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CMStatistics 2019 Organized Invited Sessions
  • EO050: Robust machine learning
    Organizers: Adrien Saumard
  • EO052: Bayesian models for complex dependence structures
    Organizers: Alessandra Guglielmi
  • EO054: Modern advances in change-point detection
    Organizers: Andreas Anastasiou
  • EO056: Sport analytics
    Organizers: Andreas Groll
  • EO058: Recent advances in quantile regression
    Organizers: Anneleen Verhasselt
  • EO060: Track: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods I
    Organizers: Raffaele Argiento, Antonio Canale, Bernardo Nipoti
  • EO062: Subsampling methods for massive data
    Organizers: HaiYing Wang
  • EO066: Random forests and applications
    Organizers: Efoevi Angelo Koudou
  • EO068: Projection pursuit: Theory
    Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
  • EO070: Empirical processes and nonparametric methods
    Organizers: Eric Beutner, Henryk Zaehle
  • EO072: Robust modelling
    Organizers: Eva Cantoni
  • EO074: Clustering of multivariate dependent data
    Organizers: F Marta L Di Lascio
  • EO076: Dependence models and copulas
    Organizers: Fabrizio Durante, Wolfgang Trutschnig
  • EO078: Topics in spatial and space-time statistics
    Organizers: Federico Crudu
  • EO080: Statistics for Hilbert spaces
    Organizers: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez
  • EO082: Bayesian and frequentist approaches with big data
    Organizers: HaiYing Wang
  • EO084: Statistical methods for risk management in finance and insurance
    Organizers: Hideatsu Tsukahara
  • EO086: Learning and inference methodologies for stochastic processes
    Organizers: Hiroki Masuda
  • EO090: Shrinkage methods for large time series models
    Organizers: Ines Wilms
  • EO092: Statistics in neuroscience I
    Organizers: Jeff Goldsmith
  • EO094: Statistical challenges in policy-relevant problems
    Organizers: Jennifer Hill
  • EO096: Complex data in theory and practice
    Organizers: Johannes Lederer
  • EO098: Modern methods in the analysis of directional data
    Organizers: Jose Ameijeiras-Alonso
  • EO100: Extremes of random graphs and Gaussian fields
    Organizers: Juan Juan Cai
  • EO102: High dimensional problems with biological applications
    Organizers: Juhyun Park
  • EO104: Recent developments in multivariate data analysis
    Organizers: Klaus Nordhausen, Anne Ruiz-Gazen
  • EO106: Recent advances in Bayesian modeling and computation
    Organizers: Marco Ferreira
  • EO108: Weather and climate extremes
    Organizers: Marco Oesting
  • EO110: Miscellaneous results on detection of changes
    Organizers: Marie Huskova
  • EO112: Bayesian inference for extreme values
    Organizers: Miguel de Carvalho
  • EO114: Novel statistical methods and applications for medical data
    Organizers: Mihye Ahn, Chae Ryon Kang
  • EO116: Statistics for complex inference problems in data science
    Organizers: Min-ge Xie
  • EO120: Asymptotic and computational methods for stochastic processes
    Organizers: Nakahiro Yoshida
  • EO122: Projection pursuit: Applications
    Organizers: Nicola Loperfido
  • EO124: Doubly stochastic counting processes
    Organizers: Paula Bouzas
  • EO126: Copulas and dependence modelling
    Organizers: Piotr Jaworski
  • EO128: Advances in Bayesian computation
    Organizers: Radu Craiu
  • EO130: Statistics of spatiotemporal extremes
    Organizers: Raphael Huser
  • EO132: Advanced statistical modelling and applications
    Organizers: Rosaria Simone
  • EO134: Statistics in neuroscience II
    Organizers: Russell Shinohara
  • EO136: Recent developments in functional data analysis
    Organizers: Sara Lopez Pintado
  • EO138: Recent developments of statistical methods for causal inference
    Organizers: Shujie Ma
  • EO140: Statistical modelling, comparisons, learning and discoveries
