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Title: Revising the GAISE: Guidelines for Assessment \& Instruction in Statistics Education Authors:  Megan Mocko - University of Florida (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: In May 2005, the GAISE College Report was endorsed by the American Statistical Association. The report included six recommendations for teaching introductory statistics as well as four appendices. This report has had a deep impact on statistics classrooms and educational research. However much has changed in the discipline since 2005, for example online learning, flipped classrooms as well as Big Data are now quite common. A group of eleven volunteers went about revising the report using feedback from the statistical education committee and recent statistics education literature. Overall, it was decided to keep the original six recommendations (with small changes to wording and order), but to add two additional emphasis: 1.) Teach statistics as an investigative process of problem-solving and decision-making; 2.) Provide students with experience with multivariable thinking. The preexisting appendices were updated, and additional appendices were added to support instructors teaching introductory statistics. The aim is discuss in more detail why it was decided to revise the GAISE College Report, how the document was revised and give more detail on what revisions took place.