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Title: Overcoming inequalities in intergroup competitions: Heterogeneous preferences and cultural values Authors:  Francisca Jimenez-Jimenez - Universidad de Jaen (Spain) [presenting]
Abstract: Previous research provides strong evidence that competition between groups enhances intragroup cooperation but, also, that intergroup inequalities might discourage cooperative behaviour. We design an experiment to control the degree of intergroup and intragroup (in)equality in a context which has shown to be successful in promoting cooperation: an all-can-win intergroup competition. By forming groups according to individuals' propensities to cooperate, we investigate the role and persistence of players' types in a competitive context. We are also interested in analysing the relationship between cooperative/competitive behaviour and cultural values concerned on (in)equality, as vertical and horizontal individualism and collectivism. We find that the positive effect of all-can-win competition on cooperation is robust to intergroup inequalities. With competition, significant types-based differences vanish at group-level and individual-level. Surprisingly, the groups that are ranked 1st more frequently are those formed by the top cooperators and by the bottom cooperators. Lastly, we find that the role of cultural values to explain cooperation depends on contextual conditions rather than being structural personality traits.