    Organizers: Subir Ghosh
  • EO142: Recent advances in survival analysis
    Organizers: Sy Han Chiou, Sangwook Kang
  • EO144: Regularization in artificial neural networks
    Organizers: Sylvain Sardy
  • EO146: Multivariate survival models
    Organizers: Takeshi Emura
  • EO148: Learning for high-dimensional data with complex dependence
    Organizers: Tetyana Pavlenko
  • EO150: Recent advances in neuroimaging statistics
    Organizers: Timothy Johnson
  • EO152: Recent development in biostatistics
    Organizers: Dongchu Sun
  • EO154: Multivariate high-dimensional statistical learning
    Organizers: Xin Zhang
  • EO158: Recent developments on complex data analysis
    Organizers: Xinyuan Song
  • EO160: Statistical and data science methods for blockchain data analytics
    Organizers: Yulia Gel
  • EO162: Recent advances in network data analysis
    Organizers: Yuguo Chen
  • EO164: Recent advances in functional and multivariate data analysis
    Organizers: Yuko Araki
  • EO166: CSDA journal
    Organizers: Ana Colubi, Erricos Kontoghiorghes
  • EO170: Clustering and classification
    Organizers: Maria Brigida Ferraro
  • EO172: Functional data analysis
    Organizers: Germain Van Bever
  • EO174: Robust statistics
    Organizers: Tim Verdonck
  • EO176: Advanced tools for functional and object data
    Organizers: Hans-Georg Mueller
  • EO178: New statistical approaches for imaging and digital data
    Organizers: Taps Maiti
  • EO180: Semiparametric and mixture models and their use for fractional imputation
    Organizers: Changbao Wu
  • EO184: Advances in causal inference methods
    Organizers: Yuya Sasaki
  • EO186: Topics in mathematical statistics
    Organizers: Natalia A Stepanova
  • EO188: Present-day data analysis challenges meet Bayes
    Organizers: Mario Peruggia
  • EO190: New methods for dependent data modeling
    Organizers: Cheng Yong Tang
  • EO192: Advances in statistical network analysis
    Organizers: Michael Schweinberger
  • EO194: Scalable statistical methods
    Organizers: Cristiano Varin
  • EO226: Recent developments in statistical models for survival data
    Organizers: Hongsheng Dai, Marialuisa Restaino
  • EO228: Semi and non-parametric mixture modelling
    Organizers: Frans Kanfer
  • EO248: Recent developments in statistical multiscale methods
    Organizers: Michael Vogt
  • EO250: Recent developments in time series forecasting
    Organizers: James Taylor
  • EO256: Modern topics in statistics of extremes
    Organizers: Yuri Goegebeur
  • EO258: Signal processing
    Organizers: Rosa Maria Fernandez-Alcala
  • EO260: Recent advances in time series analysis
    Organizers: Masayuki Hirukawa
  • EO262: Markov chain Monte Carlo for complex data
    Organizers: Galin Jones
  • EO264: Measures of systemic risk in actuarial science and finance
    Organizers: Zinoviy Landsman
  • EO266: Statistical methods applied to insurance and actuarial sciences
    Organizers: Olivier Lopez
  • EO268: Statistical learning in practice
    Organizers: Alejandro Murua
  • EO270: Statistical genomics and machine learning
    Organizers: Wei Pan
  • EO272: Advances in directional statistics
    Organizers: Agnese Panzera
  • EO276: Advances in Bayesian methods
    Organizers: David Rossell
  • EO280: Modelling functional data
    Organizers: Fabian Scheipl
  • EO282: High dimensional and latent variable regression modeling
    Organizers: Valentin Todorov
  • EO284: Highly structured stochastic systems
    Organizers: Marie-Colette Van Lieshout
  • EO286: Dependence measures
    Organizers: Sebastian Fuchs
  • EO290: Computational Statistics in distribution theory
    Organizers: Andriette Bekker
  • EO292: Spatial models for inference on epidemiological and social indicators
    Organizers: Veronica Berrocal
  • EO294: Bayesian inference via discrete nonparametric priors
    Organizers: Federico Camerlenghi
