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Title: Testing the suitability and sensitivity of parameters for a tumor morphology model Authors:  Emma Turian - Northeastern Illinois University (United States) [presenting]
Shuwang Li - Illinois Institute of Technology (United States)
John Lowengrub - Univeristy of California at Irvine (United States)
Kai Liu - Univeristy of California at Irvine (United States)
Kara Pham - Fullerton College (United States)
Abstract: The ability of tumors to metastasize is mostly preceded by morphological instabilities such as chains, or fingers of cancerous cells that invade the host environment. Therefore, parameters that control the morphological shape of the tumor contribute to its invasive ability. Earlier studies include mathematical modeling related to tumor dynamics. In order to describe the relationship between tumor and its host, tumor growth is analyzed using a two-phase Stokes model. Morphological changes are evaluated using two types of energy: The surface energy of the tumor-host interface, and the Helfrich bending energy, which allows the investigation of the stiffness of tumor-host interface. Using the bending energy approach, a modified Young-Laplace equation for the stress jump across the interface is developed through an energy variation approach. A linear stability analysis has been employed to assess the effects of viscosity, cell adhesion, bending rigidity, and apoptosis on tumor morphology. The model obtained suggests that increased tumor viscosity or apoptosis may lead to an unstable morphology. The suitability of the system parameters, as predicted by the model, has been analyzed using linear stability and sensitivity analysis. Comparison with experimental data found good agreement for certain categories of tumors.