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Title: Using the Dagum distribution in survival regression models Authors:  Filippo Domma - University of Cosenza (Italy)
Juan Eloy Ruiz-Castro - University of Granada (Spain)
Mariangela Zenga - Universita degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca -DISMEQ (Italy) [presenting]
Abstract: The Dagum distribution is a special case of the Generalized Beta distribution with three parameters. In the last years, it has been introduced in the field of the survival analysis and the reliability. It fact, it has been demonstrated that the hazard rate of distribution is very flexible: according to the parameters values, the hazard rate has a decreasing, or an upside-down bathtub, or bathtub and then upside-down bathtub failure rate. We will consider the Dagum distribution in survival regression models: assuming right censored data, we will consider the maximum likelihood inference for analysis and a graphical method to test the goodness of fit for residuals.