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Title: Development and application of data providing and visualization system for EMS Authors:  Kazuki Konda - Graduate school of Tokai University (Japan) [presenting]
Yoshiro Yamamoto - Tokai Univeristy (Japan)
Hideaki Takenaka - JAXA (Japan)
Hideki Kimura - Tokai University (Japan)
Kota Fukuda - Tokai University (Japan)
Takashi Nakajima - Tokai University (Japan)
Abstract: Energy management systems (EMSs) that use meteorological data are considered. Many people avoid using meteorological data because the format is not standardized, and so we investigated a way to simplify the data for the user. In particular, we simplified the way in which the data is provided to a system that estimates solar radiation. This system uses high-definition data obtained from the Himawari 8 geostationary meteorological satellite. We built data provision and visualization system for EMS on Microsoft cloud Azure and On-premise Linux server. We explain the advantages and inconveniences of using the cloud environment. We also report on the development of a visualization system to support solar car race (WSC2017) as an application.