  • EO296: Advances in functional data analysis
    Organizers: Jeng-Min Chiou
  • EO298: Issues in contemporary clustering
    Organizers: Bertrand Clarke
  • EO300: Applied functional data analysis
    Organizers: Marzia Cremona
  • EO302: Inference on causal parameters using machine learning
    Organizers: Xavier de Luna
  • EO304: Outliers and structural breaks
    Organizers: Alexander Duerre, Roland Fried
  • EO306: Imaging genetics
    Organizers: Mark Fiecas, Wesley Thompson
  • EO308: Novel applications in Bayesian nonparametrics
    Organizers: Michele Guindani
  • EO310: Bayesian applications and methods
    Organizers: Christopher Hans
  • EO314: Model specification tests
    Organizers: Maria Dolores Jimenez-Gamero
  • EO316: Duration time regression beyond the Cox model
    Organizers: Riccardo De Bin, Giampiero Marra, Rosalba Radice
  • EO318: Recent developments in quantile regression
    Organizers: Keith Knight, Stanislav Volgushev
  • EO322: Recent development in experimental designs and industrial statistics
    Organizers: Chang-Yun Lin
  • EO324: Non-regular statistical modeling and computational methods
    Organizers: Tsung-I Lin
  • EO326: Bayesian spatial modelling
    Organizers: Silvia Liverani
  • EO328: Bayesian methods in medical statistics
    Organizers: Vanda Lourenco
  • EO332: Bandwidth selection for kernel estimation
    Organizers: M. Dolores Martinez-Miranda
  • EO334: Modelling and clustering complex data II
    Organizers: Geoffrey McLachlan
  • EO336: New methods for modelling ordinal and mixed-type data
    Organizers: Cristina Mollica
  • EO338: Track: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods II
    Organizers: Raffaele Argiento, Antonio Canale, Bernardo Nipoti
  • EO340: Novel time series models and applications
    Organizers: Hernando Ombao
  • EO342: Nonparametric and semiparametric inference for directional data
    Organizers: Davy Paindaveine
  • EO344: Algebraic statistics
    Organizers: Kaie Kubjas, Elisa Perrone
  • EO346: New methodologies and advances in survival and reliability
    Organizers: Juan Eloy Ruiz-Castro, Mariangela Zenga
  • EO348: Societal implications of work in statistics and data science
    Organizers: Jennifer Hill, Ravi Shroff
  • EO350: Statistical advances in extremes and risk management
    Organizers: Gilles Stupfler
  • EO352: Track: Bayesian semi- and non-parametric methods III
    Organizers: Raffaele Argiento, Antonio Canale, Bernardo Nipoti
  • EO354: Recent development in scientific and clinical studies of the brain
    Organizers: Tingting Zhang
  • EO356: Recent developments in functional data analysis
    Organizers: Ping-Shou Zhong
  • EO358: Instabilities in multivariate data
    Organizers: Zuzana Praskova
  • EO360: Risk measures, inference, and applications
    Organizers: Daniela Escobar, Ricardas Zitikis
  • EO362: Advances in Bayesian modelling
    Organizers: Maria De Iorio
  • EO364: Recent advances in high-dimensional statistics and random matrix theory
    Organizers: Alexander Aue
  • EO366: Statistical methods for sports
    Organizers: Ivor Cribben
  • EO368: Advance in statistical methods for large and complex data
    Organizers: Dehan Kong
  • EO372: Estimation and hypothesis testing for dependent stochastic processes
    Organizers: Salim Bouzebda, Mohamed Chaouch
  • EO374: y-SIS: From methodology to applications
    Organizers: Alessia Caponera
  • EO392: Recent developments in vine copulas
    Organizers: Claudia Czado, Thomas Nagler
  • EO426: Statistical methods for time-varying multivariate data
    Organizers: Irina Gaynanova
  • EO428: Oceans of data: High-dimensional statistics for marine data analysis
    Organizers: Christian L. Mueller
  • EO430: Reduction techniques for large or high-dimensional data
    Organizers: Alexander Munteanu
  • EO434: Statistics in psychiatry
    Organizers: Satish Iyengar
