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Title: Weighted estimators of the complier average causal effect on restricted mean survival time Authors:  Yun Li - University of Michigan (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: A major concern in any observational study is unmeasured confounding of the relationship between a treatment and outcome of interest. Instrumental variable (IV) analysis methods are able to control for unmeasured confounding. However, IV analysis methods developed for censored time-to-event data tend to rely on assumptions that may not be reasonable in many practical applications, making them unsuitable for use in observational studies. We develop weighted estimators of the complier average causal effect on the restricted mean survival time. The method is able to accommodate instrument-outcome confounding and adjust for covariate dependent censoring, making it particularly suited for causal inference from observational studies. We establish the asymptotic properties and derive easily implementable asymptotic variance estimators for the proposed estimators. Through simulation studies, we show that the proposed estimators tend to be more efficient than instrument propensity score matching based estimators or inverse probability of instrument weighted estimators. We apply our method to compare dialytic modality-specific survival for end stage renal disease patients using data from the United States Renal Data System.