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Title: Modeling a complex multi-state warm standby system with loss of units through a D-MMAP Authors:  Juan Eloy Ruiz-Castro - University of Granada (Spain)
Mohammed Dawabsha - University of Granada (Spain) [presenting]
Abstract: In reliability literature it is usual to consider the replacement of a unit which has undergone a non-repairable failure in a negligible unit of time. A complex multi-state warm standby system subject to different types of events, internal and accidental external failures, inspections and preventive maintenance is modeled by considering a discrete Markovian arrival process with marked arrivals. The system is composed of a finite number of units, including the main one and the others in a warm standby. When a non-repairable failure occurs and the system can keep on working, the unit is removed and the system continues working with one unit less. If all units are removed, the system is then reinitialized by considering a new identical one. The number of repairpersons depends on the number of units in the system. Inspections have place randomly and if the observed online unit is worn out, then it goes to preventive maintenance. Different repair times are considered for corrective repair of the online unit, warm standby units and preventive maintenance. The system is modeled and the transient distribution is determined. Some reliability measures of interest are calculated. Rewards and costs are included. A numerical example illustrates the model.