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    CMStatistics 2023 Organized Invited Sessions
    • EO039: Statistics in neuroscience I
      Organizers: Russell Shinohara
    • EO040: Statistics in neuroscience II
      Organizers: Jeff Goldsmith
    • EO041: Projection pursuit II
      Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
    • EO042: Duration data
      Organizers: Yoann Potiron
    • EO043: Statistics and machine learning in multi-omics data analysis and beyond
      Organizers: Roman Hornung
    • EO044: Emerging questions in network inference
      Organizers: Vince Lyzinski
    • EO045: Bayesian and stochastic modeling with complex dependencies
      Organizers: Charles Doss
    • EO046: Copulas and dependence modelling
      Organizers: Piotr Jaworski
    • EO047: Measuring fairness, explainability and safety of machine learning models
      Organizers: Emanuela Raffinetti
    • EO048: Sports analytics
      Organizers: Andreas Groll, Christophe Ley
    • EO049: Statistical modeling in neuroimaging
      Organizers: John Kornak
    • EO050: Advances in empirical Bayes methodology
      Organizers: Asaf Weinstein
    • EO051: Orthogonalization and sparsity in neural networks
      Organizers: David Ruegamer
    • EO052: Deep probabilistic models and interpretability
      Organizers: David Ruegamer
    • EO053: HiTEc: Clustering of complex data structures
      Organizers: Maria Brigida Ferraro, Ana Belen Ramos-Guajardo
    • EO054: Spatial data science
      Organizers: Philipp Otto
    • EO055: (Non-)parametric survival analysis: From simulations to testing
      Organizers: Marc Ditzhaus, Dennis Dobler
    • EO056: Non- and semiparametric survival analysis with covariates
      Organizers: Marc Ditzhaus, Dennis Dobler
    • EO057: Advancements in statistical network analysis
      Organizers: Jonathan Stewart
    • EO058: High-dimensional inference for data science
      Organizers: Jinchi Lv
    • EO059: Statistical models for dependence II
      Organizers: Elisa Perrone
    • EO060: Statistical methods for complex data
      Organizers: Thomas Verdebout
    • EO061: Causal inference for censored data (virtual)
      Organizers: Erica Moodie
    • EO063: Flexible Bayesian approaches for complex problems in causal inference
      Organizers: Michael Daniels
    • EO064: Recent topics in causal inference
      Organizers: Yumou Qiu
    • EO065: Nonlinear models for time series
      Organizers: Maddalena Cavicchioli
    • EO066: Advances in modelling complex dependence structures
      Organizers: Cristina Mollica
    • EO067: Developments in spatial and spatio-temporal disease modeling
      Organizers: Andrew Lawson
    • EO068: Statistical models for imbalanced datasets
      Organizers: Michele La Rocca, Marcella Niglio, Marialuisa Restaino
    • EO069: Mixed-type data clustering
      Organizers: Cristina Tortora
    • EO070: Some challenges for multivariate statistics
      Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
    • EO071: Recent developments on data depth and applications
      Organizers: Sara Lopez Pintado, Alicia Nieto-Reyes
    • EO072: Empirical measures and smoothing methods
      Organizers: Eric Beutner, Henryk Zaehle
    • EO073: New developments in statistics for high frequency data
      Organizers: Nakahiro Yoshida
    • EO074: Extreme value analysis
      Organizers: Gilles Stupfler
    • EO075: Novel statistical methods for wearable device data
      Organizers: Jaroslaw Harezlak
    • EO076: Economic data analysis and statistical inference to unfold uncertainty
      Organizers: Subir Ghosh
    • EO077: Advances in multivariate and high-dimensional statistics
      Organizers: Joni Virta
    • EO078: Statistical analysis of complex structured data: Clustering and smoothing
      Organizers: Weixin Yao
    • EO079: Machine learning and biostatistical methods for health data science
      Organizers: Liqun Diao
    • EO080: New approaches on the inference and modeling of network data
      Organizers: Wen Zhou
    • EO081: Advancement on causal mediation inference and related topics
      Organizers: Wen Zhou
    • EO082: Statistical inference for high-dimensional and network data
      Organizers: Marianna Pensky
    • EO083: Statistical learning in practice
      Organizers: Alejandro Murua
    • EO084: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods II
      Organizers: Andres Felipe Barrientos, Andrea Cremaschi, Guillaume Kon Kam King
    • EO085: Statistical theory and computation for stochastic process models
