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Title: Educating educators: Developing teachers of statistical thinking Authors:  Jennifer Green - Montana State University (United States) [presenting]
Erin Blankenship - University of Nebraska-Lincoln (United States)
Abstract: The Guidelines for the Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) PreK-12 Report has helped to shape changing standards and curricula for school-level (i.e, pre-university) statistics. The guidelines emphasize the role of variability in the statistical problem-solving process of formulating questions, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting results. With a focus on the use real data and conceptual understanding, these guidelines and standards represent a critical shift from using formulaic approaches to using data-oriented approaches to teach modern school-level statistics. However, many teachers have not received the training needed to implement such an approach, creating demands to develop and provide authentic opportunities for teachers to engage in the statistical problem-solving process and develop their own statistical thinking and literacy skills. We will discuss the GAISE recommendations for teaching school-level statistics and their implications for preparing teachers of modern statistics curricula. We will also briefly describe the courses we developed to support teachers of statistics, and share reflections and insights from our research on teachers' preparation and development.