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Title: Optimal doubling burn-in policy based on tweedie processes with applications to degradation data Authors:  Chien-Yu Peng - Academia Sinica (Taiwan) [presenting]
Abstract: In the current competitive marketplace, manufacturers need to screen weak products in a short period of time. It is a challenge for manufacturers to implement a burn-in test that can screen out the weak products quickly and efficiently. When selecting an approach to determine the duration of the burn-in, one could build a criterion aiming to minimize the burn-in cost. In practice, when the optimal burn-in time is unreasonable (e.g., time 0) due to minimizing the cost, this means that the burn-in procedure is unnecessary to perform for manufacturers. We propose an optimal doubling burn-in policy to improve the predicament without additional experiments. The advantage of the proposed policy is to simultaneously determine the optimal burn-in time and the optimal cutoff point for classifying weak and strong components from the production. In addition, a new degradation model based on a Tweedie mixture process is used for a burn-in test. The proposed burn-in procedure is applied to a real data.