      Organizers: Hiroki Masuda
    • EO086: Distributional shifts and applications to missing data and causal inference
      Organizers: Xavier de Luna
    • EO087: Bayesian inference for complex models
      Organizers: David Nott
    • EO088: Model and copula-based clustering with missing data
      Organizers: Daniel Fernandez, Marta Nai Ruscone
    • EO089: Computational Methods for Large-Scale Data Analysis
      Organizers: Yixuan Qiu
    • EO090: Advances on Bayesian methods for biostatistics and bioinformatics
      Organizers: Marco Ferreira
    • EO091: Modern directional statistics
      Organizers: Andrea Meilan-Vila
    • EO092: Advances in Bayesian methodology
      Organizers: Riccardo Corradin
    • EO093: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods III
      Organizers: Andres Felipe Barrientos, Andrea Cremaschi, Guillaume Kon Kam King
    • EO095: Massive or high dimensional data: Sketching, subsampling, and more
      Organizers: Alexander Munteanu
    • EO096: Topics on dimension reduction and covariance estimation
      Organizers: Kuang-Yao Lee
    • EO097: Recent developments on dimension reduction and functional data analysis
      Organizers: Eliana Christou
    • EO098: Clustered data analysis and related topics
      Organizers: Sanjoy Sinha
    • EO099: Innovative statistical methods for quality control
      Organizers: Claudio Giovanni Borroni, Manuela Cazzaro
    • EO100: Advances in functional and object data analysis
      Organizers: Sonja Greven
    • EO101: Statistical methods for single-cell and spatial biology (virtual)
      Organizers: Aaron Molstad
    • EO102: High-dimensional complex data modeling, causality and beyond
      Organizers: Chenlu Ke
    • EO103: Statistical methods for modern business applications (virtual)
      Organizers: Trambak Banerjee
    • EO104: Topics on mixture models and related models
      Organizers: Konstantinos Perrakis
    • EO105: Statistical network analysis: Theory, methods, and applications
      Organizers: Joshua Cape
    • EO109: New advances in spatial and environmental statistics
      Organizers: Rajarshi Guhaniyogi
    • EO110: Statistical modeling for complex data and DiD approaches
      Organizers: Abdul-Nasah Soale, Andrej Srakar
    • EO113: Statistical learning with applied functional data analysis (virtual)
      Organizers: Haolun Shi
    • EO114: Developments in regression analysis for big and/or high-dimensional data
      Organizers: Olcay Arslan
    • EO115: Computational methods for option pricing
      Organizers: Diego Ronchetti
    • EO116: Recent cylindrical models and their related topics (virtual)
      Organizers: Toshihiro Abe
    • EO117: Causal LLM, digital health, efficient training, kinlessness, M\&As
      Organizers: Roy Welsch
    • EO118: Modern methods and computational techniques for multifaced data
      Organizers: Luis Mauricio Castro, Tsung-I Lin
    • EO119: Next generation of functional data analysis: From theory to practice
      Organizers: Sophie Dabo, Camille Frevent, Michael Genin
    • EO120: Causal inference: Estimation techniques and fundamental limits
      Organizers: Ashkan Ertefaie
    • EO121: Bayesian asymptotics (virtual)
      Organizers: Catia Scricciolo
    • EO125: Recent advances in GWAS
      Organizers: Linxi Liu
    • EO127: Machine learning for environmental applications
      Organizers: Tim Verdonck
    • EO129: Regression modeling with objects in metric spaces (virtual)
      Organizers: Alexander Petersen
    • EO131: Random matrix theory for high-dimensional statistical problems
      Organizers: Alexander Aue
    • EO133: New developments in high dimensional mixed effects and graphical models
      Organizers: Yuedong Wang
    • EO134: Flexibility of Bayesian mixture models in spatial applications
      Organizers: Alessandra Guglielmi
    • EO135: Modern challenges in Bayesian inference
      Organizers: Mario Beraha, Federico Camerlenghi
    • EO136: Advances in statistical methods for medical data
      Organizers: Michelle Miranda
    • EO137: Advances in analyzing complex data
      Organizers: Hossein Moradi Rekabdarkolaee
    • EO138: Recent advances in multivariate analysis and dimension reduction
      Organizers: Yeonhee Park
    • EO139: High-dimensional statistics
      Organizers: Andreas Artemiou, Sebastian Doehler
    • EO142: y-SIS - Advances in Robust Statistical Methods for Complex Data
      Organizers: Giorgia Zaccaria
