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Title: Hybrid quantile regression estimation for time series models with conditional heteroscedasticity Authors:  Guodong Li - University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) [presenting]
Abstract: It is well-known that financial time series display conditional heteroscedasticity. Among the large number of conditional heteroscedastic models, the GARCH process is the most popular and influential one. So far, feasible quantile regression methods for this task have been confined to a variant of the GARCH model, the linear GARCH model, owing to its tractable conditional quantile structure. The widely used GARCH model is considered. An easy-to-implement hybrid conditional quantile estimation procedure is developed based on a simple albeit nontrivial transformation. Asymptotic properties of the proposed estimator and statistics are derived, which facilitate corresponding inferences. To approximate the asymptotic distribution of the quantile regression estimator, we introduce a mixed bootstrapping procedure, where a time-consuming optimization is replaced by a sample averaging. Moreover, diagnostic tools based on the residual quantile autocorrelation function are constructed to check the adequacy of the fitted conditional quantiles. Simulation experiments are carried out to assess the finite-sample performance of the proposed approach. The favorable performance of the conditional quantile estimator and the usefulness of the inference tools are further illustrated by an empirical application.