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Title: Challenges and opportunities in the analysis of continuous glucose monitoring data Authors:  Irina Gaynanova - Texas A and M University (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: Diabetes affects approximately 415 million people worldwide, and can increase the likelihood of long-term complications such as cardiovascular disease and nerve damage. The control of blood sugar levels is crucial in reducing these risks, and is the primary focus of diabetes management. Traditionally, glucose levels are measured only 1-4 times a day, typically around meal times, by means of a finger prick. This strategy however does not provide patients adequate information to correct and control fluctuations throughout the day. Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) can provide regular glucose level readings as often as every 5 minutes and therefore have great potential in improving diabetes management. Nevertheless, data complexity and measurement errors present significant difficulties in fully utilizing CGM data for clinical decision making. We will present statistical methods for assessing glucose control from CGM data as well as highlight the challenges associated with the corresponding analysis.