    • EO143: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods I
      Organizers: Andres Felipe Barrientos, Andrea Cremaschi, Guillaume Kon Kam King
    • EO145: Recent advances in space-time modelling (virtual)
      Organizers: Maria Franco Villoria
    • EO149: Statistical modeling of complex data structures
      Organizers: Tianxi Li
    • EO151: Recent advances in latent variable modeling
      Organizers: Sara Taskinen
    • EO152: New developments in robust statistics
      Organizers: Ana Maria Bianco, Graciela Boente
    • EO156: Advances in dynamic models
      Organizers: Monia Lupparelli
    • EO157: Statistical learning of non-Gaussian data
      Organizers: Xianzheng Huang
    • EO158: Design of experiments for big data
      Organizers: Irene Garcia-Camacha Gutierrez, Kalliopi Mylona
    • EO160: Novel perspectives in Bayesian statistics (virtual)
      Organizers: Pier Giovanni Bissiri
    • EO161: HiTEc: Functional data clustering
      Organizers: Mimi Zhang
    • EO162: Statistical learning: Privacy, robustness and policy making
      Organizers: Chengchun Shi
    • EO164: Advanced statistical methods for genetics and genomic data
      Organizers: Mengyun Wu
    • EO166: HiTEc: Recent advances in model specification testing
      Organizers: Bojana Milosevic
    • EO167: Statistics in forensic science
      Organizers: Jan Hannig
    • EO169: Clustering of categorical and mixed data II
      Organizers: Giovanna Menardi
    • EO170: Recent advances in Stein's method and statistical applications
      Organizers: Bruno Ebner
    • EO174: EcoSta journal session
      Organizers: Erricos Kontoghiorghes
    • EO175: Statistical power to Bayesian assurance in clinical trials
      Organizers: Din Chen
    • EO177: Recent advances in empirical likelihood methods and its applications
      Organizers: Qing Wang
    • EO179: HiTEc: Structured multivariate and functional data
      Organizers: Matus Maciak, Michal Pesta
    • EO180: Recent advances in change point detection
      Organizers: Likai Chen
    • EO181: Uncertainty quantification via sampling and optimization
      Organizers: Yifan Cui
    • EO182: Graph and neural network models and related topics
      Organizers: Zuofeng Shang
    • EO183: Recent advances in clustering and classification with missing data
      Organizers: Daniel Fernandez, Marta Nai Ruscone
    • EO184: Inference for stochastic differential equations
      Organizers: Masayuki Uchida
    • EO186: Representation learning
      Organizers: Marcell Tamas Kurbucz
    • EO187: Image data modeling, transfer learning and spatial process models
      Organizers: Rajarshi Guhaniyogi
    • EO190: Advances in kernel methods and Gaussian processes
      Organizers: Meng Li
    • EO191: Statistical modelling with complex data
      Organizers: Garth Tarr
    • EO192: Developments of computational statistics for financial applications
      Organizers: Lorenzo Mercuri
    • EO194: Statistical modeling in management science
      Organizers: Sujay Kumar Mukhoti
    • EO196: Bayesian modeling for complex data
      Organizers: Lucia Paci
    • EO198: HiTEc: Contributions to the analysis of high-dimensional and complex data
      Organizers: Eugen Pircalabelu
    • EO199: Recent advances in statistical modeling for risk management
      Organizers: Olivier Lopez
    • EO200: Design and analysis of experiments (virtual)
      Organizers: John Stufken
    • EO201: Recent advances in goodness-of-fit testing and survival analysis
      Organizers: Dimitrios Bagkavos
    • EO202: Multivariate peaks-over-threshold in high dimensions
      Organizers: Thomas Opitz
    • EO206: New advances in spatial econometrics
      Organizers: Anna Gloria Bille
    • EO207: Explainability in machine learning
      Organizers: Natalia Golini, Rosaria Ignaccolo
    • EO208: Applied directional statistics
      Organizers: Guendalina Palmirotta
    • EO209: Statistical machine learning for data analytics
      Organizers: Senthil Murugan Nagarajan
    • EO210: Recent advances in causal inference and data analysis
      Organizers: Widemberg da Silva Nobre
    • EO211: Developments on functional data analysis and subgroup analysis
      Organizers: Bei Jiang
    • EO212: Advances in statistical learning methods and computational statistics
      Organizers: Julien Hambuckers
    • EO213: Non-stationary random fields, theory and applications
      Organizers: Anastassia Baxevani
    • EO214: Risk modeling and analysis of extreme events
      Organizers: F Marta L Di Lascio, Roberta Pappada
