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Title: A review of statistical methods in imaging genetics Authors:  Linglong Kong - University of Alberta (Canada) [presenting]
Abstract: Simultaneously extracting and integrating rich and diverse heterogeneous information in neuroimaging and/or genomics from these big datasets could transform our understanding of how genetic variants impact brain structure and function, cognitive function, and brain-related disease risk across the lifespan. Such understanding is critical for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of numerous complex brain-related disorders (e.g., schizophrenia and Alzheimer). However, the development of analytical methods for the joint analysis of both high-dimensional imaging phenotypes and high-dimensional genetic data, called big data squared (BD$^2$), presents major computational and theoretical challenges for existing analytical methods. Besides the high-dimensional nature of BD$^2$, various neuroimaging measures often exhibit strong spatial smoothness and dependence and genetic markers may have a natural dependence structure arising from linkage disequilibrium. We review some recent developments of various statistical techniques for the joint analysis of BD$^2$, including massive univariate and voxel-wise approaches, reduced rank regression, mixture models, and group sparse multi-task regression. By doing so, we hope that this review may encourage others in the statistical community to enter into this new and exciting field of research.