double-truncation
  E594:   R. Betensky, D. Simon, M. Austin
  Computationally simple estimation and improved efficiency for special cases of double truncation
  E692:   C. Moreira, J. de Una-Alvarez, R. Braekers
  Nonparametric estimation of a distribution function from doubly truncated data under dependence
Session ES22 Room: Athlone
Statistics in biomedicine Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: M. Brigida Ferraro Organizer: M. Brigida Ferraro
  E024:   C. Mollica, L. Tardella
  Mixture of extended Plackett-Luce ranking models for epitope mapping in bioassay experiments
  E139:   F. Martella, A. Maruotti
  Hidden Markov of factor analyzers for biclustering of microarray time course data in multiple conditions
  E567:   J. Houwing-Duistermaat
  Integrative approaches for modeling of omics and genetic data in epidemiological studies
  E811:   M. Guarracino, M. Ferraro
  Supervised classification for rare variant calling in next generation sequencing pooled experiments
Session ES25 Room: Russell
Statistical methodology for network data Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Jason Wyse Organizer: Nial Friel
  E186:   P. Latouche, S. Robin
  Estimation of posterior graph functions in networks using stochastic block models
  E771:   G. Kauermann, S. Thiemichen
  Random and nonparametric effects in exponential random graph models
  E1108:   J. Wyse, N. Friel, P. Latouche
  Clustering bipartite networks using collapsed latent block models
  E1160:   J. Koskinen
  Using semiparametric copulas for assessing overall goodness-of-fit to network data
Session ES27 Room: Jessel
Statistical process control Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Axel Gandy Organizer: Axel Gandy
  E393:   S. Knoth
  Incorporating parameter uncertainty into the setup of EWMA control charts monitoring normal variance
  E852:   J. Kvaloy, A. Gandy
  Adjusting for estimation error in control charts via bootstrap methods
  E873:   G. Ross
  A class of Dirichlet process priors for nonparametric multiple change point detection
  E1262:   A. Gandy
  Implementing Bayesian monitoring through Monte Carlo methods
Session ES93 Room: Torrington
Cluster-weighted modelling Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Salvatore Ingrassia Organizer: Salvatore Ingrassia
  E274:   A. Punzo
  Flexible model-based clustering via the cluster-weighted approach
  E378:   S. Dang, A. Punzo, S. Ingrassia, P. McNicholas
  Mixtures of cluster-weighted models with latent factor analyzer structure
  E379:   U. Dang, S. Ingrassia, P. McNicholas
  A family of multiple response parsimonious cluster-weighted models
  E683:   G. Vittadini, P. Berta
  Heterogeneity and healthcare structures effectivenes: The proposal of a cluster-weighted multilevel model
  E705:   A. Gordaliza, L. Garcia-Escudero, F. Greselin, S. Ingrassia, A. Mayo-Iscar
  Robustness and asymptotics properties of trimmed cluster-weighted restricted modeling
Session ES38 Room: Chancellor's
Bayesian nonparametric regression Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: George Karabatsos Organizer: George Karabatsos
  E1240:   A. Lijoi
  Nonparametric prior specification through mean functionals
  E541:   S. Wade, I. Antonio Villalobos, S. Walker
  A Bayesian nonparametric regression model with normalized weights
  E748:   S. Walker, C. Holmes
  Geometric averaging of models
  E540:   G. Karabatsos
  Bayesian nonparametric predictive approaches for causal inference
Session ES39 Room: Holden
Scaling problems in statistics Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Thomas Kneib Organizer: Thomas Kneib
  E113:   S. Freytag
  Exploring technological and biological frontiers for the identification of genetic disease factors
  E310:   J. Radny, K. Meyer
  Plant invasions as a scaling problem in ecology
  E459:   H. Herwartz
  Hospital efficiency under prospective reimbursement schemes: An empirical assessment for the case of Germany
  E682:   B. Saefken
  Scaling problems in model choice and variable selection
Session ES50 Room: Montague
Computational approaches in financial economics Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Dietmar Maringer Organizer: Dietmar Maringer , Sandra Paterlini , Peter Winker
  E404:   B. Fastrich
  Updating views by learning from the others: Dynamically combining asset allocation strategies
  E475:   S. Paterlini, D. Ferrari, M. Giuzio
  Sparse and robust portfolio selection by penalized $q$-entropy minimization
  E201:   J. Zhang, D. Maringer
  Transition variable selection for regime-switching recurrent reinforcement learning
  E815:   S. Deininger, D. Maringer
  Estimating time series models with heuristic methods: The case of economic parity conditions
Session ES64 Room: Bedford
Independent component analysis Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Davy Paindaveine Organizer: Davy Paindaveine
  E031:   R. Samworth, M. Yuan
  Independent component analysis via nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation
  E235:   H. Oja, J. Miettinen, K. Nordhausen, S. Taskinen
  Independent component analysis based on fourth moments - FOBI and JADE
  E676:   H. Gutch, F. Theis
  On infinite-dimensional independent component analysis
Session ES66 Room: Bloomsbury
Time series analysis Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Alessandra Luati Organizer: Cira Perna , Alessandra Luati
  E315:   B. Guardabascio, M. Ventura, A. Girardi
  Nowcasting raw industrial production series: The role of survey data
  E735:   M. Parrella, Q. Yao, B. Dou
  On spatial models for multivariate time series analysis
  E626:   A. Cardinali
  GMM inference for costationary systems and efficient covariance estimation for locally stationary processes
  E1211:   N. Huang, P. Fryzlewicz
  Large precision matrix estimation via pairwise tilting
Session ES102 Room: 349
Japan Statistical Society: Statistics for stochastic differential equations Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Masayuki Uchida Organizer: Masayuki Uchida
  E408:   Y. Koike
  Intraday periodicity and lead-lag effects in financial markets
  E479:   T. Ogihara, N. Yoshida
  Maximum likelihood type estimation and Bayes type estimation for nonsynchronously observed diffusion processes
  E547:   H. Masuda
  Stable quasi-likelihood: Methodology and computational aspects
  E832:   N. Yoshida
  Inference for volatility: Some theoretical aspects
Session ES79 Room: Court
Robust analysis of complex data Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Stefan Van Aelst Organizer: Stefan Van Aelst
  E317:   P. Slock, S. van Aelst, M. Salibian-Barrera
  A fast algorithm for S-estimation in robust heteroscedastic regression
  E666:   K. Vakili, M. Hubert, P. Rousseeuw, T. Verdonck
  A deterministic algorithm for LTS
  E772:   I. Gijbels, Y. Andriyana, A. Verhasselt
  P-splines quantile regression in varying coefficient models
  E848:   D. Benoit, S. van Aelst, D. van den Poel
  Robust analysis of choice data
Session ES83 Room: Woburn
Semi-and-non parametric functional data analysis Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Aldo Goia Organizer: Philippe Vieu , Aldo Goia
