Organized Invited Sessions
  • EO008: Recent advances in causal inferences
    Organizers: Wei Huang
  • EO009: Recent advances in financial econometrics
    Organizers: Toshiaki Watanabe
  • EO010: Latent variable models and applications
    Organizers: Gongjun Xu
  • EO011: Modern analytical methods for biomedical research
    Organizers: Jiwei Zhao
  • EO012: Spatial statistics
    Organizers: Soutir Bandyopadhyay
  • EO013: Recent developments in Bayesian methods and high-dimensional statistics
    Organizers: Catherine Liu
  • EO014: Statistical analysis in crime, insurance and production
    Organizers: Boris Choy
  • EO015: Recent advances in high-dimensional data analysis
    Organizers: Kazuyoshi Yata
  • EO016: Methods for causal inference, precision medicine and dimension reduction
    Organizers: Shujie Ma
  • EO017: Text data
    Organizers: Erricos Kontoghiorghes
  • EO018: Advances in nonparametric inference, fairness, and IV regression
    Organizers: Daoji Li
  • EO019: New advances in statistical learning for image, process and clinical data
    Organizers: Tiejun Tong
  • EO020: Multivariate problems for structured dependent data I
    Organizers: Matus Maciak, Michal Pesta
  • EO021: ML in electricity pricing, actuarial loss reserving and efficiency analysis
    Organizers: Boris Choy
  • EO022: Early phase cancer clinical trial designs and reporting guidelines
    Organizers: Yisheng Li
  • EO023: High-dimensional and spatial functional data
    Organizers: Alexander Petersen
  • EO024: Statistical network analysis III
    Organizers: Joshua Cape
  • EO025: Survival analysis with medical and health data science
    Organizers: Takeshi Emura
  • EO026: Bayesian computation for complex models
    Organizers: David Nott
  • EO027: Asset pricing, and risk attitudes towards rare disasters
    Organizers: Go Charles-Cadogan
  • EO028: New challenges for complex and large-scale data
    Organizers: Yichuan Zhao
  • EO029: Recent advances in time series trend and change point analysis (virtual)
    Organizers: Kin Wai Chan
  • EO030: Recent advances in time series econometrics
    Organizers: Kaiji Motegi
  • EO031: Recent advances in high dimensional time series (virtual)
    Organizers: Danna Zhang
  • EO032: Advanced statistical learning approaches in analyzing complex modern data
    Organizers: Xiwei Tang
  • EO034: Recent advance of high-dimensional statistics
    Organizers: Quefeng Li
  • EO035: Advances in modelling ordinal and mixed-type data (virtual)
    Organizers: Cristina Mollica
  • EO036: Current developments in quantitative finance
    Organizers: Rogemar Mamon
  • EO037: Recent advances in high-dimensional statistics and machine learning (virtual)
    Organizers: Xiucai Ding
  • EO038: Recent advances in clustering and high dimensional data analysis
    Organizers: Weixin Yao
  • EO039: Recent advances in experimental design and analysis
    Organizers: Qian Xiao
  • EO040: Statistical methods for functional observations
    Organizers: Ci-Ren Jiang
  • EO042: Cryptocurrency, renewable energy and efficiency
    Organizers: Artem Prokhorov
  • EO043: Advances in large-scale Inference
    Organizers: Peter Radchenko, Bradley Rava
  • EO044: High dimensional data analysis, copula estimation, and genetic statistics
    Organizers: Su-Yun Huang
  • EO045: Hawkes processes in econometrics and statistics
    Organizers: Yoann Potiron
  • EO046: Statistical learning in finance
    Organizers: Li-Hsien Sun
  • EO047: Statistics in neuroscience
    Organizers: Russell Shinohara
  • EO048: Recent developments on panel data analysis
    Organizers: Wendun Wang
  • EO050: Weighting and dynamic approaches to causal inference
    Organizers: Luke Keele
  • EO051: Recent advances in analysis of point process data
    Organizers: Kuang-Yao Lee
  • EO052: Recent developments in estimation methods: Theory and applications
    Organizers: Zhihua Su
  • EO055: Econometrics and statistics for the digital asset economy
    Organizers: Stephen Chan, Jeffrey Chu