    • EO215: Bayesian modeling of time-series data
      Organizers: Michele Guindani
    • EO216: Biostatistical methods in Alzheimer's disease and aging research
      Organizers: Maria Josefsson
    • EO217: Charting the course through coarsened data
      Organizers: Tanya Garcia, Sarah Lotspeich
    • EO219: Conditional independence testing and causal inference
      Organizers: Nabarun Deb
    • EO220: Optimal transport and statistics (virtual)
      Organizers: Bodhisattva Sen
    • EO221: Methods for spatial transcriptomic data
      Organizers: Farouk Nathoo
    • EO222: Bayesian methods for temporal dependence in complex structures
      Organizers: Matthew Heiner
    • EO223: High-dimensional and non-parametric inference for time series
      Organizers: Jens-Peter Kreiss, Anne Leucht
    • EO224: Applied statistical and psychometrics issues in measurement
      Organizers: Daphna Harel, Klint Kanopka
    • EO229: Spatial statistics meets machine and statistical learning
      Organizers: Veronica Berrocal
    • EO230: Targeted machine learning and causal inference : Applications in medicine
      Organizers: Stathis Gennatas
    • EO231: Statistical advances in Mendelian randomization for causal inference
      Organizers: Yuehua Cui
    • EO232: New approaches for modeling high-dimensional multivariate data
      Organizers: Wenbo Wu
    • EO233: Advances in network data analysis
      Organizers: Jesus Arroyo
    • EO234: Statistical analysis of functional and complex data
      Organizers: Alessia Pini
    • EO236: Extremes and dependence
      Organizers: Marie Kratz
    • EO237: Analysis of spatial patterns in neuroimaging
      Organizers: Sarah Weinstein
    • EO238: Statistical innovations in scRNA-seq and spatial transcriptomics analysis
      Organizers: Yuehua Cui
    • EO239: Advances in optimal experimental design
      Organizers: Victor Casero-Alonso, Sergio Pozuelo Campos
    • EO241: Statistical methods for structural health monitoring
      Organizers: Jan Gertheiss
    • EO243: Statistical innovation in pharmaceuticals
      Organizers: Chenguang Wang
    • EO244: Semiparametric and nonparametric methods in mental health research
      Organizers: Andrew Chen
    • EO245: High-dimensional data analysis
      Organizers: Johannes Lederer
    • EO248: Design and analysis of experiments with modern applications
      Organizers: Rakhi Singh
    • EO249: Using social media to enhance survey research
      Organizers: Annamaria Bianchi
    • EO251: Recent development on statistical analysis of complex dependent data
      Organizers: Weichi Wu
    • EO252: New perspectives in latent variable modeling I
      Organizers: Maria Francesca Marino
    • EO254: New perspectives in latent variable modeling II
      Organizers: Maria Francesca Marino, Cristina Mollica
    • EO255: Semiparametric and ordinal regression models
      Organizers: Jonathan Schildcrout
    • EO256: Novel 'omics methods: Transcriptomics, microbiome, and metabolomics
      Organizers: Siyuan Ma, Jonathan Schildcrout
    • EO257: Trust in data science methods
      Organizers: Markus Pauly
    • EO258: Advances in Bayesian computational methods
      Organizers: Khue-Dung Dang
    • EO260: Extremes and risk
      Organizers: Amir Khorrami Chokami
    • EO261: Kernel density estimation in Riemannian manifold and robust ZIP models
      Organizers: Anne Francoise Yao
    • EO264: Multilayer and temporal network analysis
      Organizers: Subhadeep Paul
    • EO265: Statistical methods in weather forecasting
      Organizers: Sandor Baran
    • EO266: Advanced statistical methods and applications in complex data analysis
      Organizers: Yichuan Zhao
    • EO267: Statistical inference for functional connectivity in neuroimaging
      Organizers: Simon Vandekar
    • EO268: Advanced methods and applications of time-to-event data in health research
      Organizers: Samuel Manda
    • EO270: Model assessment
      Organizers: Maria Dolores Jimenez-Gamero
    • EO271: Inference for high dimensional data with complex structures (virtual)
      Organizers: Danna Zhang
    • EO272: Experimental designs: Constructions and application
      Organizers: Stelios Georgiou, Stella Stylianou
    • EO273: Non-regularity in statistical inference for stochastic processes
      Organizers: Kengo Kamatani
    • EO274: Projection pursuit I
      Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
    • EO276: Recent advances for complex data analysis