  • EO436: Funtional data analysis and dependent sequences
    Organizers: Anne Francoise Yao
  • EO438: EAS session: Emerging applications with copulas
    Organizers: Clara Grazian
  • EO440: Recent advances for complex data analysis
    Organizers: Juan Romo
  • EO446: ODE inference and applications
    Organizers: Nicolas Brunel
  • EO448: Recent advances in blind source separation
    Organizers: Sara Taskinen
  • EO454: Robust tests for change-points in time series
    Organizers: Herold Dehling
  • EO460: Novel approaches for high-dimensional medical data
    Organizers: Damian Brzyski, Jaroslaw Harezlak
  • EO462: The Stein method and statistics
    Organizers: Robert Gaunt
  • EO464: Statistics in sport
    Organizers: Giuseppe Giordano, Marialuisa Restaino
  • EO466: Statistical models for financial distress
    Organizers: Marcella Niglio, Marialuisa Restaino
  • EO468: Structural changes in multivariate and high-dimensional data
    Organizers: Piotr Fryzlewicz
  • EO474: Computation and likelihood in biostatistical and environmental models
    Organizers: Anuradha Roy
  • EO476: Categorical data: Advances and challenges
    Organizers: Sabrina Giordano
  • EO480: The new development in the analysis of complex structured data
    Organizers: Wenqing He
  • EO482: Semiparametric methods for risk evaluation
    Organizers: Yu Cheng
  • EO484: Community detection, quantile regression and survival analysis
    Organizers: Yi Yu
  • EO486: Advanced statistical modelling for biomedical data
    Organizers: Andreas Mayr
  • EO488: Recent advances on joint models for longitudinal and survival data
    Organizers: Lang Wu
  • EO490: New advances in nonparametric Bayesian methods
    Organizers: Guanyu Hu, Yishu Xue
  • EO492: Methodological and computational aspects of graphical and network models
    Organizers: Qi Zhang, Yunzhang Zhu
  • EO494: Advances in classification and high dimensional statistics
    Organizers: Daoji Li
  • EO496: Statistical methods for non-euclidean data
    Organizers: Karthik Bharath, Sebastian Kurtek
  • EO498: Modeling complex data structure with applications
    Organizers: Yunpeng Zhao
  • EO500: Bayesian approaches to the analysis of neuroimaging
    Organizers: John Kornak
  • EO502: New methods for complex data analysis
    Organizers: Zhihua Su
  • EO504: Recent developments in optimal experimental designs
    Organizers: Saumen Mandal
  • EO506: Methods and computation for modeling data in space and time
    Organizers: Stefano Castruccio
  • EO508: Retrospective synthetic clinical trials to find new lives for old drugs
    Organizers: Roy Welsch
  • EO510: Modelling extremes
    Organizers: Holger Rootzen
  • EO512: Recent advances in regression and classification for high dimensional data
    Organizers: Binyan Jiang
  • EO516: Semi-parametric models and applications
    Organizers: Michael Wiper
  • EO518: Data confidentiality for frequency tables
    Organizers: Stefano Favaro
  • EO520: Statistical methods for new-age inference problems
    Organizers: Gourab Mukherjee, Peter Radchenko
  • EO522: Statistical inference of copula models
    Organizers: Jean-David Fermanian
  • EO524: Recent developments in the analysis of neuroimaging and genetic data
    Organizers: CFE-CMStatistics, Farouk Nathoo
  • EO526: Graphical models and applications
    Organizers: CFE-CMStatistics, Reza Mohammadi
  • EO530: Recent advances in methods for dynamic treatment regimes
    Organizers: Kristin Linn
  • EO534: Statistics of random processes for analysing high frequency data
    Organizers: Masayuki Uchida
  • EO536: Advances in complex data modeling
    Organizers: Maria Francesca Marino
  • EO538: Methodological developments in medical statistics and its applications
    Organizers: Chao Huang
  • EO540: Inference methods in survival analysis
    Organizers: Dennis Dobler
  • EO542: Topics on dimension reduction and kernel methods
