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Title: Frailty mean residual life regression for survival data from multi-center clinical trials Authors:  Rui Huang - Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) [presenting]
Liming Xiang - Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
Il Do Ha - Pukyong National University (Korea, South)
Abstract: A frailty model framework based on mean residual life regression is proposed for analysis of clustered survival data collected from multi-center clinical trials. Our motivation is prompted by facts that 1) most current frailty models used in analysis of such data are either proportional hazards or additive hazards based, and 2) the mean residual life regression offers easily understood and straightforward interpretation for the effects of prognostic factors on the expectation of the remaining lifetime. To overcome estimation challenges, a novel hierarchical quasi-likelihood approach is developed by making use of the idea of hierarchical likelihood in the construction of the quasi-likelihood function, leading to hierarchical estimating equations. Simulation results show favorable performance of the method regardless of frailty distributions. The utility of the proposed methodology is illustrated by its application to the data from a multi-institutional study of breast cancer.