      Organizers: Juan Romo
    • EO280: Causal discovery, image analysis, regression, and social conflicts
      Organizers: Tapabrata Maiti, Samiran Sinha
    • EO282: Branching and related processes I
      Organizers: Ines M del Puerto, Miguel Gonzalez Velasco
    • EO283: Branching and related processes II
      Organizers: Ines M del Puerto, Miguel Gonzalez Velasco
    • EO284: Bayesian advances: Vaccine safety, mortality, nonlinear tensor regression
      Organizers: Sharmistha Guha
    • EO285: Novel methods and practical strategies for clinical trials
      Organizers: Andrew Spieker
    • EO286: Recent developments in clustering for complex data structure
      Organizers: Monia Ranalli
    • EO287: Cyber risk modeling and assessment
      Organizers: Abdelaati Daouia
    • EO288: Data heterogeneity and integration: Subgroups and individualized modeling
      Organizers: Xiwei Tang
    • EO290: Advances in Markov chain Monte Carlo
      Organizers: Vivekananda Roy
    • EO294: Extremes and machine learning
      Organizers: Stephane Girard, Antoine Usseglio-Carleve
    • EO296: Statistical methods for biological and medical applications
      Organizers: Alberto Cassese
    • EO297: Advances in multivariate and network time series methods
      Organizers: Mirko Armillotta
    • EO298: Recent advances in Bayesian structure learning
      Organizers: Arkaprava Roy
    • EO299: Clustering three-way data
      Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
    • EO300: Concentration and conformal prediction
      Organizers: Arun Kuchibhotla
    • EO304: Recent advance in analytical methods for biomedical and clinical data
      Organizers: Yize Zhao
    • EO305: New directions in network data methodology
      Organizers: Srijan Sengupta
    • EO306: Over-parametrization and overfitting in machine learning
      Organizers: Debarghya Ghoshdastidar
    • EO308: Statistical inference in modern observational studies
      Organizers: Rajarshi Mukherjee
    • EO309: Recent advances in learning from complex data
      Organizers: Xin Bing
    • EO312: Recent developments in biostatistics
      Organizers: Kathrin Moellenhoff
    • EO313: Methodological advances in statistical translation of omics and EHR data
      Organizers: Li-Xuan Qin
    • EO314: Recent advances in statistical learning and analysis for complex data
      Organizers: Lan Gao
    • EO315: Advanced estimation techniques in sample surveys
      Organizers: Francesco Schirripa Spagnolo
    • EO318: Variable selection and estimation in high dimensions (virtual)
      Organizers: Emre Demirkaya
    • EO320: Clustering categorical and mixed-type data
      Organizers: Cristina Tortora
    • EO321: New advances in statistical learning and simulation-based inference
      Organizers: Haotian Xu
    • EO322: Algebraic statistics
      Organizers: Carlos Amendola, Marta Nai Ruscone
    • EO323: Recent advances in random networks
      Organizers: Monika Bhattacharjee
    • EO324: Advances in measuring and predicting socio-economic vulnerabilities
      Organizers: Antonella Dagostino, Chiara Gigliarano
    • EO326: Tme series analysis for sustainable development goals
      Organizers: Clara Cordeiro
    • EO328: Recent developments in imaging and spatial statistics
      Organizers: Jian Kang
    • EO329: Applied spatio-temporal modelling
      Organizers: Finn Lindgren
    • EO331: Advances in Bayesian modeling and computation
      Organizers: Luca Maestrini
    • EO332: Recent advances in quantile regression models
      Organizers: Luca Merlo
    • EO334: Regularized methods for statistical inference
      Organizers: Peter Craigmile, Christopher Hans
    • EO339: Simultaneous and selective statistical inference
      Organizers: Thorsten Dickhaus
    • EO340: New developments for high-dimensional complex structured data
      Organizers: Jiaying Weng
    • EO341: Advances in statistical and computational methods for omics data analysis
      Organizers: Pei Wang
    • EO342: Recent advances in causal inference and its application
      Organizers: Yuexia Zhang
    • EO344: The statistical challenges in model-based data science
      Organizers: Rotem Dror
    • EO345: Statistical methods for sustainable practices
      Organizers: Giada Adelfio, Nicoletta D Angelo
    • EO348: New developments in distance and depth-based statistical learning methods
      Organizers: Giancarlo Manzi, Silvia Salini
    • EO349: Safe, anytime-valid inference
      Organizers: Claudia Di Caterina
