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Title: Pivotal tests for relevant differences in the second order dynamics of functional time series Authors:  Anne van Delft - Columbia University (United States) [presenting]
Holger Dette - Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum (Germany)
Abstract: Motivated by the need to statistically quantify differences between modern (complex) datasets which commonly result as high-resolution measurements of stochastic processes varying over a continuum, novel testing procedures are proposed to detect relevant differences between the second-order dynamics of two functional time series. In order to take the between-function dynamics into account that characterize this type of functional data, a frequency domain approach is taken. Test statistics are developed to compare differences in the spectral density operators and in the primary modes of variation as encoded in the associated eigenelements. Under mild moment conditions, we show convergence of the underlying statistics to Brownian motions and construct pivotal test statistics. The latter is essential because the nuisance parameters can be unwieldy and their robust estimation infeasible, especially if the two functional time series are dependent. Besides these novel features, the properties of the tests are robust to any choice of frequency band enabling also to compare energy contents at a single frequency. The finite sample performance of the tests are verified through a simulation study and are illustrated with an application to fMRI data.