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Title: An extended block restricted isometry property for sparse recovery with non-Gaussian noise Authors:  Klara Leffler - Umea University (Sweden) [presenting]
Zhiyong Zhou - Umea University (Sweden)
Jun Yu - Umea University (Sweden)
Abstract: Recovering an unknown signal from significantly fewer measurements is a fundamental aspect in computational sciences today. The key ingredient is the sparsity of the unknown signal, a realisation that that has led to the theory of compressed censing, through which successful recovery of high dimensional (approximately) sparse signals is now possible at a rate significantly lower than the Nyquist sampling rate. Today, an interesting challenge lies in customizing the recovery process to take into account prior knowledge about e.g. signal structure and properties of present noise. We study recovery conditions for block sparse signal reconstruction from compressed measurements when partial support information is available via weighted mixed l2/lp minimization. We show theoretically that the extended block restricted isometry property can ensure robust recovery when the data fidelity constraint is expressed in terms of an lq norm of the residual error. Thereby, we also establish a setting wherein we are not restricted to a Gaussian measurement noise. The results are illustrated with a series of numerical experiments.