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CMStatistics 2020 Organized Invited Sessions
  • EO041: Advances in high dimensional time series models
    Organizers: George Michailidis
  • EO053: Track: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods I
    Organizers: Raffaele Argiento, Antonio Canale, Bernardo Nipoti
  • EO055: Track: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods II
    Organizers: Raffaele Argiento, Antonio Canale, Bernardo Nipoti
  • EO057: Statistics for Hilbert spaces I
    Organizers: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez
  • EO059: Advances in Monte Carlo computation for data sciences
    Organizers: Radu Craiu
  • EO073: Topics in time series
    Organizers: Konstantinos Fokianos
  • EO075: Recent advances in stochastic network models
    Organizers: Marianna Pensky
  • EO077: Advances in copula theory
    Organizers: Elisa Perrone
  • EO079: Statistics in neuroscience I
    Organizers: Jeff Goldsmith
  • EO081: Advances in survival and reliability II
    Organizers: Juan Eloy Ruiz-Castro, Mariangela Zenga
  • EO083: Causal inference and graphical models
    Organizers: Xavier de Luna
  • EO085: Recent developments on analysis of networks
    Organizers: Chenlei Leng
  • EO087: Advances in survival and reliability I
    Organizers: Juan Eloy Ruiz-Castro, Mariangela Zenga
  • EO091: Bayesian model comparison
    Organizers: Mattias Villani
  • EO103: Advances in causal inference
    Organizers: Michael Daniels
  • EO105: Recent advance is network analysis
    Organizers: Jiashun Jin
  • EO115: Statistics and decision making for the Covid-19 pandemic
    Organizers: Raimund Kovacevic
  • EO121: Pioneering new frontiers in distribution and modelling
    Organizers: Andriette Bekker
  • EO123: Methods for missing data in EHR-based studies
    Organizers: Sebastien Haneuse
  • EO131: New proposals for the analysis of ordinal and mixed-type data
    Organizers: Cristina Mollica
  • EO135: Advances in Bayesian methods and applications
    Organizers: David Rossell, David van Dyk
  • EO137: Statistics in neuroscience II
    Organizers: Russell Shinohara
  • EO139: Recent advances in statistics of extremes
    Organizers: Raphael Huser
  • EO141: Statistical modeling of COVID-19 pandemic
    Organizers: Mahmoud Torabi
  • EO145: Advances in statistical modelling
    Organizers: Efoevi Angelo Koudou
  • EO151: Statistical analysis of multiple networks
    Organizers: Eric Kolaczyk
  • EO153: Sketching and related methods in regression
    Organizers: Keith Knight
  • EO155: Statistical methods for imaging data analysis
    Organizers: Timothy Johnson, Tingting Zhang
  • EO157: Bayesian machine learning
    Organizers: Julyan Arbel
  • EO159: Advances in directional statistics
    Organizers: Agnese Panzera
  • EO169: Clustering of complex data structure
    Organizers: Maria Brigida Ferraro
  • EO173: Trends in the analysis of large and complex data
    Organizers: Johannes Lederer
  • EO177: Survival analysis
    Organizers: Marialuisa Restaino
  • EO179: ML-ECO: Machine Learning and Statistical Techniques for Economics
    Organizers: Vianney Perchet
  • EO183: The Stein method and statistics
    Organizers: Robert Gaunt
  • EO185: Novel approaches to causal inference
    Organizers: Joseph Antonelli
  • EO199: Computational and theoretical statistics for stochastic processes
    Organizers: Nakahiro Yoshida
  • EO201: Statistics for high-dimensional high-frequency data
    Organizers: Markus Bibinger
  • EO205: Statistics for complex random systems: Theory and practice
    Organizers: Hiroki Masuda
  • EO211: Advances in sports
    Organizers: Ivor Cribben
  • EO213: Recent developments in imaging data analysis
    Organizers: Farouk Nathoo
  • EO223: Projection pursuit
    Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
  • EO225: Topics on high-dimensional methodology
    Organizers: Eugen Pircalabelu
  • EO227: Bayesian applications in biological and environmental sciences
    Organizers: Marco Ferreira
  • EO239: Recent advances in multiple hypotheses testing
    Organizers: Shinjini Nandi
  • EO241: Recent advances in Bayesian methods for correlated data
    Organizers: Garritt Page
  • EO243: Advances in the analysis of functional data and functional time series
    Organizers: Anne van Delft
  • EO245: Recent advances in functional data analysis
    Organizers: Yuko Araki
  • EO247: Recent advances in non-Gaussian stochastic processes
    Organizers: Anastassia Baxevani
  • EO257: Recent advances in estimation theory