  E581:   S. Vantini, A. Pini
  The interval wise error rate for functional data: The interval testing procedure in action
  E445:   L. Delsol, C. Louchet
  Functional kernel smoothing methods applied to segment hyperspectral images
  E574:   J. Park, N. Brunel
  Functional data analysis for three-dimensional curves using Frenet-Serret framework
  E442:   A. Goia, P. Vieu
  A partitioned single functional index model
Session ES86 Room: Deller
Advances in quantile regression Sunday 15.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Stanislav Volgushev Organizer: Stanislav Volgushev
  E033:   K. Kato
  Estimation in functional linear quantile regression
  E296:   C. Leng, X. Tong
  Censored quantile regression via Box-Cox transformations under conditional independence
  E753:   W. Wu
  Quantile curve estimation for locally strictly stationary processes
  E756:   A. El Ghouch, H. Noh, I. van Keilegom
  Semiparametric conditional quantile estimation through copula-based multivariate models
Parallel session J: Sunday 15.12.2013 10:55 - 12:10

Session ES10 Room: B18
Advances on robust analysis of functional data and complex structures Sunday 15.12.2013    10:55 - 12:10
Chair: Graciela Boente Organizer: Graciela Boente
  E047:   M. Febrero-Bande, M. Oviedo de la Fuente
  Functional regression models with temporal and/or spatial dependence
  E342:   Y. Zhou, J. Marron
  High dimension low sample size asymptotics of robust PCA
  E828:   J. Romo, N. Mingotti, R. Lillo
  Robust lasso variable selection for functional data
Session ES12 Room: B36
High-dimensional statistics Sunday 15.12.2013    10:55 - 12:10
Chair: Thomas Kneib Organizer: Peter Buehlmann
  E332:   R. Shah, N. Meinshausen
  Large-scale regression with sparse data
  E742:   N. Stadler, S. Mukherjee
  Two-sample testing in high-dimensional models
  E995:   R. Dezeure, P. Buehlmann, L. Meier
  hdi: High-dimensional inference
Session ES30 Room: B20
Advances in dynamic modelling and computational inference Sunday 15.12.2013    10:55 - 12:10
Chair: Richard Gerlach Organizer: Richard Gerlach
  E185:   A. Prokhorov, D. Liu
  Sparse sieve MLE
  E441:   L. Gruber, C. Czado
  Bayesian model selection of regular vine copulas
  E627:   R. Targino, G. Peters, G. Sofronov, P. Shevchenko
  Optimal insurance purchase strategies via multiple optimal stopping time rules
Session ES129 Room: B30
Directional statistics II Sunday 15.12.2013    10:55 - 12:10
Chair: Thomas Verdebout Organizer: Christophe Ley
  E835:   E. Garcia-Portugues, R. Crujeiras, W. Gonzalez-Manteiga
  Central limit theorems for directional and linear data with applications
  E092:   C. Ley, C. Sabbah, T. Verdebout
  A new concept of quantiles for directional data
  E544:   Y. Swan, T. Verdebout, C. Ley
  The Le Cam methodology for directional data
Session ES54 Room: B34
Goodness-of-fit tests Sunday 15.12.2013    10:55 - 12:10
Chair: Simos Meintanis Organizer: Simos Meintanis
  E294:   E. Taufer, S. Meintanis
  Characterizations and goodness-of-fit tests for multivariate normal and Cauchy distributions
  E702:   S. Papadopoulos, G. Papadopoulos
  Estimation and goodness-of-fit tests on stress test models for banks
  E495:   M. Jimenez-Gamero, A. Batsidis, M. Alba-Fernandez
  Fourier methods for model selection
Session ES71 Room: B33
Spatial functional data analysis Sunday 15.12.2013    10:55 - 12:10
Chair: Laura Sangalli Organizer: Laura Sangalli
  E526:   S. Guillas, M. Lai, J. Gaudart, B. Ettinger
  Population density estimation over complex domains using bivariate splines
  E648:   L. Azzimonti, L. Sangalli, P. Secchi
  Spatial regression with PDE penalization
  E1253:   E. Romano, A. Balzanella
  A new depth measure for ordering spatially dependent functional data
Session ES87 Room: B35
Nonparametric copula models Sunday 15.12.2013    10:55 - 12:10
Chair: Stephen Walker Organizer: Stephen Walker
  E587:   H. Kazianka
  Bayesian copula-based spatial modeling using penalized splines
  E894:   M. Smith
  Copula modelling of dependence in multivariate time series
  E1181:   R. Silva, A. Kalaitzis
  Flexible sampling for the Gaussian copula extended rank likelihood model
Session ES111 Room: B29
Computational statistics I Sunday 15.12.2013    10:55 - 12:10
Chair: Niels Richard Hansen Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E871:   T. Sakata, T. Sumi, M. Miyazaki
  Estimation of the typical ranks of $2 \times 2 \times \cdots \times 2$ tensors through intrinsic dimension estimators
  E1204:   M. Neves, D. Prata Gomes
  Challenges in extremal index estimation through computer intensive procedures
  E887:   M. Giordan, R. Wehrens
  A comparison of computational approaches for MLE of the Dirichlet parameters on high dimensional data
  E858:   D. Kosiorowski
  Two depth based strategies for robust estimation of a predictive distribution of a data stream
Session ES127 Room: G16
Contributions to statistics in actuarial sciences Sunday 15.12.2013    10:55 - 12:10
Chair: M. Dolores Martinez Miranda Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E454:   Y. Lu, C. Gourieroux
  Love and death: A Freund model with frailty
  E335:   F. R Hasinavonizaka, . Lalaharison, D. Guegan
  Distorted bimodal distributions using an inverse $S$-shaped distortion function
  E1238:   V. D Amato, E. Di Lorenzo, M. Sibillo
  De-risking strategy: Modeling buy-in
Session ES118 Room: G15
The econometrics of business cycle: Some recent developments Sunday 15.12.2013    10:55 - 12:10
Chair: Mateusz Pipien Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E779:   L. Lenart, M. Pipien
  Discrete spectrum and subsampling in testing business cycle similarity
  E781:   B. Mazur
  A Bayesian approach to business cycle synchronization: Testing for common almost periodic fluctuations
  E913:   M. Pipien, B. Mazur
  Almost-periodicity in TVP-GARCH models for long series of daily financial returns
Parallel session L: Sunday 15.12.2013 14:40 - 16:20

Session ES19 Room: B33
Biostatistics and bioinformatics Sunday 15.12.2013    14:40 - 16:20
Chair: Maria De Iorio Organizer: Maria De Iorio
  E653:   G. Baio
  Bayesian models for cost-effectiveness analysis in the presence of structural zeros
  E1001:   T. Ebbels
  Bayesian deconvolution and quantitation of NMR metabolic profiles with BATMAN
  E1169:   G. Rosner, M. Yajima, D. Telesca, P. Mueller
  A Bayesian model for population pharmacogenetics
  E1237:   P. Mueller
  Subgroup reporting using nonparametric Bayesian inference
Session ES21 Room: B35
Advances in latent variable extraction from multi-block data structures Sunday 15.12.2013    14:40 - 16:20
Chair: Laura Trinchera Organizer: Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi , Laura Trinchera
  E256:   G. Marcoulides
  A heuristic procedure for finite structural equation mixture models
  E302:   R. Sabatier, C. Reynes
  A multiway discriminant analysis: STATIS-LDA
  E470:   X. Bry, C. Trottier, F. Mortier
  Supervised component generalized linear regression
  E763:   G. Russolillo
  Beyond the measurement scale: The non-metric partial least squares approach
Session ES23 Room: G16
