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Title: Modelling performance variability and teammates' interactions in basketball Authors:  Marica Manisera - University of Brescia (Italy)
Paola Zuccolotto - University of Brescia (Italy) [presenting]
Abstract: Basketball players' performance measurement is of critical importance for a broad spectrum of decisions related to training and game strategy. Despite this recognized central role, the main part of the studies on this topic focus on performance level measurement, neglecting other important characteristics, such as variability. Shooting performance variability is modeled with a Markov Switching dynamic, assuming the existence of two alternating performance regimes. Then, the relationships between each player's variability and the lineup composition is modeled as an ARIMA process with covariates and described with network analysis tools, in order to extrapolate positive and negative interactions between teammates, helping the coach to decide the best substitution during the game.