    Organizers: Gourab Mukherjee
  • EO259: Recent developments in multivariate data analysis
    Organizers: Klaus Nordhausen, Anne Ruiz-Gazen
  • EO277: Recent developments on robust functional data analysis
    Organizers: Sara Lopez Pintado
  • EO279: Adventures in Bayesian nonparametrics
    Organizers: Ramses Mena
  • EO283: Recent advances in extreme value analysis
    Organizers: Gilles Stupfler
  • EO285: Data science methods for intelligent text and video processing
    Organizers: Roy Welsch
  • EO287: Methods on high dimensional statistics
    Organizers: Andreas Artemiou
  • EO315: Statistical models: Recent developments II
    Organizers: Anna Panorska
  • EO317: Statistical models: Recent developments I
    Organizers: Anna Panorska
  • EO323: Algorithmic fairness with statistical guarantees
    Organizers: Mohamed Hebiri
  • EO325: Model validation
    Organizers: Maria Dolores Jimenez-Gamero
  • EO339: Random objects: Regression, clustering and change-points
    Organizers: Hans-Georg Mueller
  • EO347: Recent developments of competing risk data
    Organizers: Feng-Chang Lin
  • EO349: New developments in survey sampling
    Organizers: David Haziza
  • EO359: Recent development in high dimensional methods
    Organizers: Yang Ni
  • EO369: Recent development in network analysis and cluster analysis
    Organizers: Anderson Ye Zhang
  • EO373: Some recent advances in mixture and cluster analyses
    Organizers: Geoffrey McLachlan
  • EO377: Sampling and coresets for large-scale data
    Organizers: HaiYing Wang
  • EO381: Advances in causal inference
    Organizers: Zhiqiang Tan
  • EO387: Branching processes: Theory, computation and applications I
    Organizers: Ines M del Puerto, Miguel Gonzalez Velasco
  • EO389: Branching processes: Theory, computation and applications II
    Organizers: Ines M del Puerto, Miguel Gonzalez Velasco
  • EO421: Experimental design and data analysis
    Organizers: Kalliopi Mylona
  • EO429: Nonlinear methods in functional data analysis
    Organizers: Alexander Petersen
  • EO433: Advances of complex data analysis
    Organizers: Xiaoke Zhang
  • EO435: Advances and challenges in microbiome data analyses
    Organizers: Zhigang Li
  • EO437: Recent advances in theory and methods for spatiotemporal modeling
    Organizers: Pramita Bagchi, Zeda Li
  • EO441: Recent advances in robust and nonparametric regression
    Organizers: Shujie Ma
  • EO445: Advances in the statistical analysis of dependent network data
    Organizers: Michael Schweinberger
  • EO447: New research directions in functional data analysis
    Organizers: Alexander Aue
  • EO464: Spatial statistics
    Organizers: Soutir Bandyopadhyay
  • EO466: Challenges in functional data analysis and varying coefficient models
    Organizers: Jeng-Min Chiou
  • EO468: Recent development in statistical analysis of network data
    Organizers: Binyan Jiang
  • EO470: Bayesian causal modelling of treatment strategies
    Organizers: Erica Moodie
  • EO478: Recent advances for the modelling of complex data
    Organizers: Alejandro Jara
  • EO480: Bayesian computation
    Organizers: David Frazier
  • EO482: Recent advances in multivariate and multi-variable analysis
    Organizers: Frank Konietschke
  • EO484: Topics in high-dimensional statistical inference
    Organizers: Olga Klopp
  • EO486: Flexible Bayesian models for complex data
    Organizers: Alessandra Guglielmi
  • EO492: Copulas and dependence modelling
    Organizers: Piotr Jaworski
  • EO494: Statistical and machine learning methodology for medical imaging
    Organizers: John Kornak
  • EO496: Public policy analysis and machine learning II
    Organizers: Michela Bia
  • EO498: Public policy analysis and machine learning I
    Organizers: Michela Bia
  • EO500: Clustering of multivariate dependent data
    Organizers: F Marta L Di Lascio, Marta Nai Ruscone
  • EO502: Recent advances in causal inference
    Organizers: Yeying Zhu
  • EO508: Advances in financial and pandemic econometrics
    Organizers: Yi He
  • EO510: Statistical learning for decision-making systems
    Organizers: Matteo Borrotti
  • EO512: Non-standard statistics on complex data
    Organizers: Cecile Durot
  • EO514: Adaptive Bayesian methods for time and spatial series analysis
    Organizers: Scott Bruce
  • EO516: Computational issues in infectious disease epidemiology
    Organizers: Rob Deardon
  • EO526: High-dimensional inference for complex problems
    Organizers: Yumou Qiu
  • EO528: Topics in causal inference: Selection bias and sensitivity analysis