Fuzzy clustering Sunday 15.12.2013    14:40 - 16:20
Chair: M. Brigida Ferraro Organizer: M. Brigida Ferraro
  E248:   L. Garcia-Escudero, H. Fritz, A. Mayo-Iscar
  Robust constrained fuzzy clustering
  E400:   M. Ilic
  Fuzzy clustering induced correlation for feature extraction in lower dimension spaces
  E1021:   A. Ramos-Guajardo, P. Giordani
  Multi-sample fuzzy clustering approach for random fuzzy sets
  E727:   C. Borgelt, C. Braune, C. Doell, R. Kruse
  Ensemble detection in parallel spike train data using protoclusters
Session ES34 Room: B18
Clustering methods for functional data Sunday 15.12.2013    14:40 - 16:20
Chair: Aurea Grane Organizer: Aurea Grane , Ana Arribas-Gil
  E040:   J. Jacques, C. Preda
  Model-based clustering for multivariate functional data
  E072:   A. Fischer
  Quantization and clustering with Bregman divergences
  E166:   V. Vitelli, D. Floriello, P. Secchi
  Sparse clustering of functional data
  E456:   J. Berrendero, A. Cuevas, J. Torrecilla
  Supervised classification for Gaussian processes
Session ES37 Room: B29
Algorithms for robust statistical procedures Sunday 15.12.2013    14:40 - 16:20
Chair: Mia Hubert Organizer: Mia Hubert
  E374:   A. Alfons, C. Croux, P. Filzmoser
  Robust maximum association estimators and an extension for sparsity
  E497:   D. Perrotta, M. Riani, A. Cerioli
  The forward search for very large datasets
  E530:   R. Fried, H. Dehling, M. Wendler
  A robust procedure for shift detection in time series
  E654:   T. Verdonck, M. Hubert, O. Yorulmaz
  A fast algorithm for robust SUR
Session ES41 Room: G15
Matrix algorithms and HPC for large scale data analysis I Sunday 15.12.2013    14:40 - 16:20
Chair: Costas Bekas Organizer: Efstratios Gallopoulos , Costas Bekas
  E822:   M. Mahoney
  Leveraging as a paradigm for statistically informed large-scale computation
  E794:   I. Koutis
  Fast SDD solvers via sampling by approximate leverage scores
  E833:   A. Stathopoulos, L. Wu, J. Laeuchli, V. Kalantzis, E. Gallopoulos
  Using ILU to estimate the diagonal of the inverse of a matrix
  E869:   C. Bekas, E. Gallopoulos, V. Kalantzis, A. Curioni
  Accelerating parallel data uncertainty quatification by solving linear systems with multiple right-hand sides
Session ES48 Room: B34
Graphical modeling Sunday 15.12.2013    14:40 - 16:20
Chair: Giovanni Marchetti Organizer: Giovanni Marchetti
  E351:   C. Tarantola, I. Ntzoufras
  MCMC strategies for the analysis of discrete graphical models of marginal independence
  E1178:   N. Wermuth
  Traceable regressions: Their graphs, structures and implications
  E610:   A. Roverato, M. Lupparelli
  Log-mean linear parameterization of discrete multivariate regression chain graph models
Session ES56 Room: B36
Non-Gaussian mixture model-based classification Sunday 15.12.2013    14:40 - 16:20
Chair: Paul McNicholas Organizer: Paul McNicholas
  E043:   T. Lin, H. Ho, C. Lee
  Flexible mixture modelling using the multivariate skew-Student's $t-$normal distribution
  E328:   G. McLachlan, S. Lee
  On mixtures of skew factor models
  E546:   P. Murray, R. Browne, P. McNicholas
  Mixtures of common skew-t factor analyzers
  E1007:   R. Browne, P. McNicholas
  A mixture of generalized hyperbolic distributions
Session ES78 Room: B30
Methods in statistical modelling Sunday 15.12.2013    14:40 - 16:20
Chair: Heather Turner Organizer: Heather Turner
  E063:   D. Cole, R. Choquet, B. Hubbard
  A hybrid symbolic-numerical method for determining model structure
  E312:   H. Skaug
  The Laplace approximation powered by automatic differentiation
  E358:   M. Crowther, P. Lambert
  A general framework for parametric survival analysis
  E424:   J. Einbeck, L. Evers
  Data visualization (and beyond) with local principal curves and manifolds
Session ES124 Room: B20
Bayesian semi- and nonparametric modelling III Sunday 15.12.2013    14:40 - 16:20
Chair: Igor Pruenster Organizer: Igor Pruenster , Antonio Lijoi , Li Ma
  E457:   E. Barat, Z. Naulet, J. Rousseau
  Coherent states stochastic expansion for quantum homodyne tomography
  E804:   Y. Kim
  Bayesian analysis for monotone hazard ratio
  E649:   B. Nipoti, S. Favaro
  Asymptotic estimators for discovery probabilities
  E525:   R. Guhaniyogi, D. Dunson
  Large scale nonparametric Bayesian manifold regression
Session EP02 Room: Macmillan
Poster session II Sunday 15.12.2013    14:30 - 16:20
Chair: Francisco Torres-Ruiz Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E1018:   I. Garcia-Garrido, J. Linares-Perez, R. Caballero-Aguila, A. Hermoso-Carazo
  Recursive filtering algorithm in systems with correlated random measurement matrices
  E1024:   F. Torres-Ruiz, A. Barrera-Garcia, P. Roman-Roman
  On a generalized class of logistic diffusion processes
  E1025:   P. Roman-Roman, E. Poza-Cruz, F. Torres-Ruiz
  A diffusion process related to a logistic curve with multiple inflexion points
  E1069:   M. Martinez, E. Holian
  An alternative estimation approach to fit a heterogeneity linear mixed model
  E1070:   A. Saez-Castillo, A. Conde-Sanchez, S. Khazraee
  Fitting over and under-dispersed count data with the hyper-Poisson regression model
  E1072:   J. Linares-Perez, R. Caballero-Aguila, A. Hermoso-Carazo, I. Garcia-Garrido
  Linear and quadratic estimators based on covariances with multiple fading measurements
  E1080:   A. Alonso, P. de Zea Bermudez, M. Scotto
  Comparing generalized Pareto models fitted to extreme observations: An application to the largest temperatures in Spain
  E1270:   H. Bolfarine, A. Garay
  Bayesian analysis of the log-linear Birnbaum-Saunders model
Session EP03 Room: Macmillan
Poster session III Sunday 15.12.2013    14:40 - 16:20
Chair: Francisco Torres-Ruiz Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E1091:   I. Barranco-Chamorro, F. Osorio-Baeza
  Influence diagnostics for censored data
  E1116:   A. Lopez-Montoya, M. Gamiz-Perez, M. Martinez-Miranda
  Building the structure function of reliability systems using statistical regression tools
  E1143:   E. Ozkip, B. Yazici, A. Sezer
  A simulation study for testing equality of unbalanced several gamma means
  E998:   M. Raheem, K. Samson
  On choosing an appropriate regression model in presence of multicolinearity
  E1185:   K. Kang, S. Jeong
  Variance function estimation in nonparametric regression models with multiple covariates
  E1196:   S. Arai
  Multiple correspondence analysis for educational test items
  E484:   G. Stamou, C. Michalopoulou, M. Symeonaki
  An attitude scaling application of fuzzy sets to profile analysis
Parallel session N: Sunday 15.12.2013 16:50 - 18:55

Session ESI01 - Invited Room: Beveridge
Statistical learning Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Stefan Van Aelst Organizer: Xuming He
  E415:   G. Michailidis
  Structured sparsity in large scale vector autoregressive models
  E605:   A. Christmann
  On consistency, robustness, and bootstrap of some regularized kernel methods
  E1078:   P. Li
  BigData: Statistical techniques for processing massive, high-dimensional data
Session ES03 Room: Deller
Resampling procedures for dependent data Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Andres M. Alonso Organizer: Andres M. Alonso