    • EO350: Advances in latent variable modeling with complex data structure
      Organizers: Silvia Bacci
    • EO351: Advanced statistical modelling for artificial intelligence and finance
      Organizers: Maria Iannario, Codruta Mare
    • EO352: Modern developments in causal inference and precision medicine
      Organizers: Indrabati Bhattacharya
    • EO353: Recent advances in design of experiments
      Organizers: Vasiliki Koutra
    • EO354: Topics in non-Euclidean statistics
      Organizers: Andrew Wood
    • EO355: Causal inference in social sciences: Methods and applications
      Organizers: Massimo Cannas, Emiliano Sironi
    • EO357: Algebraic and geometric methods in doe
      Organizers: Francesco Porro, Fabio Rapallo
    • EO359: Recent progress in robust causal inference
      Organizers: Zijian Guo
    • EO360: New advances in Bayesian methodology
      Organizers: Jairo Fuquene
    • EO371: Advances in modeling time series of complex data structures
      Organizers: Scott Bruce
    • EO373: Developments in sufficient dimension reduction and statistical networks
      Organizers: Shanshan Ding
    • EO374: Independence properties and invariant measures
      Organizers: Efoevi Angelo Koudou
    • EO377: Recent development in statistical network analysis
      Organizers: Can Minh Le
    • EO378: Integrative analysis via cutting-edge machine learning tools
      Organizers: Nilanjana Laha
    • EO380: Interpretable machine learning for scientific discovery
      Organizers: Reza Abbasi Asl
    • EO381: Recent advances in copula models
      Organizers: Thomas Nagler
    • EO382: Statistical methods for high-dimensional and complex genomic data
      Organizers: Mayetri Gupta
    • EO383: Recent developments in complex survival analysis
      Organizers: Chi Hyun Lee
    • EO384: Modern approaches to directional data analysis
      Organizers: Stefania Fensore
    • EO385: Challenges in categorical data
      Organizers: Andrea Bonanomi, Silvia Angela Osmetti
    • EO387: Societal implications of work in statistics and data science
      Organizers: Jennifer Hill, Ravi Shroff
    • EO388: Depth functions
      Organizers: Thomas Laloe
    • EO390: Bayesian models and computations for complex bio-environmental data
      Organizers: Francesco Denti
    • EO396: Time series: Detecting change-points and dependence
      Organizers: Herold Dehling
    • EO399: Recent advancements in transfer learning
      Organizers: Abolfazl Safikhani
    • EO403: Recent developments on networks and graphical models
      Organizers: Sayar Karmakar
    • EO404: Healthcare analytics: Risk prediction, fairness, and federated learning
      Organizers: Chuan Hong
    • EO405: Recent advances in functional data analysis
      Organizers: Surajit Ray
    • EO406: Robust estimation for contemporary data
      Organizers: Jing Zhou
    • EO409: Regression models for latent structures
      Organizers: Tobias Hepp
    • EO416: Advances in change-point analysis
      Organizers: Yining Chen
    • EO417: Causal inference
      Organizers: Elizabeth Ogburn
    • EO418: Statistical machine learning with kernels and nonlinear transformations
      Organizers: Wenkai Xu
    • EO421: Network models with latent structure
      Organizers: Keith Levin
    • EO423: Advances in high-dimensional and functional data analysis
      Organizers: Marzia Cremona
    • EO424: Statistical analysis of complex data and its applications
      Organizers: Nilanjan Chakraborty
    • EO425: Bayesian nonparametric and machine learning for causal inference
      Organizers: Arman Oganisian
    • EO431: Recent advances in sequential detection and inferences
      Organizers: Liyan Xie
    • EO432: Statistical learning for complex and high-dimensional data
      Organizers: Qianqian Zhu
    • EO433: A challenge of developing statistical approaches for complex data
      Organizers: Keisuke Yano
    • EO434: Spatial and spatiotemporal peaks-over-threshold with flexible models I
      Organizers: Thomas Opitz
    • EO435: Spatial and spatiotemporal peaks-over-threshold with flexible models II
      Organizers: Thomas Opitz
    • EO436: High-dimensional statistics for complex data
      Organizers: Zhengling Qi
    • EO437: Dependence models for incomplete data
      Organizers: Elif Acar
    • EO438: Advances in statistical boosting
      Organizers: Colin Griesbach
    • EO439: Semiparametric models for dependent data
      Organizers: Donatello Telesca
    • EO441: Optimization for statistical learning (virtual)
