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Title: The matched cohort study for evaluation of post-treatment events of cancer survivors Authors:  Thomas Scheike - University of Copenhagen (Denmark) [presenting]
Abstract: An excess risk regression model for matched cohort data is presented, where the occurrence of some events for individuals with a disease is compared to that of healthy controls that are matched at the onset-of-disease by various factors. By using the matched structure we show how to estimate the excess risk and its dependence on covariates on both proportional or additive form. An individual effect on the background mortality, possibly depending on matching factors, is removed considering differences. The model handles two different timescales, namely attained age and follow-up time. Firstly, we solve estimating equations for the non-parametric and parametric components of the excess risk model, providing large sample properties for the suggested estimators. Then, we report results from a simulation study. Lastly, we describe an application of the method on childhood cancer data, to study the excess risk of cardiovascular events in adults life among childhood cancer survivors.