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Title: On the appropriate rank-based sampling scheme for estimating the inequality indices Authors:  Najmeh Nakhaeirad - University of Pretoria (South Africa) [presenting]
Mahdi Salehi - University of Pretoria (Iran)
Abstract: Estimating the inequality indices is a great interdisciplinary topic between statisticians and economists. Moreover, various indices have been proposed in order to reflect different properties of the income inequality. The simple random sampling (SRS) plan is employed as the most commonly tool for collecting the income data, while it has been shown that the ranked set sampling (RSS) is significantly better than SRS when the population follows the well-known income distributions. However, there are some simplified versions for RSS which can be examined for this purpose as well. We answer to this question: ``among the SRS, RSS and its competitors, which scheme results a more appropriate estimator for each income inequality index?''. A simulation study as well as analyzing a real data set, yields a reasonable result for this question.