      Organizers: Ana Kenney
    • EO442: Advances in statistical models and methods for complex data analysis
      Organizers: Jacopo Di Iorio
    • EO446: Measurement and missing data in causal inference for mHealth
      Organizers: Linda Valeri
    • EO454: From data to wisdom
      Organizers: Andriette Bekker
    • EO455: Advances in extreme value theory
      Organizers: Zhongwei Zhang
    • EO456: Recent developments in theory and applications of robust learning
      Organizers: Yunlong Feng
    • EO525: Advances in statistical imaging
      Organizers: Michele Guindani
    • EO526: Individualized treatment strategies and treatment effect heterogeneity
      Organizers: Nicholas Illenberger
    • EO527: Methodology for structured data
      Organizers: Ranjan Maitra
    • EO529: Education and labor market: Applications and statistical advances
      Organizers: Francesca Giambona
    • EO530: Computational statistics for environment and life
      Organizers: Ayesha Ali
    CFE 2023 Organized Invited Sessions
    • CO016: HiTEc: Advances in forecasting and risk management
      Organizers: Alessandra Amendola
    • CO017: Macroeconomic uncertainty and textual analysis
      Organizers: Wojciech Charemza, Svetlana Makarova
    • CO018: Time series econometrics
      Organizers: Antonio Montanes
    • CO019: Copulas, instruments, lasso, and cost-sensitive learning in high dimensions
      Organizers: Artem Prokhorov
    • CO020: Time series econometrics
      Organizers: Johan Lyhagen
    • CO021: Energy, sustainability and CO2 emissions
      Organizers: Massimiliano Caporin, Luigi Grossi
    • CO022: Modelling regime change and disruptions I
      Organizers: Willi Semmler
    • CO023: Advances in high-dimensional structural modeling
      Organizers: Martin Wagner
    • CO024: Recent developments in time series and panel econometrics
      Organizers: Robinson Kruse-Becher
    • CO025: Advancements of survival and duration models
      Organizers: Ralf Wilke
    • CO026: Climate change econometrics and financial markets
      Organizers: Luca De Angelis
    • CO027: Uncertainty in macroeconomics and empirical finance
      Organizers: Etsuro Shioji
    • CO028: Bayesian time series methods for macroeconomics and finance
      Organizers: Gary Koop
    • CO029: AI for Energy Finance - AI4EFin II
      Organizers: Alla Petukhina
    • CO031: Topics in financial econometrics
      Organizers: Leopold Soegner
    • CO032: Applied macroeconomics I
      Organizers: Michael Owyang
    • CO033: Modelling regime change and disruptions II
      Organizers: Willi Semmler
    • CO036: Topics in econometrics with financial applications
      Organizers: Yuqian Zhao
    • CO037: Parameter uncertainty in portfolio selection and asset pricing
      Organizers: Nathan Lassance
    • CO062: Machine learning in finance
      Organizers: Anastasija Tetereva
    • CO106: Applied macroeconomics II
      Organizers: Michael Owyang
    • CO107: Econometrics and statistics for sustainable economics
      Organizers: Simone Boccaletti, Paolo Maranzano
    • CO112: Session on inflation and inflation expectations
      Organizers: Saeed Zaman
    • CO126: Advances in quantitative finance and insurance
      Organizers: Asmerilda Hitaj, Elisa Mastrogiacomo
    • CO128: Advances in macroeconometric methods
      Organizers: Aubrey Poon
    • CO144: Advances in time series econometrics
      Organizers: Gianluca Cubadda, Alain Hecq
    • CO146: Regime switching, filtering and portfolio optimization
      Organizers: Joern Sass
    • CO148: Advances in Large Spatial Models
      Organizers: Deborah Gefang
    • CO153: Advances in Bayesian financial econometrics
      Organizers: Toshiaki Watanabe
    • CO154: New tests for financial time series models
      Organizers: Christian Francq, Jean-Michel Zakoian
    • CO155: Financial risks in green transition: Greenness-at-Risk
      Organizers: Juan-Angel Jimenez-Martin
    • CO165: Macro-financial risk
      Organizers: Claudio Morana
    • CO168: Large-dimensional panel time series (virtual)
      Organizers: Degui Li
    • CO176: Modelling financial markets
      Organizers: Menelaos Karanasos
    • CO188: Applied macro-finance
      Organizers: Alessia Paccagnini
    • CO189: Statistics and dynamics of economic and financial markets
      Organizers: Rustam Ibragimov
    • CO195: Empirical econometrics with policy applications
      Organizers: Christos Savva
    • CO197: Recent advances in Bayesian time-series estimation and forecasting