  E057:   V. Reisen, G. Franco, C. Levy-Leduc
  Local bootstrap for robust spectral analysis
  E065:   A. Jach, T. McElroy
  Subsampling inference for the autocorrelations of GARCH processes
  E263:   W. Gonzalez-Manteiga, J. Zubelli, A. Monsalve-Cobis
  A goodness-of-fit test for stochastic volatility models
  E455:   C. Velasco, I. Lobato
  Identification and estimation of general ARMA models
  E568:   D. Sznajder, I. Gijbels
  Resampling copula under stochastic monotonicity
Session ES97 Room: Bloomsbury
Estimating and modeling functionals in multistate models Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Hein Putter Organizer: Jan Beyersmann , Hein Putter
  E103:   J. Beyersmann
  A competing risks approach for nonparametric estimation of transition probabilities in a non-Markov illness-death model
  E276:   A. Titman
  Computationally simple state occupancy probability estimates for multi-state models under interval censoring
  E289:   H. Reulen, T. Kneib
  Boosting multi state models
  E477:   M. Rodriguez-Girondo, J. de Una-Alvarez
  Methods for testing the Markov condition in the illness-death model
  E770:   H. Putter, M. Klinten Grand
  Regression models for expected length of stay
Session ES15 Room: Senate
Robustness issues in complex structured models Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Andrea Cerioli Organizer: Andrea Cerioli
  E385:   A. Atkinson, M. Riani, A. Cerioli
  Monitoring methods of robust regression
  E170:   B. Nielsen, S. Johansen
  Asymptotic analysis of the forward search
  E502:   F. Torti, M. Riani, A. Cerioli
  On consistency factors and efficiency of robust S-estimators
  E679:   A. Maruotti
  A general framework for robust fitting of hidden Markov models
  E791:   E. del Barrio, P. Alvarez Esteban, J. Cuesta-Albertos, C. Matran
  A test for approximate stochastic order based on trimming
Session ES89 Room: Montague
Statistics and data analysis for industry and engineering Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Antonio D'Ambrosio Organizer: Antonio D'Ambrosio
  E611:   M. Giorgio, M. Guida, G. Pulcini
  Modeling of increasing age- and state-dependent degradation processes: a new closed form Markovian solution
  E819:   J. de Rooi, A. Bottger, P. Eilers
  Penalized decomposition of K$\alpha$1, K$\alpha$2 X-ray diffraction profiles
  E1234:   R. Siciliano, M. Aria, F. Mauriello
  Synthetic resampling algorithm for response class imbalance in supervised learning with categorical and numerical predictors
  E550:   I. Iervolino, M. Giorgio, E. Chioccarelli
  Stochastic modelling of degradation in civil structures
  E1232:   R. Martin, I. Lazakis, S. Barbouchi
  Investigating sensitivity analysis methods for application to an offshore wind operations and maintenance cost model
Session ES24 Room: Athlone
Statistical quality control: Theory and practice Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Fernanda Figueiredo Organizer: Fernanda Figueiredo
  E422:   E. Carolino, I. Barao
  Robust methods in acceptance sampling – PART II
  E498:   P. Ramos, M. Cabral Morais, A. Pacheco
  Strategies to reduce the probability of a misleading signal
  E767:   S. Bersimis
  Monitoring non-industrial processes
  E861:   A. Figueiredo, F. Figueiredo
  The STATIS methodology in statistical quality control
  E862:   F. Figueiredo, I. Gomes, S. Chakraborti
  The total median and the total range statistics in phase I control charts
Session ES26 Room: Gordon
Matrix algorithms and HPC for large scale data analysis II Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Costas Bekas Organizer: Efstratios Gallopoulos , Costas Bekas
  E809:   M. Berry, D. Koessler
  Identifying users of social networks from their data footprint: An application of large-scale matrix factorizations
  E519:   E. Acar, A. Lawaetz, M. Rasmussen, R. Bro
  Data fusion based on coupled matrix and tensor factorizations
  E775:   K. Gallivan, C. Baker, P. van Dooren
  On incremental deterministic methods for dominant space estimation for large data sets
  E1260:   S. Vavasis, N. Gillis
  Fast projection methods for robust separable nonnegative matrix factorization
  E900:   E. Kontopoulou, D. Zeimpekis, E. Gallopoulos
  Experiments with randomized algorithms in the text to matrix generator toolbox
Session ES31 Room: Jessel
Stochastic systems biology Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Colin Gillespie Organizer: Colin Gillespie
  E247:   C. Gillespie
  Stochastic simulation of chemically reacting systems using multi-core CPUs
  E721:   C. Barnes
  A method for exploring the structural robustness of stochastic biological networks
  E904:   H. Koeppl
  Statistical inference of cellular behavior from heterogeneous single-cell data
  E036:   T. Kypraios
  Fast approximate Bayesian computation for discretely observed Markov models using a factorised posterior distribution
  E316:   C. Sherlock, A. Golightly, A. Thiery
  The delayed-acceptance particle marginal random walk Metropolis
Session ES40 Room: Court
Dependence modelling: Theory and practice Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Ivan Kojadinovic Organizer: Ivan Kojadinovic
  E023:   M. Falk
  On idempotent $D$-norms
  E246:   J. Segers, A. Buecher, S. Volgushev
  When uniform weak convergence fails: Empirical processes for dependence functions via epi- and hypographs
  E095:   V. Chavez-Demoulin, T. Vatter
  Generalized additive modelling for conditional copulas
  E741:   A. Buecher, I. Kojadinovic
  Nonparametric tests for constancy of a copula
  E029:   M. Hofert, M. Maechler
  Computational statistics in copula modeling: Why and how
Session ES52 Room: Bedford
Advances in compositional data analysis and related methods I Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Karel Hron Organizer: J. Antoni Martin-Fernandez , Karel Hron
  E859:   J. Martin-Fernandez, J. Palarea-Albaladejo, K. Hron
  Zeros in compositional count data sets: The geometric Bayesian-multiplicative imputation
  E080:   M. Gallo
  N-way partial least squares for compositional data
  E389:   J. Palarea-Albaladejo, J. Martin-Fernandez
  Left-censoring problems in compositional data sets
  E863:   M. Comas-Cufi, G. Mateu-Figueras, J. Martin-Fernandez
  Compositional entropies in model based clustering
  E940:   K. Hruzova, K. Hron, M. Templ, P. Filzmoser, G. Monti
  Classical and robust principal component analysis for density functions using Bayes spaces
Session ES60 Room: Torrington
Design of experiment in industry Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Kalliopi Mylona Organizer: Kalliopi Mylona , Camelia Trandafir
  E082:   D. Woods, C. Marley, S. Lewis
  Designed experiments for semi-parametric models and functional data with a case-study in tribology
  E508:   P. Goos, D. Palhazi Cuervo, R. Kessels, K. Sorensen
  Optimal design of choice experiments with partial profiles
  E659:   A. Pinho, L. Ho, C. Vivacqua
  Minimum setup criterion to select designs with hard-to-change factors
  E680:   E. Delgado-Marquez, M. Amo-Salas, J. Lopez-Fidalgo