    Organizers: Andreas Artemiou
  • EO544: Special problems in classification of distressed companies
    Organizers: Alessandro Beretta, Cedric Heuchenne
  • EO546: Analysis of functional and other object data
    Organizers: Alexander Petersen
  • EO548: Fronts and frontiers: Recent studies in modeling and estimation
    Organizers: Vanja Dukic
  • EO550: Spatial inference
    Organizers: Carsten Jentsch, Marco Meyer
  • EO552: Advances in mixed models
    Organizers: Garth Tarr
  • EO556: Uncertainty in weather, climate, and hydrological forecasts
    Organizers: Annette Moeller
  • EO558: Bayesian machine learning
    Organizers: Julyan Arbel
  • EO560: Functional analysis for multiple type data
    Organizers: Catherine Liu
  • EO564: Local empirical measures and nonparametric statistics
    Organizers: Davit Varron
  • EO566: Spatial statistics
    Organizers: Mattias Villani
  • EO568: Modern approaches to the spectral analysis of time series
    Organizers: Tobias Kley
  • EO572: Advances in Bayesian modeling and model selection
    Organizers: Francesco Stingo
  • EO574: Functional shape data analysis
    Organizers: Sonja Greven
  • EO578: Computational methods applied to the environment
    Organizers: Peter Craigmile
  • EO580: Statistical methods for precision medicine
    Organizers: Steven Hill, Paul Kirk
  • EO582: Recent advances in sequential Monte Carlo
    Organizers: Adam Johansen
  • EO584: Instrumental variables methods
    Organizers: Babette Brumback
  • EO588: Two phase designs for correlated data
    Organizers: Jonathan Schildcrout
  • EO590: Statistical methods for missing data in EHR-based research
    Organizers: Sebastien Haneuse
  • EO592: Statistics for large dimensional data
    Organizers: Yi He
  • EO596: Permutation tests
    Organizers: Olivier Renaud
  • EO598: Recent advancements in causal inference
    Organizers: Joseph Antonelli
  • EO600: Methods for missing data
    Organizers: Anders Lundquist
  • EO602: Optimal transport and statistics
    Organizers: Quentin Berthet
  • EO604: Advances in precision and covariance matrix estimation
    Organizers: Eugen Pircalabelu
  • EO612: Advances in high-dimensional statistics
    Organizers: Rajen D Shah
  • EO614: Methods for understanding network data structures
    Organizers: Kehui Chen
  • EO616: Multivariate extremes and causality
    Organizers: Johanna Neslehova
  • EO618: Topics in time series analysis
    Organizers: Konstantinos Fokianos
  • EO624: Statistical methods for behavorial data
    Organizers: Philip Reiss
  • EO632: Modelling dependence through graphical models
    Organizers: Sophie Dabo, Ghislaine Gayraud
  • EO634: Recent developments in Bayesian computation
    Organizers: Matti Vihola
  • EO636: Bayesian inference and computational advances for large data
    Organizers: Brenda Betancourt
  • EO641: Advances in temporal extremes
    Organizers: Kirstin Strokorb
  • EO643: The state-of-the-art developments for non-ignorable missing data
    Organizers: Jiwei Zhao
  • EO645: Statistical methods in biomedical studies
    Organizers: Florin Vaida
  • EO655: Recent developments in Bayesian causal inference
    Organizers: Genevieve Lefebvre
  • EO659: Preparing for the future: PhD programs in statistics education
    Organizers: Erin Blankenship
  • EO663: High dimensional time series
    Organizers: George Michailidis
  • EO665: Advances in network and matrix data analysis
    Organizers: David Choi
  • EO667: Communicating statistics and data science to the masses
    Organizers: Jennifer Green
  • EO669: Extremes, dependencies and applications
    Organizers: Katharina Hees
  • EO671: Spatiotemporal modelling in the presence of big data
    Organizers: Philipp Otto
  • EO673: Recent developments in privacy-preserving data analysis
    Organizers: Adrien Saumard, Weijie Su
