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Title: Optimal design for detecting hormesis Authors:  Victor Casero-Alonso - University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) [presenting]
Weng Kee Wong - UCLA (United States)
Andrey Pepelyshev - University of Cardiff (United Kingdom)
Abstract: Hormesis has been widely observed and debated in a variety of context in the biological and toxicological sciences. Detecting its presence is an important problem with wide ranging implications. While such issues have been well discussed in the literature across disciplines, there is very little work on constructing an efficient experiment to detect its existence. We develop optimal designs for detecting hormesis for additional previously proposed models for human and ecological risk assessment. To facilitate experimenters use of more efficient designs in practice, we implement codes on a user-friendly web site to freely generate and compare different types of optimal designs tailored made to their problem. The online tool also enables the user to evaluate robustness properties of a selected to various assumptions before implementation.