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Title: Towards a comprehensive data-driven evaluation of soccer players performance Authors:  Luca Pappalardo - ISTI-CNR (Italy) [presenting]
Abstract: The problem of evaluating the performance of soccer players is attracting the interest of many companies, websites, and the scientific community, thanks to the availability of massive data capturing many events generated during a game (e.g., tackles, passes, shots, etc.). Existing approaches are mainly mono-dimensional, in the sense that they propose a single metric capable of capturing just a single aspect of soccer performance. Recently, the PlayeRank algorithm has been proposed as a data-driven framework offering a principled multi-dimensional and role-aware evaluation of the performance of soccer players. We will show how to validate such a framework through an extensive experimental analysis advised by soccer experts, based on a massive dataset of millions of events pertaining five seasons of the prominent eleven soccer leagues in the world. Finally, we show how the PlayeRank framework can be used to characterize the typical performance of players and to predict their future performance on the basis of their performance history.