  • EO677: Causal inference using observational longitudinal data
    Organizers: Shaun Seaman
  • EO679: Nonparametric statistics: Bayesian and frequentists
    Organizers: Mayer Alvo
  • EO681: Risk, variability and heavy tails
    Organizers: Anna Panorska
  • EO687: Innovative statistical methods for meta-analysis
    Organizers: Lifeng Lin
  • EO695: Robust multivariate methods
    Organizers: Thomas Verdebout
  • EO697: Statistical methods for risk management
    Organizers: Marie Kratz
  • EO699: Recent advances on ROC curves estimation
    Organizers: Graciela Boente
  • EO701: Estimation and prediction using time-to-event data
    Organizers: Feng-Chang Lin
  • EO703: New directions in statistical learning
    Organizers: Sunyoung Shin
  • EO705: Recent advances in dimension reduction
    Organizers: Eliana Christou
  • EO709: Resampling and simulations for inference in complex settings
    Organizers: Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser
  • EO711: Functional and shape data analysis
    Organizers: Anuj Srivastava
  • EO717: Efficient and optimal design of experiments
    Organizers: Heiko Grossmann, Rainer Schwabe
  • EO723: Astrostatistics
    Organizers: Alessandra Rosalba Brazzale
  • EO727: Dynamic time series modelling
    Organizers: Pramita Bagchi
  • EO729: Set-valued classification
    Organizers: Mohamed Hebiri
  • EO731: Big bias in big data: Can we correct?
    Organizers: Patrice Bertail
  • EO737: Bayesian inference
    Organizers: Jeff Hart
  • EO745: Optimization and new statistical learning tools in data science
    Organizers: Murat A Erdogdu, Annie Qu
  • EO747: Marked recurrent event processes with incomplete observations
    Organizers: Mei-Cheng Wang
  • EO753: Polynomials in statistics
    Organizers: Denys Pommeret
  • EO755: Traditional and modern time series models
    Organizers: Pauliina Ilmonen
  • EO761: Causal inference in factorial experiments
    Organizers: Peng Ding
  • EO765: Branching processes: Theory, computation and applications I
    Organizers: Ines M del Puerto, Miguel Gonzalez Velasco
  • EO767: Branching processes: Theory, computation and applications II
    Organizers: Ines M del Puerto, Miguel Gonzalez Velasco
  • EO769: Longitudinal data analysis
    Organizers: Sanjoy Sinha
  • EO775: New methods and models for time series analysis
    Organizers: Carmela Cappelli, Marcella Niglio
  • EO779: The time issue for complex data from humanities and social sciences
    Organizers: Madalina Olteanu
  • EO781: Inference for imprecise and indirect data
    Organizers: Aurore Delaigle
  • EO787: BFF: Foundations of statistics and their impacts on applications
    Organizers: Jan Hannig
  • EO793: Human microbiome research: New designs and statistical methods
    Organizers: Ekaterina Smirnova, Ni Zhao
  • EO795: Latent variable models for complex data
    Organizers: Silvia Cagnone
  • EO831: Recent developments on data depth and its applications
    Organizers: Pavlo Mozharovskyi
  • EO833: Advances in distributional regression models
    Organizers: Nadja Klein, Helga Wagner
  • EO835: Restricted parameters inference and shrinkage estimators
    Organizers: Genso-Y. T. Watanabe-Chang
  • EO837: Early stopping rules
    Organizers: Alain Celisse
  • EO839: Change-points/anomaly detection
    Organizers: Alain Celisse
  • EO841: Modelling and clustering complex data I
    Organizers: Geoffrey McLachlan
  • EO843: Bayesian design of experiments
    Organizers: Markus Hainy
  • EO851: Empirical Bayes in the 21st century
    Organizers: Ivan Mizera
  • EO853: Data Science: Regularization and variable selection
    Organizers: Jan Pablo Burgard, Bertrand Clarke
  • EO855: Recent advances in genomic prediction
    Organizers: Bertrand Clarke, Reka Howard
  • EO857: Advances in regression discontinuity models
    Organizers: Sebastian Calonico
CFE 2019 Organized Invited Sessions
