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Title: Reflections on best practices for teaching the algebra-based introductory statistics course Authors:  Nathan Tintle - Dordt College (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: The last three decades have seen substantial changes in statistical practice, teaching methods and understanding of how people understand probabilistic and statistical concepts. The intersection of these developments has led to the statistics education community increasingly focusing on the use of simulation-based methods, including bootstrapping and permutation tests, to illustrate core concepts of statistical inference within the context of the overall research process. This new focus presents an opportunity to address documented shortcomings in introductory level statistics courses. We will (1) discuss the motivation and rationale behind the simulation-based approach, (2) share some concrete examples of how the approach works and can be integrated into existing courses, (3) present research evidence of its effectiveness at impacting students conceptual understanding and attitudes post-course and in the months following the courses completion and, (4) share a wealth of instructional resources available to support instructors trying out and using these approaches. These comments will be made within the larger context of other best practices, trends and debates about strategies for teaching the algebra-based introductory statistics course.