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Title: Spatio-temporal analysis of seismic data using entropy-based complexity measures in the multifractal domain Authors:  Francisco Javier Esquivel - University of Granada (Spain) [presenting]
Jose Miguel Angulo - University of Granada (Spain)
Francisco Javier Alonso - University of Granada (Spain)
Abstract: There exist a variety of tools to study the behavior of dynamic phenomena; among others, entropy-based approaches have shown satisfactory results describing structural characteristics of complex systems with scaling properties and long-range interactions. In this context, the two-parameter generalization of the Lpez-Mancini-Calbet complexity measures in terms of Rnyi entropies is widely used. These measures were extended to the multifractal domain based on the increments of the generalized Rnyi dimensions. Following a similar approach, a multifractal relative complexity measure is formulated, in terms of the scaling behavior of Renyi relative entropy in a multifractal system. The spatio-temporal dynamics of seismic series of different nature is studied, in particular based on the relative complexity measure proposed.