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Title: On current challenges in the analysis of microbiome data from both academic and non-academic perspectives Authors:  Ivo Ugrina - Faculty of Science, University of Split (Croatia) [presenting]
Abstract: Microbiome research is increasingly gaining importance in the academic community as well as within the general population due to the enormous potential interactions between human hosts and bacteria might hold towards our well-being. However, as with all promising fields, there are both technical and non-technical difficulties to overcome prior to reaching the full potential of the field. This is especially evident in current approaches to data analysis of microbiome data where a researcher, or an engineer, has to choose among many possible steps in both data preparation and statistical analysis to derive a feasible solution. Some of the challenges to valid statistical conclusions, both in the academic and non-academic communities, will be highlighted and current solutions (and workarounds) will be presented. Special attention will be given to some of the most frequently overlooked aspects of the data analysis pipeline and the hidden dangers accompanying them.