  • CO168: Fractional motions and artificial neural networks for time series
    Organizers: Matthieu Garcin
  • CO196: Econometrics methods and models for high dimensional data analysis
    Organizers: Alessandra Amendola, Walter Distaso
  • CO198: Term structure of interest rates
    Organizers: Andrea Berardi
  • CO200: Time series econometrics
    Organizers: Antonio Montanes
  • CO202: High-frequency econometrics
    Organizers: Bezirgen Veliyev
  • CO204: Recent trends in commodity markets
    Organizers: Claudia Wellenreuther
  • CO206: Large panel models: Estimation and inference
    Organizers: Ying Fang, Degui Li
  • CO208: Semi- and nonparametric regression for time series and panel data II
    Organizers: Markus Fritsch, Harry Haupt, Joachim Schnurbus
  • CO210: Financial modeling and statistics
    Organizers: Jan Vecer
  • CO212: Predictive modelling and time series
    Organizers: Jonas Andersson
  • CO214: Risk modelling in equity and option markets
    Organizers: Jose Olmo
  • CO216: Machine learning in finance
    Organizers: Jozef Barunik, Michael Ellington
  • CO218: Applied macroeconomic and macro-financial topics II
    Organizers: Konstantinos Theodoridis
  • CO220: Topics in financial econometrics I
    Organizers: Joern Sass, Leopold Soegner
  • CO222: Regime switching, filtering, and portfolio optimization
    Organizers: Joern Sass, Leopold Soegner
  • CO224: Topics in dynamic macroeconomics and macroeconometrics
    Organizers: Marco Maria Sorge
  • CO230: Spatial inequalities: Measurements and methods
    Organizers: Marzia Freo
  • CO232: Macroeconomic policy
    Organizers: Michael Owyang
  • CO234: Assessing macroeconomic policies
    Organizers: Nora Traum
  • CO236: New empirical approaches to long run growth
    Organizers: Peter Pedroni
  • CO238: Advances in exact and approximate Bayesian computation
    Organizers: Robert Kohn
  • CO240: Forecasting in financial markets
    Organizers: Robinson Kruse-Becher
  • CO242: Macro-finance applications
    Organizers: Scott Brave
  • CO244: Environmental econometrics
    Organizers: Simone Maxand
  • CO246: Uncertainty and text analysis
    Organizers: Wojciech Charemza, Svetlana Makarova
  • CO252: Modeling regime change II
    Organizers: Willi Semmler
  • CO254: Multivariate quantile models
    Organizers: Gabriel Montes-Rojas
  • CO312: Pricing kernels and factor models
    Organizers: Benjamin Holcblat
  • CO378: Non-standard analysis of non-linear time series
    Organizers: Anurag Banerjee
  • CO380: Change point problems in stochastic processes: Theory and applications
    Organizers: Ilia Negri
  • CO382: Asset pricing and risk exposures in cryptocurrency markets
    Organizers: Massimo Guidolin
  • CO384: Price discovery and liquidity in modern financial markets
    Organizers: Mohammad Jahan-Parvar
  • CO386: Robust models in the time and frequency domains for high dimensional data
    Organizers: Pascal Bondon, Valderio Anselmo Reisen
  • CO388: Empirical macro and finance
    Organizers: Alessia Paccagnini
  • CO394: Macroeconomic policies and macroeconometrics
    Organizers: Etsuro Shioji
  • CO396: Economics of cryptocurrencies
    Organizers: Marco Lorusso, Francesco Ravazzolo
  • CO400: Advances in financial modelling
    Organizers: Genaro Sucarrat
  • CO402: Semi- and nonparametric regression for time series and panel data I
    Organizers: Markus Fritsch, Harry Haupt, Joachim Schnurbus
  • CO404: Time series econometrics: Nonstationarities and instabilities
    Organizers: Martin Wagner
  • CO406: Network econometrics and financial networks
    Organizers: Monica Billio
  • CO408: Advances in credit risk modelling I
    Organizers: Raffaella Calabrese
  • CO410: Time series and forecasting
    Organizers: Robert Kunst
  • CO412: Models of dependence, heavy tails and financial networks
    Organizers: Rustam Ibragimov
  • CO414: Modeling regime change I
