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Title: Inter-modal coupling: A class of measurements for studying local covariance patterns among multiple imaging modalities Authors:  Kristin Linn - University of Pennsylvania (United States) [presenting]
Russell Shinohara - University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine (United States)
Simon Vandekar - University of Pennsylvania (United States)
Abstract: Local cortical coupling was recently introduced as a subject-specific measure for studying localized relationships between cortical thickness and sulcal depth. Although a promising first step towards understanding local covariance patterns that are present between these two specific neuro-anatomical measurements, local cortical coupling suffers from a limited scope of imaging modalities that can be analyzed within the framework. We generalize and improve this local coupling measure by proposing an analogue in volumetric space that can be used to produce subject-level patterns of covariation among an arbitrary number of volumetric imaging modalities. Our proposed class of measures, collectively referred to as inter-modal coupling (IMCo), is based on a weighted principal component analysis framework rather than weighted regression. We study IMCo between cerebral blood flow and gray matter density using a sample of youths ages 8-21 from the Philadelphia Neurolodevelopmental Cohort.