    Organizers: Ingeborg Waernbaum
  • EO530: Methodological and computational advances in copula models
    Organizers: Elif Acar
  • EO532: Network diffusion modelling and stochastic optimization
    Organizers: Sophie Dabo, Stefano Nasini
  • EO534: Statistical advances on microbiome data analysis I
    Organizers: Qiwei Li
  • EO536: Statistical advances on microbiome data analysis II
    Organizers: Qiwei Li
  • EO538: Analyzing compositional, distributional and relative abundance data I
    Organizers: Karel Hron
  • EO540: Statistics for wearable device data
    Organizers: Jaroslaw Harezlak
  • EO542: New advances in biomedical data analysis
    Organizers: Yichuan Zhao
  • EO546: Challenges and recent advances in optimal design
    Organizers: Saumen Mandal, Abhyuday Mandal
  • EO548: Recent advances in spatial and time series models
    Organizers: Matias Quiroz
  • EO550: Modern approaches to directional data analysis
    Organizers: Stefania Fensore
  • EO552: Analyzing compositional, distributional and relative abundance data II
    Organizers: Karel Hron
  • EO562: Functional data analysis
    Organizers: Marie-Helene Descary
  • EO564: Advances in statistical methods and application with digital data
    Organizers: Shaoyang Ning
  • EO570: Advances in the analysis of large and complex data
    Organizers: Jing Qiu
  • EO580: Planned and unplanned presence in observational research
    Organizers: Jonathan Schildcrout
  • EO590: Inference in survival models
    Organizers: Giuliana Cortese
  • EO594: Asymptotic theory in statistics
    Organizers: Qi-Man Shao
  • EO596: Climate extremes and dependence modeling
    Organizers: Anna Kiriliouk
  • EO600: Functional data and complex data analysis
    Organizers: Kehui Chen
  • EO604: Statistical problems under privacy constraints
    Organizers: Cristina Butucea
  • EO606: Causal inference methods in genetic studies
    Organizers: Josee Dupuis
  • EO610: Model specification tests
    Organizers: Bojana Milosevic
  • EO614: Recent advances in screening designs
    Organizers: Haralambos Evangelaras
  • EO620: Recent developments in Bayesian methodology
    Organizers: Victor Pena
  • EO624: Recent developments in quantile regression
    Organizers: Yudhie Andriyana
  • EO630: Causal survival analysis
    Organizers: Daniel Nevo
  • EO632: Recent advances toward understanding deep learning
    Organizers: Weijie Su
  • EO634: Recent advances on design of experiments
    Organizers: Victor Casero-Alonso, Juan M Rodriguez-Diaz
  • EO636: Advances in causal survival analysis
    Organizers: Jenny Haggstrom
  • EO638: Non-parametric analysis of complex data
    Organizers: Weichi Wu
  • EO650: Data-centric engineering: A new challenge for statisticians
    Organizers: Dirk Fromme
  • EO652: Recent advances in semiparametric survival analysis
    Organizers: Dennis Dobler
  • EO654: Recent statistical advances in high-dimensional biomedical applications
    Organizers: Subharup Guha
  • EO658: Efficient nonparametric methods for complex data
    Organizers: Daniel McDonald
  • EO662: Estimation methods for extreme events
    Organizers: Simone Padoan
  • EO668: Modeling uncertainty and vagueness in decision making and economics
    Organizers: Davide Petturiti, Barbara Vantaggi
  • EO680: Recent advancements in high dimensional statistics
    Organizers: Shubhadeep Chakraborty
  • EO684: Bayesian inverse problems
    Organizers: Natalia Bochkina
  • EO688: Advances in multivariate Bayesian methods
    Organizers: Kshitij Khare
  • EO690: Functional data defined over arbitrarily shaped domains
    Organizers: Michelle Carey
  • EO696: Inference for functional parameters
    Organizers: Dominik Liebl
  • EO698: Functional and complex data analysis
    Organizers: Paromita Dubey
  • EO700: Copula models in econometrics
    Organizers: Ralf Wilke
  • EO706: Frontiers in population genetics
    Organizers: Ritabrata Dutta
  • EO708: Recent developments in model-based clustering
    Organizers: Monia Ranalli
  • EO722: Advanced tree methods and applications
    Organizers: Sabrina Giordano, Rosaria Simone
  • EO728: Statistical inference in complex networks
    Organizers: Subhadeep Paul
  • EO736: Recent advances in biostatistics
    Organizers: Reza Drikvandi
  • EO738: Recent advances in functional time series
    Organizers: Xinghao Qiao
  • EO740: Biostatistics in cancer research
    Organizers: Christiana Kartsonaki
  • EO744: Recent development of sufficient multivariate methods
    Organizers: Chenlu Ke, Jiaying Weng
