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Title: Modelling genetic influence on familial cancer risk: In honor of Fishers 100 year landmark biometrical genetics paper Authors:  Jacob Hjelmborg - University of Southern Denmark (Denmark) [presenting]
Thomas Scheike - University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
Klaus Holst - A.P. Moller-Maersk (Denmark)
Jaakko Kaprio - University of Helsinki (Finland)
Abstract: Modelling dependence among random variables is fundamental in statistics and becomes very much apparent when studying causes of complex traits taking for instance familial relationship into consideration. In 1918 R.A. Fisher published two papers that provided the foundation for studying genetic influence taking sources of variation into account. Variation is key in Fisher's contribution and we touch how the `second moment' modelling of dependence is applied today, one hundred years after, providing insights to for instance familial risk of cancer disease taking censoring and competing risks into consideration. We further discuss the extension of modelling multiple cancer loci in a twin design setting. R.A. Fisher provided us statistical theory but also contributed with insights and concern in applications - multiple thanks.