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Title: Dependence model for complex deterioration systems Authors:  Nuria Caballe Cervigon - University of Extremadura (Spain) [presenting]
Inma Torres Castro - University of Extremadura (Spain)
Abstract: A condition-based maintenance (CBM) strategy is considered for a system subject to multiple degradation processes. Degradation processes start at random times following a Non-Homogeneous Poisson Process and the growth of these processes is modelled by using a gamma process whose parameters depend on the number of degradation processes existing in the system. It implies that the number of degradation processes in the system increases the speed of deterioration of the system. The system fails when the deterioration level of a degradation process exceeds a failure threshold. Additionally, the state of the system is inspected at different times and different maintenance tasks are performed in these inspection times. Usually, these inspection times are scheduled periodically. However, during the inspection, a lot of information about the status of the system is obtained. Such information could use to schedule the next inspection time. We consider that the inspection times are scheduled taking into account the number of degrading processes and their degradation levels. Numerical examples are provided to illustrate the optimisation of the objective function of the model defined by the expected cost rate.