    Organizers: Willi Semmler
  • CO416: Bayesian econometrics
    Organizers: Yasuhiro Omori
  • CO418: New developments in financial time series
    Organizers: Cathy W-S Chen
  • CO420: Empirical applications in economics and finance
    Organizers: Jesus Otero
  • CO422: Modelling, forecasting and accuracy
    Organizers: Mauro Costantini
  • CO424: Econometric methods for sport data modelling and forecasting
    Organizers: Luca De Angelis
  • CO432: Applied macroeconomic and macro-financial topics I
    Organizers: Konstantinos Theodoridis
  • CO442: Robustness to shocks and dependence in networks and financial data
    Organizers: Artem Prokhorov
  • CO450: Financial econometrics
    Organizers: CFE, Wenying Yao
  • CO452: Advances in credit risk modelling II
    Organizers: Raffaella Calabrese
  • CO458: Mixture models in econometrics
    Organizers: Ralf Wilke
  • CO470: Applied international macroeconomics
    Organizers: CFE, Mariarosaria Comunale
  • CO472: EcoSta journal Part A: Econometrics
    Organizers: Erricos Kontoghiorghes
  • CO478: Commodities finance
    Organizers: Julien Chevallier
  • CO528: Recent advances in Bayesian multivariate modelling and estimation
    Organizers: Michael Smith
  • CO562: Recent advances in quantile regression
    Organizers: Carlos Lamarche
  • CO576: Theory and application of predictive regressions
    Organizers: Robert Taylor
  • CO586: Advances in realized volatility estimation
    Organizers: Ekaterina Kazak, Yifan Li
  • CO606: Econometric studies of commodity prices and futures
    Organizers: Pierre Siklos
  • CO620: Advances in nonparametric and semiparametric econometrics
    Organizers: Francesco Bravo
  • CO626: Inference in data-rich environments: Methods and applications
    Organizers: Andrew Butters
  • CO628: Predictability of asset returns
    Organizers: Alexandros Kostakis
  • CO649: Inflation dynamics
    Organizers: Edward Knotek
  • CO651: Advances in time series and panel data econometrics
    Organizers: Indeewara Perera
  • CO675: Dynamic factor models and large-scale applications
    Organizers: Loriano Mancini
  • CO683: Bayesian financial econometrics
    Organizers: Jia Liu
  • CO685: Statistical learning in macroeconomics and finance
    Organizers: Henri Nyberg
  • CO693: Financial Econometrics: High-frequency option data research
    Organizers: Ingmar Nolte
  • CO707: Sentometrics
    Organizers: David Ardia, Kris Boudt
  • CO713: Panel data methods for integrated series
    Organizers: Anindya Banerjee, CFE
  • CO721: Advances in financial modelling and forecasting
    Organizers: Ekaterini Panopoulou
  • CO735: Identification in SVARs
    Organizers: Robin Braun
  • CO739: Factor models
    Organizers: Eric Renault
  • CO741: Inflation expectations and inflation dynamics
    Organizers: Francesco Grigoli
  • CO743: Commodity markets
    Organizers: Ana-Maria Fuertes
  • CO749: Forecasting and estimation methods in time series econometrics
    Organizers: Yushu Li
  • CO757: Topics in macro and finance
    Organizers: Alessia Paccagnini
  • CO759: Nonparametric/semiparametric estimation and testing
    Organizers: Luke Nicholas Taylor
  • CO771: Bayesian econometrics
    Organizers: Catherine Forbes
  • CO777: Forecasting with many predictors
    Organizers: Daniel Borup
  • CO785: Understanding the cross section of stock returns
    Organizers: Julien Penasse
  • CO789: Quantitative asset management
    Organizers: Serge Darolles, Gaelle Le Fol
  • CO797: The theory, applications and computing of indicator saturation
    Organizers: James Reade
  • CO847: Business cycle analysis
    Organizers: Michael Owyang
  • CO859: State-space representations: Computation and applications
    Organizers: Frederic Karame
  • CO861: Predictive accuracy methods
    Organizers: Paolo Giudici
  • CO864: Topics in financial econometrics II
    Organizers: Joern Sass, Leopold Soegner