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Title: Heterogeneous employment effects of job search programmes: A machine learning approach Authors:  Michael Knaus - University St Gallen (Switzerland)
Michael Lechner - University St Gallen (Switzerland) [presenting]
Anthony Strittmatter - University St. Gallen (Switzerland)
Abstract: The effect heterogeneity of job search programmes for unemployed workers is systematically investigated. For that, we combine non-experimental causal empirical models with Lasso-type estimators. The empirical analysis is based on rich administrative data from Swiss social security records. We find considerable heterogeneities only during the first six months after the start of training. Consistent with previous results of the literature, unemployed with lower employment opportunities profit more from participating in these programmes. Furthermore, we also document heterogeneous employment effects by immigration status. Finally, we show the potential of easy-to-implement programme participation rules for improving average employment effects of these active labour market programmes.