  • EO056: Recent developments in design of experiments
    Organizers: Min-Qian Liu
  • EO057: The Stein method, limit theorems and applications
    Organizers: Xiao Fang
  • EO058: Causal inference
    Organizers: Yen-Tsung Huang
  • EO059: Modern statistical methods for data analysis
    Organizers: Kuo-Jung Lee
  • EO060: New challenges and insights in high-dimensional statistics
    Organizers: Lingzhou Xue
  • EO061: Causal mediation analysis and principal stratification
    Organizers: Caleb Miles
  • EO062: Recent advance in neuroimaging studies
    Organizers: Yi Zhao
  • EO063: Emerging statistical approaches to improve the development of cultivars
    Organizers: Reka Howard, Hiroyoshi Iwata
  • EO064: Statistical models for complex brain imaging data
    Organizers: Shuo Chen
  • EO065: Theory and methods for high-dimensional and complex data
    Organizers: Anuradha Roy
  • EO066: Recent advances in econometrics
    Organizers: Seok Young Hong
  • EO067: Spatial and network econometrics
    Organizers: Tadao Hoshino
  • EO068: Recent advances in large-scale data analysis
    Organizers: Xiaojun Mao
  • EO069: Recent advances in Bayesian analysis
    Organizers: Jouchi Nakajima
  • EO070: Statistical analysis for data with complex structures
    Organizers: Binyan Jiang, Jing Zeng
  • EO071: Modeling longitudinal and time-to-event data: New directions and innovations
    Organizers: Esra Kurum
  • EO072: Recent advances in Gaussian process theory and applications
    Organizers: Cheng Li
  • EO073: Spatial epidemiology
    Organizers: Pei-Sheng Lin
  • EO074: Fiscal and monetary policies
    Organizers: Etsuro Shioji
  • EO075: Developments in time series modelling and inference
    Organizers: Feiyu Jiang
  • EO076: Progress in learning and modelling of complex time series and spatial data
    Organizers: Zudi Lu
  • EO077: Nonparametric causal inference
    Organizers: Jason Xu
  • EO078: Recent developments in copula modeling
    Organizers: Pavel Krupskiy
  • EO079: Statistical challenges for complex brain signals and images
    Organizers: Michele Guindani
  • EO080: Recent developments in time series econometrics
    Organizers: Cy Sin
  • EO081: Design and analysis of complex experiments: Theory and applications
    Organizers: MingHung Kao
  • EO082: New advances in time series econometrics: Theory and applications
    Organizers: Kun Chen
  • EO083: Novel statistical approaches to brain signals and images
    Organizers: Hernando Ombao
  • EO084: Advances in business analytics
    Organizers: Amanda Chu
  • EO086: Statistical theory for stochastic processes
    Organizers: Teppei Ogihara
  • EO087: Recent developments in insurance statistics
    Organizers: Sangyeol Lee
  • EO088: Ecological statistics modeling
    Organizers: Wen-Han Hwang
  • EO089: Recent advances in time series modeling
    Organizers: George Michailidis
  • EO090: Estimation of eigenvectors and covariance matrices in high dimensions
    Organizers: Lisa Goldberg
  • EO091: Statistical methods and dependence in space and/or time
    Organizers: Moritz Jirak
  • EO093: Advanced developments in complex data analysis and experimental design
    Organizers: Ming-Chung Chang
  • EO094: Extreme value analysis for complex data
    Organizers: Gilles Stupfler
  • EO095: Advances in complex time series analysis
    Organizers: Clifford Lam
  • EO096: Personalized decision-making with longitudinal data
    Organizers: Yifan Cui
  • EO097: Modern statistical methods for longitudinal and imaging data
    Organizers: Xinyuan Song
  • EO098: Dynamic topological data analysis on time series data
    Organizers: Moo K Chung
  • EO099: High dimensional regression in biomedical applications
    Organizers: Johan Lim
  • EO100: Machine learning theory and robustness
    Organizers: Andreas Christmann, Yiming Ying
  • EO101: Causal inference: Methods and applications (virtual)
    Organizers: Subir Ghosh
  • EO102: Repeated measures, FDA, nonparametric regression, and regularized t-test
    Organizers: Yuedong Wang
