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Title: Oil prices and informational frictions: The time-varying impact of fundamentals and expectations Authors:  Joseph Byrne - Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom)
Marco Lorusso - Newcastle University (United Kingdom)
Bing Xu - Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom) [presenting]
Abstract: Informational frictions are considered when modelling the time-varying relationship between crude oil prices, traditional fundamentals and expectations. Informational frictions force a wedge between oil prices and supply and/or demand shocks, especially during periods of elevated risk aversion and uncertainty. In such a context expectations can be a key driver of oil price movements. We utilize a variety of proxies for forward-looking expectations, including business confidence, consumer confidence and leading indicators. In addition, we implement a time-varying parameter approach to account empirically for time-varying informational frictions. The results illustrate firstly that oil supply shocks played an important role in both the 1970s and coinciding with the recent shale oil boom. Secondly, demand had a positive impact upon oil prices, especially from the mid-2000s. Finally, we provide evidence that oil prices respond strongly to expectations but the source of the shock matter: business leaders expectations are positively related, while markets expectations are not strongly linked to oil prices.