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Title: A new family of estimators for the population mean using exponential functions in simple random sampling Authors:  Ceren Unal - Hacettepe University (Turkey) [presenting]
Cem Kadilar - Hacettepe University (Turkey)
Abstract: In sampling theory, several ratio-type, product-type and regression-type estimators are widely used for the estimation of the mean. Alternatively, exponential estimators have also been proposed in recent years. The purpose is to propose more efficient estimators than existing estimators. For that, a family of estimators based on the exponential function is proposed for Simple Random Sampling. The expressions for the bias and Mean Square Error (MSE) of the proposed family are derived to the first degree of approximation. In addition, comparisons are made with some of the existing estimators. We prove that the proposed estimators are more efficient than existing estimators under the obtained conditions. Moreover, a numerical study is conducted to support theoretical results.