  • EO103: Advances in network data analysis
    Organizers: Philip Yu
  • EO104: Trustworthy machine learning methods and applications
    Organizers: Xuan Bi
  • EO106: Statistical modeling of relation data
    Organizers: Tianxi Li
  • EO107: Trustworthy and efficient machine learning
    Organizers: Yao Li
  • EO108: New advances in Gaussian process modeling and computer experiments
    Organizers: Chih-Li Sung
  • EO109: Novel methods, algorithms and theory for high-dimensional data
    Organizers: Qing Mai
  • EO110: Recent advances in high-dimensional econometrics
    Organizers: Degui Li
  • EO111: Network data analysis
    Organizers: Frederick Kin Hing Phoa
  • EO112: Nonparametric methods in finance and econometrics
    Organizers: Weixuan Zhu
  • EO113: Econometrics and statistics on unobserved heterogeneity
    Organizers: Katsumi Shimotsu
  • EO114: Network, graphical model and mixture models
    Organizers: Wenlin Dai
  • EO115: New developments in imaging and genetics using large scale studies
    Organizers: Haochang Shou
  • EO118: High-dimensional mediation analysis (virtual)
    Organizers: Yuan Huang
  • EO119: New directions in time series analysis
    Organizers: Sumanta Basu
  • EO120: Advances in time series, random forests and causal inference
    Organizers: Hiroshi Shiraishi
  • EO121: Skew distributions on the circle and their applications
    Organizers: Tomoaki Imoto
  • EO122: Spatial and spatio-temporal methods
    Organizers: Hsin-Cheng Huang
  • EO123: Nonstationary and high-dimensional time series: Solutions for challenges
    Organizers: Ansgar Steland
  • EO124: New developments in microbiome research
    Organizers: Gen Li
  • EO125: Modern statistical inference for complex data (virtual)
    Organizers: Meimei Liu, Hongxiao Zhu
  • EO127: Recent advances in functional data analysis (virtual)
    Organizers: Ruiyan Luo
  • EO128: Applied mathematics, statistics, and AI in portfolio optimization
    Organizers: Chi Seng Pun
  • EO129: Econometric modeling with time series
    Organizers: Tao Wang
  • EO130: Modern and innovative statistical learning methods for complex data (virtual)
    Organizers: Guannan Wang
  • EO131: Complex space-time structures with modern spatio-temporal statistics
    Organizers: Stefano Castruccio
  • EO132: Extreme risk measures estimation in various attraction domains
    Organizers: Antoine Usseglio-Carleve
  • EO133: Recent contributions to nonparametric and semiparametric models
    Organizers: Alexandra Soberon
  • EO134: Recent developments in time-series and econometrics
    Organizers: Shih-Feng Huang
  • EO135: Bayesian non-parametric modelling with applications
    Organizers: Andrea Cremaschi
  • EO136: Recent advances of high-dimensional data analysis
    Organizers: Jin-Ting Zhang
  • EO137: Recent advances in statistcal methods in biomedical applications
    Organizers: Seung Jun Shin
  • EO138: Learning methods for latent structures
    Organizers: Long Nguyen
  • EO139: Recent advances in the analysis of data with complex structures
    Organizers: Xin Wang, Yuhang Xu
  • EO140: Recent developments for modeling high-dimensional and complex data
    Organizers: Wenbo Wu
  • EO141: Robust time series prediction using alternative data and machine learning
    Organizers: Jeffrey Bohn
  • EO142: Statistical inference for nonstationary data structures
    Organizers: Alessia Caponera
  • EO143: Recent advances in Bayesian methods: Prediction and causal inference
    Organizers: Kenichiro McAlinn
  • EO144: Environmental data modeling, prediction and risk assessment
    Organizers: Stefano Rizzelli
  • EO145: Recent advances on quantile and tail analysis
    Organizers: Ting Zhang
  • EO147: Probability and stochastic geometry with statistical applications
    Organizers: Claudio Durastanti
  • EO148: Innovative design and analysis methods for optimizing healthcare
    Organizers: Nina Deliu
  • EO149: Recent advances in time series and change-point analysis
    Organizers: Chun Yip Yau
