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Title: Growth and business cycle in Argentina: A long-run approach Authors:  Isabel Sanz - University of Valencia (Spain) [presenting]
Lola Gadea - University of Zaragoza (Spain)
Abstract: The study of the long-term evolution of the Argentine economy and the determination of the moment in which it began its estrangement with other developed economies, such as Australia and Canada, constitutes the central axis of the historiography of this country. However, the added problem presented by the Argentine economy is its volatility. For this reason, the long term has to be influenced by the short term, which requires a more detailed study of the cyclical behavior. The objective is precisely to descend into the short term to explain its relative long-term evolution given the characteristics and peculiarities of the economic cycle. For this, beyond the mere analysis of synchronization, new measures are proposed additional to those used in the traditional analyzes of cycles to study the duration, the depth, the amplitude and the form of the same ones. The results obtained point to a cyclical synchronization that goes in parallel to the long-term evolution and, therefore, explains Argentina's convergence process with Australia and Canada.