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Title: Inter-modal coupling changes through development and in neuropathology Authors:  Russell Shinohara - University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: A proliferation of MRI-based neuroimaging modalities now allows measurement of diverse features of brain structure, function, and connectivity during the critical period of adolescent brain development. However, the vast majority of developmental imaging studies use data from each neuroimaging modality independently. As such, most developmental studies have not considered, or have been unable to consider, potentially rich information regarding relationships between imaging phenotypes. At present, it remains unknown how local patterns of structure and function are related, how this relationship changes through adolescence as part of brain development, and how developmental pathology may impact such relationships. We propose to measure the relationships between measures of brain structure, function, and connectivity during adolescent brain development by developing novel, robust analytic tools for describing relationships among imaging phenotypes. Our over-arching hypothesis is that such relationships between imaging features will provide uniquely informative data regarding brain health, over and above the content of data from each modality when considered in isolation.