  Optimal experimental design in the mine industry
  E722:   H. Evangelaras, C. Peveretos
  Efficient blocking of orthogonal arrays with two and three levels based on design classification criteria
Session ES62 Room: Chancellor's
Applications of functional data analysis Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Alicia Nieto-Reyes Organizer: Alicia Nieto-Reyes
  E037:   J. Goldsmith, T. Kitago
  Assessing the effect of stroke on motor control using Bayesian penalized function-on-scalar regression
  E272:   P. Secchi, A. Menafoglio
  Kriging complex data for environmental applications: A critical inquiry into the functional approach
  E366:   M. Aguilera-Morillo, A. Aguilera
  Improving the quality of biscuit production: Application of different functional data analysis approaches
  E668:   M. Hubert, P. Segaert
  Depth-based classification of multivariate functional data
  E419:   G. Geenens
  Nonparametric functional methods for online signature recognition
Session ES68 Room: Woburn
Inference for counting processes Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Paula R. Bouzas Organizer: Paula R. Bouzas
  E121:   S. Dachian, Y. Kutoyants
  Hypotheses testing: Poisson versus self-exciting
  E249:   A. Dassios
  A dynamic contagion process with applications to finance \& insurance
  E598:   X. He, X. Zhao, X. Tong
  Semiparametric partially linear varying coefficient models with recurrent events
  E429:   N. Ruiz-Fuentes, P. Bouzas
  Characterizing self-exciting processes: Simulations driven by phase-type distributions
  E595:   P. Bouzas, N. Ruiz-Fuentes
  Inference of a Cox process by FDA
Session ES82 Room: 349
Statistics in actuarial sciences Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Tim Verdonck Organizer: Tim Verdonck
  E208:   V. Asimit
  Tail dependence versus measures of association
  E228:   E. Valdez, J. Vadiveloo, U. Dias
  Life insurance policy termination and survivorship
  E471:   A. Tsanakas, P. Millossovich
  Sensitivity analysis of internal risk models
  E555:   M. Martinez-Miranda, J. Nielsen, S. Sperlich, R. Verrall
  Continuous chain ladder: Reformulating a classical insurance problem
  E747:   K. Antonio
  Micro level stochastic loss reserving for general insurance
Session ES103 Room: Holden
Beyond conditional independence Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Tamas Rudas Organizer: Tamas Rudas
  E250:   W. Bergsma
  Nonparametric testing of conditional independence
  E786:   I. Shpitser, T. Richardson, J. Robins, R. Evans
  Learning structure in discrete nested Markov models
  E467:   A. Klimova, T. Rudas
  Extended relational models
  E440:   M. Studeny
  On Bayesian network structure learning methods based on an integer linear programming approach
  E528:   T. Rudas, A. Klimova
  Independence on non-product spaces
Session ES125 Room: Russell
Bayesian semi- and nonparametric modelling IV Sunday 15.12.2013    16:50 - 18:55
Chair: Yongdai Kim Organizer: Igor Pruenster , Antonio Lijoi , Li Ma
  E578:   N. Bochkina
  Convergence of posterior distribution in inverse problems with non-Gaussian noise
  E435:   J. Johndrow, A. Bhattacharya, D. Dunson
  Bayesian tensor decompositions for categorical data with many levels
  E760:   K. Palla, D. Knowles, Z. Ghahramani
  A model for reversible Markov chains
  E239:   S. Favaro, M. Lomeli, Y. Teh
  Sampling sigma-stable Poisson-Kingman mixture models
Parallel session O: Monday 16.12.2013 08:45 - 10:25

Session ES04 Room: G21A
Stochastic approximation for big data Monday 16.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Christoforos Anagnostopoulos Organizer: Christoforos Anagnostopoulos
  E1250:   D. Leslie, S. Perkins
  Abstract stochastic approximation for online statistical algorithms
  E1259:   S. Singh
  Parameter estimation for hidden Markov models with intractable likelihoods
  E1263:   N. Kantas
  Gradient free parameter estimation for hidden Markov models with intractable likelihoods
  E1264:   T. Sharia
  Truncated stochastic approximation with moving bounds
Session ES28 Room: Bloomsbury
Advances in robust data analysis Monday 16.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Agustin Mayo Organizer: Luis A. Garcia-Escudero , Alfonso Gordaliza , Agustin Mayo
  E586:   A. Nieto-Reyes, J. Cabrera
  Detection of outliers in megavariate data
  E731:   F. Greselin, L. Garcia-Escudero, A. Gordaliza, S. Ingrassia, A. Mayo-Iscar
  A robust approach in cluster weighted modeling
  E097:   A. Garcia-Perez
  Advances in the small sample distribution of the trimmed mean
  E769:   P. Coretto
  Covariance matrix estimation: Robustness and dimensionality
Session ES36 Room: Woburn
Bayesian approaches to integrative genomics Monday 16.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Michele Guindani Organizer: Michele Guindani
  E062:   M. Vannucci, F. Stingo, M. Guindani, V. Calhoun
  An integrative Bayesian modeling approach to imaging
  E283:   F. Stingo, C. Peterson, M. Vannucci, Y. Ni, V. Baladandayuthapani
  Bayesian approaches for high-dimensional biological networks
  E474:   S. Mukherjee
  Dissecting high-dimensional phenotypes with Bayesian sparse factor analysis of genetic covariance matrices
  E716:   C. Holmes
  Computational decision theory to explore posterior models in cancer genomics
Session ES51 Room: Montague
Semiparametric estimation of simultaneous equation models Monday 16.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Giampierro Marra Organizer: Giampierro Marra
  E141:   T. Kneib
  Bayesian latent Gaussian simultaneous equation models
  E372:   T. Yee
  Bivariate response vector generalized additive models
  E533:   M. Wojtys, G. Marra
  Generalized sample selection model
  E299:   R. Radice, G. Marra, M. Wojtys
  Copula regression spline models for binary outcomes
Session ES101 Room: Bedford
New perspectives on functional data analysis Monday 16.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Elvira Romano Organizer: Elvira Romano
  E521:   R. Ignaccolo, M. Franco Villoria
  Uncertainty evaluation in functional kriging with external drift
  E878:   D. Nerini, C. Mante, P. Monestiez
  Some extensions of FDA when dealing with particular curves
  E1029:   T. Ogden, X. Cai, E. Greene
  Sparse principal component analysis for multilevel functional data
  E1242:   L. Sangalli, M. Wilhelm
  Modelling binomial, Poisson and gamma observations spatially distributed over irregularly shaped domains
Session ES72 Room: Gordon
Advances and issues in credit scoring Monday 16.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Gilbert Saporta Organizer: Gilbert Saporta
  E451:   F. Camillo, C. Liberati
  Satisfaction, human values and other intangible dimensions as drivers of new credit scoring models
  E684:   S. Tuffery
  Penalized and ensemble methods in scoring
  E686:   J. Crook, M. Leow
  A two stage mixture model for predicting EAD
  E755:   A. Guizani, B. Souissi, S. Benammou, G. Saporta
  Reject inference techniques and semi supervised methods implemented in the process for granting credit
Session ES74 Room: 349
Time series extremes Monday 16.12.2013    08:45 - 10:25
Chair: Johan Segers Organizer: Johan Segers