  • EO150: Causal inference in observational studies
    Organizers: Yeonseung Chung
  • EO151: Recent advances in panel data econometrics
    Organizers: Takahide Yanagi
  • EO152: Random matrix theory for complex data (virtual)
    Organizers: Cheng Wang
  • EO153: Interpretable statistics and ML for biological and biomedical data (virtual)
    Organizers: Wei Vivian Li
  • EO154: Advances in semiparametric methods for causal inference
    Organizers: Kendrick Li, Xu Shi
  • EO155: Recent advances in statistical methods and theory
    Organizers: Mengyu Xu
  • EO157: Efficient methods for fitting complex network models (virtual)
    Organizers: Can Minh Le
  • EO158: Advances in contemporary spatial and spatiotemporal data analysis
    Organizers: Shan Yu
  • EO159: Modern machine learning methods dealing with a variety of data issues
    Organizers: Xinyi Li
  • EO162: Modern development in longitudinal/survival data analyses
    Organizers: Hyunkeun Cho
  • EO163: Recent advances in stochastic modelling (virtual)
    Organizers: Shuyang Bai
  • EO164: Recent advances in design and analysis of complex experiments
    Organizers: Xinwei Deng
  • EO165: Recent statistical advances in biomedical sciences
    Organizers: Yunpeng Zhao
  • EO166: High-dimensional/spatial time series analysis: Theory and applications
    Organizers: Yasumasa Matsuda
  • EO168: Recent advances in high-dimensional and dependent data analysis
    Organizers: Ching-Kang Ing
  • EO169: Causal machine learning with high dimensional modeling
    Organizers: Zhe Fei
  • EO170: Recent developments in degradation analysis and related topics I
    Organizers: Tsai-Hung Fan
  • EO171: Joint modelling of multi-outcome data
    Organizers: Christiana Charalambous
  • EO172: Recent developments in degradation analysis and related topics II
    Organizers: Tsai-Hung Fan
  • EO173: Survival analysis: Theory and methods
    Organizers: Takeshi Emura
  • EO176: Mathematics of data science
    Organizers: Dingxuan Zhou
  • EO177: Recent development in network data analysis
    Organizers: Chenlei Leng
  • EO178: New topics in mathematical statistics
    Organizers: Yoichi Nishiyama
  • EO179: Snapshot on current functional data methodologies
    Organizers: Frederic Ferraty
  • EO180: Recent advances in the analysis of censored data
    Organizers: Sy Han Chiou
  • EO181: Statistical learning on complex data
    Organizers: Ting Li
  • EO182: Recent advances in nowcasting (virtual)
    Organizers: Ekaterina Smetanina
  • EO183: Advances of high-dimensional statistics in biological and biomedical research
    Organizers: Zhao Ren
  • EO184: Bayesian methods and scalable computation for emerging studies (virtual)
    Organizers: Zhenke Wu
  • EO185: Recent advances in causal inference and missing data
    Organizers: BaoLuo Sun
  • EO187: Statistical methods in health research
    Organizers: Jeong Hoon Jang
  • EO188: Topics in graphical modeling
    Organizers: Sang-Yun Oh
  • EO189: Recent advances in network analyses
    Organizers: Xianzheng Huang, Hongmei Zhang
  • EO192: Advances in time series and spatial data analysis
    Organizers: Soudeep Deb
  • EO193: Recent advances at the intersection of statistics and machine learning
    Organizers: Yichen Cheng
  • EO195: Recent advances in statistical modeling
    Organizers: Eftychia Solea
  • EO196: Recent advances in methodological econometrics
    Organizers: Chu-An Liu
  • EO197: Statistical methodologies for infinite dimensional data
    Organizers: Subhra Sankar Dhar
  • EO198: Bayesian structure discovery
    Organizers: Sameer Deshpande
  • EO199: Complex time series
    Organizers: Wai-keung Li
  • EO200: Advances in time series econometrics
    Organizers: Jihyun Kim
  • EO201: Treatment effect heterogeneity and related topics
    Organizers: Seojeong Jay Lee
  • EO202: Statistical advances in genetic epidemiology
    Organizers: Debashree Ray
  • EO204: Advanced and practical Bayesian methods for biomedical research
    Organizers: Yuan Ji
