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Title: Valuation of guaranteed unitized participating life insurance under MEGB2 distribution Authors:  Haitao Zheng - Beihang University (China) [presenting]
Abstract: Crisis events have significantly changed the view that extreme events in financial markets have negligible probability. Especially in the life insurance market, the price of guaranteed participating life insurance contract will be affected by a change in asset volatility which leads to the fluctuations in embedded option value. Considering the correlation of different asset prices, the MEGB2 (Multivariate exponential generalized beta of the second kind) distribution is proposed to price guaranteed participating life insurance contract which can effectively describe the dependence structure of assets under some extreme risks. Assuming the return rates of two different assets follow the MEGB2 distribution, a multi-factor fair valuation pricing model of insurance contract is split into four components: the basic contract, the annual dividend option, the terminal dividend option and the surrender option. The aim is to study the effect of death rate, minimum guaranteed interest rate, annual dividend ratio, terminal dividend ratio and surrender on the embedded option values and calculates the single premium of the insurance contract under different influence factors. The Least-Squares Monte Carlo simulation method is used to simulate the pricing model. Finally, a comparison is made for the sensitivity of the pricing parameters under the MEGB2 distribution and Multivariate Normal distribution.