  E282:   A. Janssen
  Extremal properties of stochastic volatility models
  E416:   S. Volgushev, H. Dette, M. Hallin, T. Kley
  On copulas, quantiles, ranks and spectra: An L1-approach to spectral analysis
  E564:   H. Drees
  Statistical analysis of extremal serial dependence of time series
Parallel session P: Monday 16.12.2013 10:55 - 13:00

Session ESI02 - Invited Room: Senate
Theoretical perspectives in computational statistics Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: Alastair Young Organizer: Alastair Young
  E098:   A. Jasra
  Some recent advances in the theory of particle filters
  E924:   G. Roberts, P. Fearnhead, K. Latuszynski, G. Sermaidis
  Continuous sequential importance sampling and estimation for stochastic processes
  E989:   A. Young, T. DiCiccio, T. Kuffner
  Effects of high-dimensional nuisance parameters on parametric inference
Session ES120 Room: B02
Models and goodness-of-fit tests Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: Wenceslao Gonzalez-Manteiga Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E927:   A. Eideh
  Goodness of fit tests under informative sampling design
  E963:   A. Hazra
  An exact Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for the binomial distribution with unknown probability of success
  E198:   J. Wallin, D. Bolin
  Spatial matern fields generated by non-Gaussian noise
  E1039:   K. Podgorski, I. Rychlik, J. Wallin
  Slepian model for moving averages driven by a non-Gaussian noise
  E1197:   A. Corbellini, A. Mahdavi
  Robust correlation coefficient goodness-of-fit test for the extreme value distribution
  E1157:   B. Gregorutti, B. Michel, P. Saint-Pierre
  On the effect of the correlation on the variable selection using random forest
Session ES01 Room: B18
High dimensional data analysis: Past, present and future Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: S. Ejaz Ahmed Organizer: S. Ejaz Ahmed
  E088:   X. Gao
  The KLAN for complex grouped variable selection
  E175:   J. Rao, J. Jiang, T. Nguyen
  Invisible fence methods for the identification of differentially expressed gene sets
  E383:   A. Hussein, M. Al-Momani, S. Ahmed
  Efficient estimation in high dimensional spatial regression models
  E580:   P. Munoz, A. Lopez
  Complex Bayesian space-time models: Some tools for their efficient development
  E394:   S. Ahmed, X. Gao
  Shrinkage estimation for high dimensional data analysis
Session ES09 Room: B29
Statistical methods for non-precise data II Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: Angela Blanco-Fernandez Organizer: Angela Blanco-Fernandez , Ana B. Ramos-Guajardo
  E565:   B. Sinova, M. Casals, M. Gil
  Symmetry of the fuzzy-valued mean and median of symmetric random fuzzy numbers
  E590:   S. de la Rosa de Saa, P. Filzmoser, M. Lubiano
  Analyzing the effect of the scientific background in ``Likertizing'' fuzzy rating responses to a questionnaire
  E630:   G. Coletti, B. Vantaggi
  Generalized probabilistic inference, membership functions and measures of fuzzy sets
  E632:   B. Vantaggi, M. Di Zio
  Coherence for statistical matching with misclassification
  E1151:   S. Mirzaei Yeganeh, R. Viertl
  Fuzzy indicators: An application for measuring sustainable development
Session ES20 Room: B36
Semiparametric estimation methods for duration models with censored data Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: M.Carmen Pardo Organizer: Laurent Bordes , M.Carmen Pardo , Jean-Yves Dauxois
  E102:   L. Doyen
  Semi-parametric estimation of imperfect preventive maintenance effects and intrinsic wear-out.
  E425:   L. Bordes, M. Avendano, M. Pardo, V. Patilea
  Cox regression for data sets containing a part of current status data
  E437:   E. Beutner, L. Bordes
  Semiparametric inference for ARA models
  E589:   J. Dauxois, L. Bordes, P. Joly
  Semiparametric inference for lifetime data with competing risks, additive risks and different mechanisms of missingness
  E972:   P. Saint-Pierre, O. Lopez
  Kaplan-Meier integrals for bivariate survival data
Session ES94 Room: B33
Outliers and structural changes in time series Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: Roland Fried Organizer: Roland Fried
  E418:   M. Messer, M. Kirchner, J. Schiemann, J. Roeper, R. Neininger, G. Schneider
  A multiple filter test for change point detection in renewal processes with varying variance
  E436:   M. Borowski, R. Fried
  Robust online-detection of structural changes in uni- and multivariate time series
  E491:   S. Grimm, C. Erlwein-Sayer, P. Ruckdeschel, J. Sass
  Modelling asset prices within an HMM: Investment strategies including assets and bonds
  E496:   P. Ruckdeschel, B. Spangl
  Robust filtering and extreme value statistics for hydrological data
  E710:   E. Schmitt, M. Hubert, B. de Ketelaere, M. Reis, T. Rato
  A systematic comparison of statistical process monitoring methods for high-dimensional, time-dependent processes
Session ES42 Room: B34
Advances in compositional data analysis and related methods II Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: J. Antoni Martin-Fernandez Organizer: J. Antoni Martin-Fernandez , Karel Hron
  E218:   K. Hron, K. Facevicova, O. Vencalek
  Statistical analysis of compositional tables in coordinates
  E507:   G. Monti, S. Migliorati, K. Hron, K. Hruzova, E. Fiserova
  Simplicial regression: a useful tool in ecological risk assessment
  E925:   J. Egozcue , V. Pawlowsky-Glahn, D. Lovell
  On compositional association
  E476:   V. Todorov, K. Hruzova, K. Hron, P. Filzmoser
  Compositional data analysis of the resource efficiency in manufacturing
  E1127:   M. Mert, P. Filzmoser, K. Hron
  Sparse principal balances for high-dimensional compositional data
Session ES58 Room: B30
New methods for growth processes Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: Christine Mueller Organizer: Christine Mueller
  E220:   T. Nummi, N. Mesue
  Analysis of multivariate growth curves with cubic smoothing splines
  E388:   S. Hermann
  Prediction of growth curves: A Bayesian estimation approach
  E453:   C. Kustosz, C. Mueller
  Depth based estimators with application to crack growth
  E857:   T. Magdalinos
  Wald tests under matrix normalisation
  E501:   C. Mueller
  Prediction intervals of crack growth
Session ES61 Room: B35
Nonparametric functional data analysis Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: Alicia Nieto-Reyes Organizer: Alicia Nieto-Reyes
  E035:   R. Serfling, U. Wijesuriya
  Exploratory nonparametric functional data analysis using the spatial depth approach
  E350:   S. Greven, S. Brockhaus, F. Scheipl, T. Hothorn
  Boosting functional regression models
  E510:   A. Kneip, D. Poss, P. Sarda
  Functional regression with points of impact
  E750:   D. Blanke
  Functional estimation in continuous time
  E1156:   V. Patilea
  Nonparametric checks of the effect of functional covariates
Session ES75 Room: G15
Methods for handling missing data Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: Shaun Seaman Organizer: Shaun Seaman
  E110:   R. Keogh, I. White
  Using multiple imputation to improve analysis of case-control studies nested within cohorts