  • EO205: Topics in microbiome data analysis
    Organizers: Julia Fukuyama
  • EO207: Change points detection for time series
    Organizers: Likai Chen
  • EO210: Large-scale Bayesian inference
    Organizers: Mattias Villani
  • EO211: Advances in statistics
    Organizers: Yang Ni
  • EO212: Topics in statistical learning
    Organizers: Archer Yang
  • EO213: Recent advances in financial big data analysis
    Organizers: Minseok Shin
  • EO214: Recent developments in complex data analysis
    Organizers: Xin He
  • EO215: Current developments in industrial and applied statistics
    Organizers: Chang-Yun Lin, Tsung-Jen Shen
  • EO216: Stochastic frontier and productivity analysis with panel data applications
    Organizers: Kai Sun
  • EO218: Forecast combination
    Organizers: Andrey Vasnev
  • EO219: Checking for model structural change in high-dimensional data
    Organizers: Lixing Zhu
  • EO220: Estimation for models with complex structural data
    Organizers: Lixing Zhu
  • EO222: Advances in graphical models
    Organizers: David Rossell
  • EO223: Bayesian modelling with mixture models
    Organizers: Tommaso Rigon
  • EO225: Advances in Bayesian nonparametrics and model-based clustering
    Organizers: Beatrice Franzolini
  • EO226: Asymptotic statistics for stochastic processes
    Organizers: Masayuki Uchida
  • EO227: Advances in Bayesian theory and computing
    Organizers: Antonio Lijoi
  • EO228: Statistical ML in cybersecurity
    Organizers: Fletcher Christensen
  • EO229: New advances in functional data analysis
    Organizers: Jane-Ling Wang
  • EO232: Recent developments in econometric theory
    Organizers: Cy Sin
  • EO233: Advances in model-based clustering (virtual)
    Organizers: Shuchismita Sarkar
  • EO234: Recent advancements in reliability and quantile modeling
    Organizers: Tony Sit
  • EO235: Statistical network analysis II
    Organizers: Avanti Athreya
  • EO236: Statistical network analysis I
    Organizers: Keith Levin
  • EO237: Statistics in sports
    Organizers: Marica Manisera, Paola Zuccolotto
  • EO238: Spatial statistics
    Organizers: Debashis Mondal
  • EO239: Analysis challenges for complex featured data
    Organizers: Wenqing He
  • EO240: Advances in functional data analysis and their applications
    Organizers: Hidetoshi Matsui
  • EO241: Recent advances in functional data/ longitudinal data
    Organizers: Mengying You
  • EO242: Bayesian modeling and computation with behavioral and social applications
    Organizers: Xiaojing Wang
  • EO244: The art and science of predictive modeling: From theory to practice
    Organizers: Boxiang Wang
  • EO246: Estimation, inference and forecasting in panel data analysis
    Organizers: Xiaoyi Han
  • EO247: Inference and prediction in Bayesian nonparametrics
    Organizers: Marta Catalano
  • EO248: Advances in dimension reduction: Theory and applications (virtual)
    Organizers: Wenhui Sheng
  • EO249: Statistics on manifolds
    Organizers: Tomonari Sei
  • EO250: New statistical methods in neuroimaging
    Organizers: John Kornak
  • EO251: Advanced statistical methods for biomedical data
    Organizers: Eunjee Lee
  • EO252: Recent advances in statistical theory and methods
    Organizers: Arlene Kyoung Hee Kim
  • EO306: Recent developments in spectral image data analysis
    Organizers: Yunlong Feng
  • EO307: Survival analysis and biomedical statistics
    Organizers: Takeshi Emura
  • EO308: Optimal experimental designs: Recent advances and applications
    Organizers: Saumen Mandal
  • EO309: Recent developments in high-dimensional change point analysis
    Organizers: Hyeyoung Maeng
  • EO310: Multivariate problems for structured dependent data II
    Organizers: Matus Maciak, Michal Pesta
  • EO311: High-dimensional data analysis with cluster structure
    Organizers: Antonio Elias
  • EO312: Statistical design and modeling for life and climate sciences
    Organizers: Andreas Futschik
  • EO313: Financial modelling in changing market conditions
    Organizers: Christina Erlwein-Sayer