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Title: Imaging and clinical biomarker estimation in Alzheimers disease Authors:  Ani Eloyan - Brown University (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: Estimation of biomarkers related to disease classification and modelling of its progression is essential for treatment development for Alzheimer's Disease (AD). The task is more daunting for characterizing relatively rare AD subtypes such as the early-onset (AD) and others. We will describe the Longitudinal Alzheimers Disease Study (LEADS), intending to collect and publicly distribute clinical, imaging, genetic, and other types of data from people with EOAD, as well as cognitively normal (CN) controls and people with early-onset non-amyloid positive (EOnonAD) dementias. We will discuss factor-analytic methods for the estimation of clinical biomarkers of AD and their use for modeling differences in longitudinal trajectories of clinical deterioration between CN, EOAD, and EOnonAD groups in LEADS. Finally, we will discuss leveraging magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography data to characterize distributions of white matter hyperintensities in people with EOAD and to obtain imaging-based biomarkers of disease trajectories of AD subtypes.