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Keynote Talks
  • Richard Samworth, University of Cambridge, UK.
    CMStatistics 2015 Keynote Lecture: Random projection ensemble classification.
  • Peter Diggle, Lancaster University, UK.
    CMStatistics 2015 Keynote Lecture: Model-based geostatistics for prevalence mapping in low-resource settings.
  • Jianqing Fan, Princeton University, USA.
    CFE-CMStatistics 2015 Keynote Lecture: Distributed estimation and inference with statistical guarantees.
  • Tim Bollerslev, Duke University, USA.
    CFE 2015 Keynote Lecture: Realized volatility based forecasting models: Exploiting the errors.
  • George Kapetanios, Queen Mary University of London, UK.
    CFE 2015 Keynote Lecture: Estimation and Inference for random time varying coefficient models.