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Title: Minkowski functionals: Constraining cosmology with non Gaussianity Authors:  Anne Ducout - University of Tokyo (Japan) [presenting]
Abstract: Non Gaussianity (NG) i.e any deviation of a random field from the purely Gaussian distribution is a key observable in cosmology. It can be either primordial in origin, describing the statistics of the primordial phases of the universe and observed through the distribution of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) anisotropies. It can also be the result of non linear gravitational processes and can then appear in the structures of matter at large scales, being observed in lensed galaxies surveys. To measure these potential NG features in cosmological datasets, numerous methods have been developed, optimised and used, and the focus will be on one in particular, the Minkowski Functionals (MFs). MFs describe the morphology of random fields -- topology and geometry -- and are sensitive to any NG, at any order. Being generic and easy to implement, MFs have been applied to the Planck CMB data and could help to constrain the inflation paradigm and gave the best constraint on NG sourced by cosmic strings arising in supersymmetric and grand unified theories. Used on future weak lensing galaxy surveys (cosmic shear) they will help to break degeneracies between parameters to give stronger constraints on dark energy.