  E656:   D. Farewell, C. Huang
  Covariance modelling in longitudinal data with informative observation
  E117:   S. Seaman, J. Bartlett, I. White
  Multiple imputation of missing covariates with non-linear effects and interactions: An evaluation of statistical methods
  E203:   J. Bartlett, S. Seaman, I. White, J. Carpenter
  Multiple imputation of covariates by fully conditional specification: Accommodating the substantive model
  E269:   D. Jackson
  Using the number of contact attempts to model non-ignorable missing outcome data
Session ES107 Room: G16
Applied statistics and data analysis Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: John Aston Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E907:   A. Menafoglio, A. Guadagnini, P. Secchi
  Functional compositional Kriging of particle-size curves in heterogeneous aquifers
  E1017:   A. Dematteo, S. Clemencon, N. Vayatis, M. Mougeot
  Sloshing in the shipping industry: Risk modeling through multivariate heavy-tail analysis
  E1162:   Y. Han, E. Come, L. Ouhekllou
  Sparse count data regression for predicting bicycle usage in a large-scale bicycle sharing system
  E729:   C. Vivacqua, L. Lee Ho, A. Pinho
  Design alternatives for experiments with hard-to-change mixed-level factors
  E918:   C. Conigliani, A. Manca, A. Tancredi
  Prediction of patient reported outcome measures via multivariate ordered probit models
  E1217:   W. Cheng
  Social media data mining using statistical learning
Session ES77 Room: B20
Mathematical aspects of copulas II Monday 16.12.2013    10:55 - 13:00
Chair: Wolfgang Trutschnig Organizer: Fabrizio Durante , Wolfgang Trutschnig
  E1054:   J. Swanepoel, P. Janssen, N. Veraverbeke
  Some new properties of the Bernstein estimator of a copula density
  E231:   J. Gonzalez-Barrios, M. Hernandez-Cedillo
  Sample $d$-copula of order $m$
  E720:   E. Foscolo
  Inference on copula-based correlation structure models
  E823:   F. Spizzichino
  Some classes of copulas related with target-based utilities
  E667:   S. Sumetkijakan, P. Ruankong
  Essential closures
Parallel session Q: Monday 16.12.2013 14:30 - 15:50

Session ES112 Room: B35
Computational statistics II Monday 16.12.2013    14:30 - 15:50
Chair: Michael Berry Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E1085:   R. Buergin, G. Ritschard
  Tree-based method for varying coefficients in ordinal regression models with random effects
  E1224:   M. Cosbuc, C. Gatu, E. Kontoghiorghes
  An efficient algorithm for estimating block recursive simultaneous equations model
  E993:   M. Philipp, T. Rusch, K. Hornik, C. Strobl
  A framework for measuring the stability of recursive partitioning results
  E1210:   A. Koloydenko, J. Lember, U. Mat
  HMM-based learning with generalised hidden path estimators
Session ES49 Room: B30
Contributions to nonparametric and robust statistics Monday 16.12.2013    14:30 - 15:50
Chair: Peter Rousseeuw Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E1129:   J. Gastwirth, M. Lyon, L. Cheung, B. Dumbacher
  The advantages of utilizing group means in estimating the Lorenz curve and Gini index from grouped data
  E1130:   J. Zelinka
  Generalized kernel estimates
  E1132:   Z. Praskova, O. Chochola
  Robust procedures for detection changes in linear models
  E1271:   J. Antoch
  Robust and nonparametric procedures in change point detection
Session ES113 Room: B34
Statistical inference I Monday 16.12.2013    14:30 - 15:50
Chair: Michael Falk Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E985:   M. Cattelan, N. Sartori
  Empirical and simulated adjustments of composite likelihood ratio statistics
  E1171:   M. Kateri, U. Kamps
  Inference in step-stress models: Cumulative exposure vs. tampered failure rate
  E1087:   Y. Lee
  Partial mean processes with generated regressors: Continuous treatment effects and nonseparable models
  E1071:   P. Sur, G. Shmueli, S. Bose, P. Dubey
  Modelling bimodal discrete data using COM-Poisson mixtures
Session ES114 Room: B33
Multivariate statistics I Monday 16.12.2013    14:30 - 15:50
Chair: Robert Serfling Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E278:   F. Marques
  The multisample block-diagonal equicorrelation and equivariance test: A near-exact approach
  E974:   S. Aulbach, M. Falk
  Testing for a $\delta$-neighborhood of a generalized Pareto copula
  E1050:   K. Adachi, N. Trendafilov
  A new sparse PCA procedure via decomposing PCA loss function
  E1187:   K. Hirose, S. Kim, Y. Kano, M. Imada, M. Yoshida, M. Matsuo
  Maximum likelihood factor analysis with a large number of missing values
Session ES115 Room: B18
Bayesian methods Monday 16.12.2013    14:30 - 15:50
Chair: Ajay Jasra Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E381:   M. Papathomas, S. Richardson
  The Dirichlet process clustering model to assist the investigation of high order interactions and graphical linear models
  E844:   M. Castro, V. Lachos, D. Galvis
  Bayesian semiparametric linear mixed: Effects models with normal/independent distributions
  E1104:   N. Depraetere, M. Vandebroek
  A comparison of variational approximations for fast inference in mixed logit models
  E1111:   P. de Zea Bermudez, K. Turkman, A. Turkman
  Approximate Bayesian computation for bilinear processes
Session ES46 Room: G16
Contributions to statistical algorithms and software in R Monday 16.12.2013    14:30 - 15:50
Chair: Cristian Gatu Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E222:   N. Nooraee, G. Molenberghs, E. van den Heuvel
  GEE for longitudinal ordinal data: Comparing R-repolr, R-ordgee, SAS-GENMOD, SPSS-GENLIN
  E886:   R. Wehrens, P. Franceschi
  Biomarker selection for omics data
  E898:   A. Cebrian, J. Abaurrea, J. Asin
  NHPoisson: An R package for fitting and validating nonhomogeneous Poisson processes
  E1099:   C. Minuesa, M. Gonzalez, I. del Puerto
  Nonparametric inference for controlled branching processes: Expectation-maximization algorithm
Session ES121 Room: B36
Contributions in time series analysis I Monday 16.12.2013    14:30 - 15:50
Chair: Marc Hallin Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E279:   A. Piryatinska, B. Darkhovsky
  Model-free detection of structural breaks in time series
  E949:   A. Alj, K. Jonasson, G. Melard
  The exact quasi-likelihood estimation of time-dependent VARMA models
  E950:   M. Akinyemi, G. Boshnakov
  Mixture autoregressive models and financial risk
  E1020:   D. Kugiumtzis
  Detection of structural changes using an information causality measure
Session ES96 Room: B02
Contributions to graphical models Monday 16.12.2013    14:30 - 15:50
Chair: Daniel Vogel Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E584:   K. Panayidou
  Tree entropy for variable selection
  E1003:   M. Bramati
  Social network analysis and Bayesian networks: Taxonomy of environmental contrasts
  E994:   C. Oates, S. Mukherjee
  Bayesian estimation of multiple graphical models
Session ES126 Room: G15
Contributions in statistical modelling Monday 16.12.2013    14:30 - 15:50
Chair: Eric Beutner Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E920:   N. Sartori, R. Bellio, C. Di Caterina