      Organizers: Mohammad Jahan-Parvar
    • CO204: Forecast evaluation
      Organizers: Timo Dimitriadis
    • CO205: Spectral analysis and long memory: Applications to macroeconomics
      Organizers: Alexander Meyer-Gohde
    • CO225: Machine learning in asset pricing
      Organizers: Markus Pelger
    • CO226: Time series models for large systems of variables
      Organizers: Esther Ruiz
    • CO228: High complexity time series models
      Organizers: Anindya Roy
    • CO235: Forecasting and climate econometrics
      Organizers: Robert Kunst, Tommaso Proietti
    • CO240: Structural breaks in time series
      Organizers: Anton Skrobotov
    • CO247: Topics in (structural) VAR modeling
      Organizers: Ralf Brueggemann
    • CO253: Macroeconomic now- and forecasting
      Organizers: Niko Hauzenberger, Karin Klieber
    • CO259: Theory, design, and financial applications of neural networks
      Organizers: Maria Grith
    • CO262: Advances in credit risk modelling
      Organizers: Raffaella Calabrese
    • CO277: Time-varying dependence and structural change
      Organizers: Liudas Giraitis
    • CO278: Spatial statistic and econometric models (virtual)
      Organizers: Maria Michela Dickson
    • CO279: HiTEc: Sustainable finance. Risk management and quantitative methods
      Organizers: Sandra Paterlini, Gabriele Torri
    • CO291: Advances in financial econometrics
      Organizers: Emese Lazar, Genaro Sucarrat
    • CO293: The macroeconomics of climate change
      Organizers: Marco Maria Sorge
    • CO295: Cross-sectional asset pricing
      Organizers: Valentina Raponi, Paolo Zaffaroni
    • CO307: Cointegration analysis: Nonlinearity, SUR and higher integration orders
      Organizers: Sebastian Veldhuis
    • CO316: New approaches to volatility dynamics and financial fragility
      Organizers: Giorgia Rivieccio
    • CO327: Structural Models in IO
      Organizers: Byoung Park
    • CO336: Topics in financial macroeconomics
      Organizers: Christian Proano
    • CO338: Household finance using SHARE data
      Organizers: Giacomo Pasini, Andrej Srakar
    • CO343: Recent developments in financial modelling and forecasting
      Organizers: Ekaterini Panopoulou
    • CO356: Inflation dynamics and forecasting
      Organizers: Marta Banbura
    • CO358: Portfolio choice
      Organizers: Rainer Alexander Schuessler
    • CO362: News and the economy
      Organizers: Michele Modugno
    • CO372: Quantitative methods in investment management
      Organizers: Serge Darolles, Gaelle Le Fol
    • CO375: Data Analysis and Optimization in Communication and Social Networks
      Organizers: Alexander Semenov
    • CO389: Contemporary issues in modelling for environmental sustainability
      Organizers: Michail Karoglou
    • CO391: Advances in risk measures estimation
      Organizers: Carlos Trucios
    • CO392: Topics in applied econometrics
      Organizers: Saeed Zaman
    • CO394: Advances in climate and energy econometrics
      Organizers: Jamie Cross
    • CO395: Advances in factor models: Theory and application
      Organizers: Antoine Djogbenou
    • CO398: Advances in forecasting and forecast evaluation
      Organizers: Marc-Oliver Pohle
    • CO400: Economic diversification, energy transition and the environment
      Organizers: Fakhri Hasanov, Peter Pedroni
    • CO407: Forecasting: Theory and practice
      Organizers: Massimiliano Caporin, Tommaso Di Fonzo
    • CO411: Dynamics of digital assets - DDA
      Organizers: Alla Petukhina
    • CO412: Complex network analysis in forecasting models
      Organizers: Oleg Deev, Stefan Lyocsa
    • CO413: AI for Energy Finance - AI4EFin I
      Organizers: Stefan Lessmann
    • CO414: Algorithmic investment strategies
      Organizers: Pawel Sakowski, Robert Slepaczuk, Piotr Wojcik
    • CO415: Future of AI in finance
      Organizers: Branka Hadji Misheva
    • CO426: Advances in high-dimensional data analysis
      Organizers: Seungchul Baek
    • CO428: Time series models for risk assessment and portfolio optimization
      Organizers: Markus Haas
    • CO430: Macroeconometrics
      Organizers: Francesca Loria
    • CO445: Financial computation and modeling
      Organizers: Martina Zaharieva
    • CO448: Specification and identification robust methods (virtual)
      Organizers: Lynda Khalaf
    • CO452: Inflation dynamics: Linear or non-linear?
      Organizers: Michele Lenza
    • CO533: Applied machine learning and forecasting
      Organizers: Simone Maxand