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Title: Statistical shape analysis of helices Authors:  Mai Alfahad - Leeds university (United Kingdom) [presenting]
Abstract: Proteins are biomolecule compounds that consist of a chain of amino acid, which can be found in every living organism. The shape of protein plays an important role in its function. A chain of amino acids forms a 3-dimensional shape, and we are interested only in a common shape, alpha-helix. The alpha-helix is a right-handed helix. We study the shape of a helix and, more generally, a helix with bends, since bends are functionally important in membrane proteins. bends are points where the helix axis changes direction. We are developed a new algorithm, OptLS, to fit a regular helix for maximum likelihood estimation (MLE). In addition, we developed a hypothesis testing to determine if a given protein alpha-helix is bent or not. If it is bent, then we estimate the bend position and study 6 test statistics to investigate the nature of the bend.