Summary for virtual access

  1. Log in to the registration tool. Get the daily password there.
  2. Open another tab and go to the interactive programme (schedule). Click on the slot you wish to attend and then on the session. If it is hybrid, click on the blinking room of the floor map. You will be redirected to Zoom, where you will need to use the daily password.
  3. Keep the zoom chat visible to read the indications of the chair and conference assistants.

Detailed indications to access online the virtual and hybrid sessions

  1. Read the General Information and the Technical Requirements carefully before entering the virtual rooms. Accessing this conference implies accepting the conditions.
  2. Log in to the registration tool and keep your session open. Only registered participants with a session open in the same browser will be able to access the virtual conference.
  3. Log in to Zoom (alternatively, you can join Zoom from your browser) and make sure you have the same first name and family name as for the conference so that the conference staff can identify you. You can rename yourself if needed. Otherwise, you will be required to identify yourself using the chat, and if you fail to do that, you will be removed from the session.
  4. The virtual rooms are accessible only from the interactive programme (schedule), not from the static full programme (see below).
  5. The hybrid rooms are associated with an onsite and a virtual room. The virtual rooms associated with hybrid rooms are also accessible from the interactive programme (see below).
  6. You can personalize your programme from the static list of abstracts by selecting the sessions you wish to attend. If you personalize your programme, you will get a link to your personal interactive programme connecting to the selected virtual sessions.
  7. Open the link to the (personalized) interactive programme.
  8. Click on the slot to attend and then choose the session (please click on the session, not on the talk you wish to attend. If you click on the talk, you will only see the abstract). If the session is virtual, you will be redirected to the zoom link. If the session is hybrid, the floor map showing the onsite room location will be open. Click on the room blinking on the floor map to be redirected to the virtual room link. Please do that only 5-6 minutes before the session starts, to give time to the previous session to finish.
  9. If you are not registered for the conference or are not logged in to the registration and submission tool, you will get an error and be requested to do that. Once logged in, please return to the web page that gave the error and refresh it. You can also return to your conference schedule and click on the session you wish to attend.
  10. Once you are redirected to Zoom (or Gather Town for the poster session), type the Zoom password (or Gather Town password for the poster session) that you can find on the registration tool.
  11. Make sure that you have entered the Zoom room (or Gather Town room for the Poster session) with the same name and surname you have registered for the conference. Otherwise, change your name and surname as soon as possible. Attendants not on the list of participants will be removed if they fail to identify themselves using the chat.
  12. Check that your audio and video are working correctly (watch this short tutorial video).
  13. Keep your micro off except to present or participate when the chair allows it. When you wish to make a question or a comment, use the option "raise your hand" (see below). Please note that the chair may not see the chat on Zoom, and you will need to unmute yourself to request an opportunity to speak during the Q&A time.
  14. To raise your hand, click on the "Participants" icon at the bottom center of your computer or phone screen. At the bottom of the Participants window, click the "Raise Hand" button.
  15. When the chair passes the floor to you, you should enable your micro and video to make your question or comment.
  16. You can switch sessions at any moment. Please note that you may need a new password if the old one has been updated in the meantime.
  17. For the poster session, you will be able to see each poster and interact with the presenter when your avatar approaches the corresponding poster panel in Gather Town.
  18. If you receive any unwanted message through the chat or observe any inappropriate behaviour, please report to the "Angel" of the room.