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Title: Employment assimilation of immigrant groups in Sweden: Longitudinal evidence from Swedish register data Authors:  Pieter Bevelander - Malmö University, MIM (Sweden) [presenting]
Abstract: Despite having one of the most celebrated labor market integration policies, the native-immigrant employment gap in Sweden is considerable, even compared to other OECD countries. We use longitudinal Swedish register data with detailed information on the reason for residence in Sweden to compare different immigrant assimilation patterns. By doing so, we are able to distinguish Refugees, Family Reunion and Labor migrants. In line with related works and theoretical considerations, we find sizable heterogeneity according to overall mean group characteristics, outmigration and employment assimilation over time. Moreover, maybe more surprisingly, our results indicate substantial differences within the group of refugees. Swedens main refugee groups differ markedly with respect to characteristics, outmigration and assimilation. The need to consider migration motivation and context in integration research and policy-making is highlighted.