  • EO752: Analyzing and predicting different outcomes in clinical studies
    Organizers: Eleni-Rosalina Andrinopoulou
  • EO754: Some recent statistical developments in clustering
    Organizers: Valentin Patilea
  • EO756: Advances in Bayesian regression modeling
    Organizers: Andres Barrientos
  • EO760: Bayesian data integration of complex objects
    Organizers: Anirban Bhattacharya, Debdeep Pati
  • EO766: Recent advances in statistical methods for mobile health
    Organizers: Walter Dempsey
  • EO782: Insurance analytics
    Organizers: Christopher Grumiau, Tim Verdonck
CFE 2020 Organized Invited Sessions
  • CO031: Topics in time series and panel data econometrics
    Organizers: Indeewara Perera
  • CO033: Time series econometrics meets cross sectional heterogeneity
    Organizers: Etsuro Shioji
  • CO037: Topics in time series econometrics
    Organizers: Martin Wagner
  • CO045: Machine learning techniques in macroeconomics and finance
    Organizers: Robinson Kruse-Becher
  • CO061: Applied network analysis in empirical finance
    Organizers: Massimo Guidolin
  • CO063: Advances in robust estimation and inference: Theory and applications I
    Organizers: Artem Prokhorov
  • CO065: High frequency data in economics and finance
    Organizers: Alessandra Amendola, Leone Leonida
  • CO067: Climate finance
    Organizers: Monica Billio
  • CO093: Climate change econometrics and financial markets
    Organizers: Luca De Angelis
  • CO095: Sentiments, uncertainty and machine learning
    Organizers: Wojciech Charemza, Svetlana Makarova
  • CO097: Realized measure analysis and modeling in high dimension
    Organizers: Massimiliano Caporin
  • CO107: Regime change II: Finance, macro, policy regimes
    Organizers: Willi Semmler
  • CO111: Time series econometrics II
    Organizers: Josu Arteche
  • CO113: Regime change I: Business cycles and Regime change
    Organizers: Willi Semmler
  • CO119: Topics in financial econometrics
    Organizers: Leopold Soegner
  • CO133: Regularization and network approaches in financial applications
    Organizers: Sandra Paterlini, Emanuele Taufer
  • CO149: Sentometrics
    Organizers: David Ardia, Kris Boudt
  • CO161: Semi- and nonparametric regression for time series and panel data
    Organizers: Harry Haupt, Joachim Schnurbus
  • CO191: Financial econometrics: Intrinsic time, volatility estimation, jump testing
    Organizers: Ingmar Nolte
  • CO193: Applied econometrics
    Organizers: Amy Guisinger, Michael Owyang
  • CO219: Statistical learning of high dimensional data
    Organizers: Clifford Lam
  • CO229: Inflation dynamics and communications
    Organizers: Edward Knotek
  • CO231: Topics in statistical learning and time series econometrics
    Organizers: Julia Schaumburg
  • CO233: Developments in cryptocurrency and blockchain
    Organizers: Marco Lorusso, Francesco Ravazzolo
  • CO255: Modelling, forecasting, volatility and accuracy
    Organizers: Mauro Costantini
  • CO273: Time series and forecasting
    Organizers: Robert Kunst
  • CO289: Advances in robust estimation and inference: Theory and applications II
    Organizers: Rustam Ibragimov
  • CO295: Advances in credit risk modelling
    Organizers: Raffaella Calabrese
  • CO299: Local projections and applications
    Organizers: Alessia Paccagnini
  • CO303: Uncertainty in empirical macroeconomics
    Organizers: Alessia Paccagnini
  • CO305: Quantitative management
    Organizers: Serge Darolles, Gaelle Le Fol
  • CO307: Advances in financial econometrics
    Organizers: Ekaterina Kazak, Yifan Li
  • CO309: Self-fulfilling prophecies and macroeconomic behavior
    Organizers: Marco Maria Sorge
  • CO397: Quantitative approach to higher education research
    Organizers: Svetlana Makarova
  • CO427: Asset pricing with non-standard risks
    Organizers: Loriano Mancini
  • CO454: Modelling complex time series in economics and finance
    Organizers: Degui Li
  • CO474: Applied macro
    Organizers: Laura Jackson Young, Michael Owyang
  • CO544: Topics in macroeconometrics
    Organizers: Tatevik Sekhposyan
  • CO618: Advances in financial econometrics
    Organizers: Helena Veiga
  • CO660: The macroeconomic propagation of shocks
    Organizers: Filippo Ferroni
  • CO694: Cryptocurrency analytics
    Organizers: Marcell Tamas Kurbucz
  • CO710: Nonlinear, semi- and nonparametric panel data modeling
    Organizers: Markus Fritsch
  • CO716: Bayesian macroeconometrics
    Organizers: Aubrey Poon
  • CO720: Topics of machine learning and econometrics in monetary policy
    Organizers: Juan Carlos Arismendi-Zambrano