  Monte Carlo modified likelihood for panel data models
  E965:   M. Bee, G. Espa, D. Giuliani
  Approximate maximum likelihood estimation of the autologistic model
  E1105:   F. Pennoni, F. Bartolucci, G. Vittadini
  Causal effect of the degree programs on the work path of the graduates in the multivariate latent Markov model
  E1011:   A. Gottard
  Using data cloning for estimating a Bradley-Terry model at the presence of informative cluster size
Session ES108 Room: B20
Contributions on high-dimensional statistics Monday 16.12.2013    14:30 - 15:50
Chair: Richard Samworth Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E941:   T. Honda, M. Cheng, J. Li, H. Peng
  Nonparametric independence screening and structural identification for ultra-high dimensional longitudinal data
  E971:   T. Gebru, N. Trendafilov
  Sparse linear discriminant analysis in high-dimensions: A review
  E1126:   F. Giordano, S. Lahiri, M. Parrella
  GRID for variable selection in high dimensional regression
Session ES131 Room: B29
Contributions to optimal designs Monday 16.12.2013    14:30 - 15:50
Chair: Alexander Donev Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E970:   J. Vidal-Sanz, M. Esteban-Bravo, A. Leszkiewicz
  Optimal experimental designs for nonlinear analysis: Solving the conundrum
  E1180:   N. Youssef
  Approximate Bayesian adaptive optimal design for computer experiments
  E1241:   A. Boukouvalas, D. Cornford, M. Stehlik
  Optimal design for correlated processes with input-dependent noise
  E977:   F. Miller, E. Fackle Fornius, H. Nyquist
  Maximin efficient designs for estimating the interesting part of a dose-effect curve
Parallel session R: Monday 16.12.2013 16:20 - 17:40

Session ES119 Room: Gordon
Computational statistics III Monday 16.12.2013    16:20 - 17:40
Chair: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E1142:   L. Geppert, K. Ickstadt
  Frequentist and Bayesian regression analysis of very large data sets in R
  E339:   S. Huda
  D-minimax second-order designs over hypercubes for extrapolation and restricted interpolation regions
  E206:   M. Poblador
  A control chart design for monitoring autocorrelated processes with multiple exogenous inputs under model uncertainty
  E1212:   A. Sirchenko
  A cross-nested ordered probit model with an application to policy interest rate
Session ES122 Room: Montague
Contributions in time series analysis II Monday 16.12.2013    16:20 - 17:40
Chair: Soumendra Lahiri Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E956:   A. Shelef
  A Gini-based test for unit root
  E1092:   C. Cordeiro, M. Neves
  A bootstrap contribution in forecasting
  E1123:   A. Baxevani, K. Podgorski
  Laplace moving average processes and their spectral representation
  E1199:   A. Olivares Nadal, E. Carrizosa, P. Ramirez-Cobo
  A robust autoregressive forecasting method for the newsvendor problem
Session ES105 Room: Bedford
Multivariate statistics II Monday 16.12.2013    16:20 - 17:40
Chair: Piercesare Secchi Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E810:   R. Calabrese, S. Osmetti
  Predicting bivariate binary rare events responses using generalised extreme value regression model and copula function
  E1061:   H. Frick, C. Strobl, A. Zeileis
  Assessing answer patterns in questionnaire/item response data using mixtures of Rasch models
  E1086:   A. Martinez-Ruiz
  Wold approach for nonlinear PLS mode B structural models
  E1119:   M. Yamamoto, K. Hayashi
  Clustering of multivariate binary data via penalized latent class analysis with dimension reduction
Session ES116 Room: 349
Methodological statistics Monday 16.12.2013    16:20 - 17:40
Chair: Joseph L. Gastwirth Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E827:   K. Knight
  The penalized analytic centre estimator
  E1097:   J. Carcamo, S. Nieto, A. Baillo
  The convergence of the reverse integrated empirical process in $L_p$ with applications
  E1219:   L. Xiang, X. Ma
  Semiparametric mixture cure transformation models for clustered interval-censored survival data
  E1041:   D. Bolano, A. Berchtold
  Hidden mixture transition distribution (MTD) model: General framework and model selection criteria
Session ES98 Room: Woburn
Contributions to computational approaches in financial economics Monday 16.12.2013    16:20 - 17:40
Chair: Efstathia Bura Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E079:   Y. Dominicy, P. Ilmonen, D. Veredas
  A multivariate Hill estimator
  E946:   C. Oesch
  An agent-based model for market impact
  E1060:   R. Neck, D. Blueschke, V. Blueschke-Nikolaeva
  Optimal macroeconomic policies for nonlinear econometric models with rational expectations
  E1206:   A. Witt, J. Nagler, M. Kersting, T. Geisel
  Correlation networks: Processes, time series and surrogate data
Session ES130 Room: G21A
Copulas Monday 16.12.2013    16:20 - 17:40
Chair: Fabio Spizzichino Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E118:   P. Lambert
  Spline estimation of conditional copulas
  E156:   R. van den Akker, J. Segers, B. Werker
  Semiparametric Gaussian copula models: Geometry and efficient rank-based estimation
  E1195:   H. Tsukahara
  Smoothing out pseudo-observations for copula models
  E988:   G. Mazo, F. Forbes, S. Girard
  A copula to handle tail dependence in high dimension
Session ES57 Room: Beveridge
Contributions to robust statistics Monday 16.12.2013    16:20 - 17:40
Chair: Christophe Croux Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E193:   V. Lachos
  Nonlinear mixed-effects models and diagnostics for censored HIV viral loads with CD4 measurement error
  E883:   S. Shahriari, S. Faria, A. Goncalves
  A robust version of least angle regression
  E1056:   J. Visek
  Significance of explanatory variables for the robustified least squares
  E957:   V. Oellerer, A. Alfons, C. Croux
  The shooting S-estimator: Robust regression in the independent contamination model
Session ES128 Room: Bloomsbury
Contributions in functional data analysis Monday 16.12.2013    16:20 - 17:40
Chair: Serge Guillas Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E1015:   H. Shang
  Bayesian bandwidth estimation for a nonparametric functional regression model
  E1147:   C. Sguera, P. Galeano, R. Lillo
  Spatial depth-based outlier detection for functional data
  E1198:   A. Park, S. Guillas
  Functional principal fitted component regression models using penalized B-splines
  E908:   A. Rackauskas
  On a maximal increment of partial sums
Session ES106 Room: Senate
Statistical inference II Monday 16.12.2013    16:20 - 17:40
Chair: Wicher Bergsma Organizer: ERCIM 2013
  E1141:   M. Ferraro, A. Colubi, G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez
  Checking linearity for a multivariate regression model
  E1016:   S. Nieto, A. Baillo, J. Carcamo
  A test for the validity of the hnbue assumption based on an L1 distance
  E937:   C. Muller, T. Kim
  A test for endogeneity in conditional quantiles
  E1046:   G. Watanabe, N. Shinozaki
  Estimation of two ordered normal means with known covariance matrix and its numerical analysis